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ZetaTalk: Muzzling the Media
written Dec 2, 2004

Is it just an amazing coincidence that Dan Rather [NBC] and Tom Brokaw [CBS] are stepping down at nearly the same time after many many years of being lead news anchors, or do they know more about Planet X than they are letting on. Moyers [PBS}, too is retiring. Is this a statement about media suppression?

As with the Cabinet Exodus, those in the know about Planet X are expecting discomfiting times in the near future. Though Planet X is moving slowly, it is continuing to move away from the Sun and toward the Earth. The Earth is caught in a turbulence of particle flows in front of Planet X, turbulence caused by ripples of particles flowing around Planet X as they exit the Sun in a manner like the solar wind. The Earth is caught, Planet X is moving relentlessly toward the Earth, and the outcome is clear.

Those perpetrating a cover-up or cooperating with a cover-up have a mix of agendas. Those who ordered the cover-up in the first place want to posture themselves for optimum profit in the Aftertime. They know what is to occur, they can plan, and this is an advantage they do not want to share with the common man. The wealthy elite and those in political control of governments have an advantage in knowing, and can shelter their wealth and ensure their control in the Aftertime, whether at gunpoint or by virtue of food stores that the starving will be desperate for. Land, oil reserves, and healthy slaves willing to work for food are commodities upon which kingship in the Aftertime is to be built. This is the plan, as we have repeatedly stated. What will cause this plan to fail is the lack of certain timing on events, as Martial Law called too early is revealing, and called too late is ineffectual. Given the lack of a certain date, those at the top of the pile, those we call the Puppet Masters, have chosen to facilitate strong survival communities, via a public education campaign on the pole shift scenario and what steps to take, with plans to parlay with the leadership that naturally emerges from these communities when the dust settles.

Existing political structures are not presumed to survive, except perhaps at the local level. Thus, no need for national politicians, considered Puppets by these Puppet Masters, to be considered assets of value, especially if they are broadly distrusted or despised by their public. The Puppet Masters can rely on their vast wealth to prepare for this time, stocking supplies and preparing to recover faster from the effects of a pole shift than any politically driven network could recover. Thus, first to the prize of healthy survival communities, they will be influential in bribing or intimidating their way into influence, in the time honored tradition that allowed them to accumulate great wealth and control in the first place. Political control of assets such as a military is ephemeral, replaced periodically by vote or coup, and the military of these political units thus easily put into a breakaway posture, even shattering into smaller units under the control of this or that officer, as communications falter and divided loyalties create clashes. The Puppet Master is an octopus with unbroken tentacles. Political control of government employees or networks or assets is an octopus put through a meat grinder, in effect. The Puppet Master wins.

In this setting, it is the Puppets who will terrorize those about to leak news of the cover-up, because the Puppets have the most to lose. Originally anticipating being kings of their regions, instituting Martial Law to form select work groups and gleaning undesirables out to be starved to death or exterminated in some manner, they are finding themselves like King Richard III, crying ‘my kingdom for a horse’, anticipating being abandoned by those owing only temporary loyalty to political leadership who can no longer provide perks or punish rebellion. Terrified of this precipitous drop, and hoping for a different outcome, they are resisting a breakdown in the cover-up. Not all Puppets are alike, as those working closely with the Puppet Master are assured of a role in the Aftertime, working again as Puppets over those regions and people they are familiar with. But this, as we have explained, is not the Bush crowd, who have been rebellious and attempting to set themselves up as an independent entity. As we have stated, rebellious Puppets do not succeed, that is the rule.

Where does that leave the second level in the cover-up, those cooperating because they have been told it is a national security issue, to prevent panic and looting and the like? They are getting dual orders! The Puppet Master, who controls ownership of the media, is issuing instructions to start debate on the cover-up, leading to comfort with the subject so when serious discussion needs to be before the public, this has a smooth transition. The Bush crowd is threatening all manner of abuse if the cover-up is not maintained. What’s a media anchor to do, when reporting the day’s news? Quit!