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ZetaTalk: Buzz on Out
written July 3, 2004

We have stated that of the Magnetic Trimesters the current time, Summer in the northern hemisphere, is the most volatile, and that crop circles with three points around a circle represent the trimesters. We have also stated that the Magnetic Resonance has become lopsided, due to the presence of Planet X, such that one side of the solar system has become weighted, heavy, and distressed. Why is it that Planet X is ejected so rapidly from the solar system, that after a pole shift human reports do not relay a lingering fire dragon in the sky, but rather a long day or night of horror and then living in gloom and drizzle and leaving the shattered cities? A mere week, during rotation stoppage, when there is without a doubt the presence of a monster with a writhing tail near the Sun. Does Planet X leave more rapidly than it approached? We have relayed repeatedly that Planet X struggles to pierce the Ecliptic, drops from a 11 angle below the Ecliptic to a 32 angle for the passage, due to crowding at the Ecliptic. To what degree is a slingshot effect, ejecting a body that has created an imbalance, come into play? The Ecliptic is where a backwash of particle flows return to the Sun, and Planet X is heading into this backwash as it attempt to leave the Sun, thus creating additional crowding. It is not the direction of particle flows that matter, it is the degree of crowding.

What symbolism could the circle maker use to relay the thrumming struggle of this massive planetary magnet, 23 times the mass of Earth, as it attempts to punch through the crowded Ecliptic, facing a massive headwind but driven on its path by the Repulsion Force from the Sun. It presses forward but this creates additional crowding, so is driven back a bit, then another press forward. Is this not the annoying buzz of an insect? It is balance that is sought, in particle flows, and when entering a side of the Ecliptic where this particle crowding is absent, the Repulsion Force that has been pressing Planet X forward on its path has free reign. A sudden, and violent, exit from the solar system!

California : June 27, 2003
Milkhill : June 26, 2004
California : June 17, 2004
Ohio : Oct, 2003
Utah : June 29, 2004
Tegdown : June 30, 2004