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ZetaTalk: Serpentine Dance
written June 23, 2004

The mysterious Yin Yang symbol, interpreted endlessly to be the balance between male and female, aggression and passivity, the dark and the light, or any balanced element both physical and spiritual that the human mind and soul can encompass. Interaction, the one growing, the other diminishing, is inherent in the symbol. Crop circles have included not only the Yin Yang symbol but a type of serpentine linking of such symbols. They also indicate that at the center of a Yin or Yang half there is an orb, a planetary body. What happens when the magnetic fields of planetary bodies, with dissimilar rotation directions, intertwine? We have stated that planets with magnetic fields, like all magnets, want to align end-to-end or align side-by-side, but due to the forces that hold planets in their orbits and at a distance from their Sun, they most often align along magnetic flow lines also. Enter Planet X, which is not establishing an orbit that circles a Sun but is slinging through. Of all the planets in its path, crowded around the Sun in the inner solar system, Earth is the only one that finds itself in a magnetic dance with Planet X. Mercury is too close to the Sun, and escapes because Planet X by its mass is held at a further distance from the Sun. Mars is outside of the sling orbit of Planet X, and escapes as a peripheral body. Earth lies in the path of Planet X, as its orbit is crossed during the passage.

We have stated that the orbit of Planet X assumes a retrograde orbit as it approaches the Sun, hopping the sweeping arms of the Sun to escape the crowding these arms impose. More than the orbit of Planet X is affected by this, and the rotation of Planet X, a slow roll, also assumes a retrograde motion. The sweeps, being a particle flow, move all of the planet, core, crust, and mantle, from the outer edges of the planet in, during the Sweep, and this effect is what creates the rotation direction. It is no mistake or accident that the rotation of the Earth is counterclockwise, as this is its orbit direction. This is the direction both the planet and its molten mantle assume, nudged by the sweeping arms. The effect of the sweeping arm, enveloping the Earth as shown in a recent crop circle from Honey Street, impels the rotation of Earth counterclockwise, but, the arm has a different influence on Planet X, moving clockwise and rotating clockwise as it passes through the inner solar system. This is a clash, a reversal for Earth when it encounters the massive field of Planet X, and thus the serpentine influence, as in Tistead. This is also shown as a blocking influence, as in Windmill and Ontario, where the rotation direction of the magnetic fields directly clash. Who wins in this? It is no contest, and one of the reasons for Earth's rotation slowing to a stop during the passage is this clash. The magnetic field of Planet X is slinging at Earth's field, a constant barrage, as the distance between them closes.

West Tistead
Jul 20, 2003

July 20, 2003
Hackpen Hill

Jun 7, 2003
Windmill Hill

July 30, 2003

Honey Street
Jun 16, 2004

Jun 21, 2003
Waden Hill