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ZetaTalk: The Insecure
written Dec 5, 2004

Debunkers, under the guise of presenting truth seem to really fear Nancy, given all the time and energy they spend on her and her ideas be they flawed or nay. Is it the message, or her perceived insanity they fear? A logical person knows if a person is a crackpot and posting on the internet, you ignore them and they go away. When you fight, piss and moan, all you do is give them more credence in the eyes of those who believe and in the eyes of many on the fence.

Beyond the professional debunker, whose full or part time job is to haunt message boards or web sites in search of people discussing what the establishment wants to deny at present, there are those so in the grip of fear and insecurity that they attack the message for no other reason. The message is, in short, unthinkable. Life, for humans on Earth, is highly insecure in the best of times. Even with the best that modern medicine can provide, most illness is not curable and palliative measure only provided. Lightning can strike anytime, any place, and neither prayers or bribes make a difference. Meteors and fireballs from the sky are erratic, and despite man’s best efforts at prediction earthquakes strike without warning, dropping buildings and bridges. Then there are all the reassurances from employers and governments and insurers that pension funds, savings, home ownership and assets, all are solidly there and will be replaced should any event remove them. Yet employers go bankrupt, governments go bankrupt and change their rules or default on their promises, and insurance companies default. Loyalty from friends and family also cannot be relied upon solidly, as the divorce rate and domestic violence statistics show. Friends are supportive only while this friendship aligns with their life circumstances, and the friendship dropped when it becomes inconvenient. Thus, despite man’s best efforts to make himself secure, he is, in essence, standing naked in the cold rain, alone.

Enter Planet X and the ZetaTalk message that the world will turn upside down, experience earthquakes that will shatter cities everywhere, roll flood tides inland for hundreds of miles along coastlines everywhere, explode industrial complexes into a cesspool of chemical pollution, destroy the communication and transportation networks so that travel is on foot or impossible, remove the convenience of electricity and clean water supplied to the home and replace this with long dark nights and drinking water smelling like the neighbors sewage, suddenly stop the delivery of food stuffs to the local store with no replacement so that rats and weeds and rotting corpses become the only food available. For many, especially those in cities or whose lifestyle by choice or necessity has made them soft and dependent, this is what the message means. Unthinkable. There are no options that come readily to mind, for these individuals.

If a weak individual cannot succeed by demanding or clinging, there is only one option available for comfort - denial. They need not worry because it is not happening, all is normal. The weather is normal if one assumes massive climate cycles that stretch millions of years, at least this is what the TV is reporting. No one knows what causes these cycles, and any life threatening extreme is extrapolated out thousands of years hence, so no need to worry. The government propaganda is that the economy is on the rebound, jobs being created, and a firm hand at the helm. All evidence to the contrary is simply not absorbed, and if pushed to be acknowledged, is denounced in a shrill voice and slamming doors. These individuals entertain denial, in an increasingly shrill and angry manner, as the threats to their secure world increase. What does one do when they are being threatened? They consider themselves under attack, and respond accordingly. This proceeds along these lines, more rigid denial, more vicious attacks against the message, until the day reality breaks through and it can no longer be denied that something is amiss. At this point the denial changes to red faced demands for these weak individuals, hopping up and down and loudly demanding that someone reinstate their security and take care of them. If you have an individual in your neighborhood like this, move, before the pole shift. They won’t change.