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ZetaTalk: Crop Circle Language
written June 12, 2004

Look this instructive crop circle appeared in Italy [June 2, 2004]. Will we see the Planet X so huge in front to the sun?

There are many clues that bind crop circles together, repeated symbolism, occurring in conjunction with other symbols. The series of embedded circles, ever larger, implies to most all viewers a growing presence or influence, a rapid engulfing, and in the most recent circle in Italy, a rapid supplanting. We have stated that when Planet X moves between the Earth and Sun to the point it blocks or interferes with the Sun as the dominant magnet in the vicinity, the setting for rapid rotation slowing and stoppage and an imminent pole shift will be made. How have crop circles implied this, in a universal language that speaks to the subconscious of all, regardless of the differences a culture may impose or the inability of man to understand the guttural sounds coming from the voice box of another. The bow, swinging from one side of the halo circle to the other, seen in both Italy and Poland, implies a supplanting of influence, a blocking, and is new in 2004. Has a Sun halo not been seen, increasingly, during the last few months? The eye, at the center of the squeeze, links many circles and their symbolism. Whether coming up from the South, below the Ecliptic, as implied in Ohio, or from the side as implied in Britain circles, the squeeze is the same, to force a side by side alignment of the Earth's magnetic fields with those of Planet X. This is confirmed again in the most recent eye squeeze from Britain, where the lay of the circle is clockwise, the retrograde orbit and rotation direction of Planet X.

What in sum is the circle in Italy saying? That Planet X is moving past the Sun in a direction that will take it closer to Earth, implied by the direction of the engulfing circles away from the Sun. That it will move from slightly below the Ecliptic to above the Ecliptic during this drama, shown by the small circles placed within the concentric circles. And that a full 90 turn will be the result, the pole shift, implied by the placement of a new pole in the Earth at a 90 offset from the magnetic key in the Sun.

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