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ZetaTalk: Not Nuclear
written July 18, 2004

An increase in sun spots and solar flares occurred when Planet X first moved into the inner Solar System during the Summer and Fall of 2003, and this is again the situation. At a time when the Sun is supposedly at solar minimum, activity is at an all-time high. These solar burps are insignificant, however, no more significant than tree branches moving under a gentle breeze, and merely reflect a change in the particle flow distribution due to the presence of Planet X. This was true when Planet X zoomed at high speed into the inner Solar System in the early days of 2003, creating a disruption due to its speed and then the sudden braking action taken as the Repulsion Force kicked in, both actions a change for the existing particle flow distribution. The reverse is true now, with Planet X picking up speed as it has passed the S. Pole of the Sun, and propelled by the Repulsion Force, is preparing to punch through the Ecliptic and rapidly exit the inner Solar System. For those humans anxiously watching the Sun's burps and wondering if their Sun is going nuclear, it is not. The most recent Woodbridge crop circle is clearly reassuring mankind, by using the universal symbol for radiation warning, within the circle, within the Sun, bounded by many layers of protection. Your Sun will remain as you remembered it, and is not the source of danger you need to be concerned about.

Woodbridge : July 13, 2004