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ZetaTalk: Photographic Proof
written Sep 21, 2004

Humans are accustomed to thinking of up or down, right or left, from an egocentric posture. But a man in Alaska, or on the opposite side of the globe in Australia, sees an opposite view of the constellations and the Moon and would not agree on these directions. The planets sharing the Ecliptic with the Earth seldom appear exactly to the right or left of the Sun, due to the slant of the Ecliptic as viewed from Earth. Man, standing on the surface of the Earth, is leaning, almost invariable, so the Ecliptic is seen as slanted. Now Sun centered, Planet X appears more in keeping with objects in a line with the middle object centered, so that the middle object appears left when the viewer leans to the right, at sunrise, and moves to the right when the viewer leans to the left, at sundown. Previously, when Planet X was out of the line of sight when looking directly at the Sun from Earth, as it was to the side of the Sun, the view from Earth presented the Second Sun as being to the right along the Ecliptic at sunrise and, when the viewer was literally standing on its head at sundown, had moved to the left at sundown.

What do these photos, from Italy, reveal? In keeping with a Sun centered Planet X, as viewed from Earth, we see the dust shrouded corpus to the left at sunrise and moving to the right into the afternoon. Not the case last March, when the position of Planet X appeared along the Ecliptic to the Right at sunrise and to the Left at sunset. A similar study of photos from the southern hemisphere would have these positions reversed. This is photographic evidence of movement during the ensuing months, movement from a location to the side of the Sun to a placement between the Earth and Sun, movement from a location below the Ecliptic to a placement nearly at the Ecliptic, and movement from a distance from the Earth to a placement much closer to the Earth. Close, at the Ecliptic, and moving!

Signs of the Times #1140
To the left of sun it is pretty apparent with red tail/dust to the left of it also. [and from another source] Photos taken at 5:10 PM Sep 21, 2004. The reverse of what is seen in the northern hemisphere, Planet X is now to the left in the afternoon, the reserse of what was seen last Mar 4, 2004.