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ZetaTalk: Small Plane Crashes
written Oct 25, 2004

Atmospheric disturbances, beyond those usually encountered and thus watched for by pilots, are occurring. Even prior to the year before the shift, what is called micro-bursts were being increasingly reported and downed planes blamed on this. If the weather is moving to extremes, this equates to hotter air masses, colder drafts, and sudden wind equalizing these air masses. Beyond these problems, airplanes use satellites to guide them, magnetic orientation to guide them, and these likewise will either fail on occasion or given invalid readings.
ZetaTalk: 2002 Quickening

We have mentioned that as the pole shift approaches, the monster planetary magnet Planet X moves toward the Earth, twisting and turning in its own magnet dance with the Sun's Magnetic Flow lines, that the guidance systems of airplanes will be affected. GPS, global positioning systems, directed by satellite, are used more often than the increasingly unreliable compasses. How does a small plane, flying low overland as they do more often than the large high altitude planes they seek to avoid encountering, know where land is, in the dark? GPS allows an individual to know his altitude, as his exact location can be determined by his exact Lat/Long and this altitude is known, mapped, and in the databases the GPS satellite users access. Someone in the middle of a wilderness can enter his Lat/Long and receive, from GPS related databases, a map showing his surroundings. All this works until the GPS satellites are off their mark, themselves not in position or their moorings confused. What would occur if a small plane were informed, by GPS, that their location was not amidst hills, but in the open? Flying blind, the pilot would assume his altitude safe.

Beyond confused guidance systems, small planes lack the ability to recover from electromagnetic surges increasingly likely to occur and more potent close to the core of the Earth. It is no accident that odd electrical fires developed in Sicily and India at spots where these emanations occurred from beneath the surface of the Earth, only in this past year or so. Not demonic, but quite natural for a swirling core driven frantically to escape the magnetic pressure the looming Planet X presence represents. Trains and cars can sputter or have their controls momentarily falter, and simply drift along until recovery can occur. Their operators conclude a checkup is in order, and drive on more conservatively. But what happens to a small plane when its electrical systems falter momentarily? A drift along, in a small plane, is also a drift down, and when the guidance systems are also faltering, mis-clueing the pilot as to the safety of his location, disaster can result. And increasingly, it has. Do these problem affect large planes, flying at high altitudes or approaching a landing under the guidance of radar? Large planes allow more altitude until they are safely in the hands of radar systems and personnel that can guide them by radio. Large planes, under such guidance, can fly literally blind and land safely. Small planes, off the scope of such radar when away from airports, have no such safety net. Our advice? Fly during the daylight hours.

Signs of the Times #1201
Two Killed in Small Plane Crash in US [Oct 20] ‘A small plane crashed in Atlanta, capital of the southeastern US state of Georgia, on Tuesday killing the two people aboard, media reports said. The reports quoted a National Transportation Safety Board investigator as saying that the plane had sent out a distress signal but the cause of the accident was not immediately known.’
[and from another source]
Search Underway for Small Jet with Two Aboard [Oct 19] A two-seat Czechoslovakian fighter-trainer jet with two men aboard left Boeing Field around midday Tuesday and vanished en route to Idaho after reporting flight-control problems over the Cascade Mountains.
[and from another source]
Commuter Plane Crashes in Northeastern Missouri, Killing at Least Eight; Two Survive [Oct 20] ‘The American Airlines-affiliated Corporate Airlines plane, a twin-engine turboprop, crashed in the woods a few miles short of the Kirksville airport where it was preparing to land. Five people were missing, and the cause of the crash had not been determined.’
[and from another source]
Federal investigators arrived on Maui today to begin looking into a fatal plane crash on the western slope of Haleakala. Authorities say an official with the National Transportation Safety Board was at the site today looking for clues into what caused the crash of the twin-engine Cessna 310 Sunday night.
[and from another source]
Fatal Plane Crash at Hartwood Airport Under Investigation [Oct 19] ‘State police are trying to determine what caused a Sunday plane crash that killed a Locust Grove pilot at Hartwood Airport. Witnesses told police the plane climbed to an altitude of about 100 feet, then suddenly banked left and nosedived into the end of the runway.’
[and from another source]
Plane Crash Cause a Mystery [Oct 19] ‘The plane that carried three Yamhill County teens to their deaths Thursday did not break up in flight, run out of fuel or encounter bad weather, investigator Tom Little of the National Transportation Safety Board said Monday from his Seattle office. But that doesn't put investigators much closer to solving the mystery.’
[and from another source]
Canada Plane Crash Claims 2 Zimbabweans [Oct 19] ‘At least two Zimbabweans are believed to have perished in a plane crash which occurred in Canada last Thursday when an MK Airline Boeing 747 cargo plane crashed on taking off from Halifax Airport in that country.’
[and from another source]
Cause of Plane Crash Still Unknown [Oct 18] ‘Federal investigators have finished the physical investigation at the site of a plane crash in Hermiston. They say it could be a few days before they know what caused 58-year-old Steve Caldwell's stunt plane to crash Thursday.’
[and from another source]
Joliet Plane Crash Kills Pilot [Oct 15] ‘The pilot of a small plane was killed Thursday night when he crashed in a residential area near Joliet Municipal Airport. The plane left the airport about 7:50 p.m, made a 180-degree turn and was heading back for an unknown reason when it crashed near town homes on Springwood Drive across from the airport.’
Signs of the Times #774
Sicilian Blazes Put Science to the Test [Apr 5] ‘An endless flow of scientists, engineers, police and even a few self-styled "ghostbusters" have descended on the town searching for clues to the recent spontaneous combustion of everything from fuse boxes to microwave ovens to a car. Every time some new scientist comes to town, they arrive thinking the whole thing has been invented or that they're going to solve the mystery in two minutes. They've all been wrong. From the start, Gabriele Amorth, one of the Catholic Church's exorcists, suspected the devil was at work.’