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ZetaTalk: Magma Slam
written Dec 28, 2004

Last year at Xmas, Iran had a quake and on the exact opposite of the globe (drawing a line thru the earth), we had a large earthquake, as if one side affected the other. Do you think we can expect this again? [and from another] Last year we had the huge quake in iran and I felt the big quake in Panama while in Costa Rica. Now this monster at the same time of year. [and from another] I get it now. They're going to use the recent 9.2 earthquake alone to explain the wobbling of the earth and the coming shortening daylight.

We have stated that recent Weather Wobbles were caused by an increasingly violent Polar Wobble, where the N. Pole of Earth is pushed away from the emerging N. Pole of Planet X as it swings about in place. We hinted that more than sudden windstorms would occur, but as we are obliged by the Rule of Non-Interference not to warn mankind of coming earthquakes, could not be specific. Are the recent strong quakes along the Indio/Australia plate one such result? Most certainly, only the Russians being honest about it as the cover-up attempts to hold together and explain the Earth’s reactions to this strong quake. A Russian scientist reports that the quakes were the result of a change in the Earth’s spin, an honest admission. JPL phrases the cause and effect such that a slowing rotation will result from the quake. The quake caused the orbit and rotation of the Earth to change? Did such a thing happen after the Great Lisbon quake or the Alaskan quake in 1964? Did the leap second calculation change then? Slowing rotation, and a globe tipping on its axis, now to be blamed on earthquakes? The question then to be asked, is what caused the earthquake?

Global wobbles followed both the Tasmanian quake and increased after the Sumatra quake, showing that the magma flow was irregular after the quakes. These wobbles also resulted after Dec 25, 2003 when the Earth halted in her orbit, encountering Planet X. Could irregular pressure in the magma also be causing these quakes? We have explained that the globe would be put under pressure as the N. Pole was pushed away into 3 Days of Darkness for the northern hemisphere, due to the rotation of the globe both wanting to remain centered between the geographic poles and wanting to align with the Sun’s rotation. We have described the rotation of the Earth as being driven by parts of the core and non-homogeneous magma pulling toward or racing away from elements in the solar system or Universe. Where the Earth is being jerked about by the presence of Planet X and it’s temporary magnetic alignment along the Sun’s magnetic flow lines, these elements remain implacable, unchanged. Thus, as with the Pole Shift itself, the hapless Earth is being given conflicting directives. During the Pole Shift, the core wants to align with the passing Planet X, but the crust, with differing alliances, resists, and this causes a separation of the crust and core, the crust ultimately coming to rest in a vastly different geography. In a similar manner, during these early earthquakes and wobbles, the core and magma close to the crust have differing directives.

The Earth’s crust is in an equilibrium with the normal magma surges driving the rotation. Adjustments to where the magma hits, and the force of these hits, have been made, long ago, in earthquakes and aftershocks after the last pole shift. Now things have changed, and this change will accelerate. As the N. Pole of Earth is pushed away by Planet X with increasing violence, and the Earth rebounds in an attempt to align with the Sun with increasing fervor, the magma is not stable. Parts of the Earth’s crust where the magma is hitting with less than its usual force are not affected, but those parts that are getting a double hit, from passive magma trying to flow in the normal rotation and charged magma suddenly changing direction to move in the direction the core has assumed, are getting a double whammy. Add to this the tugging on the Atlantic Rift, which we have explained is a third magnet on the surface of the Earth, causing the plates to pile up and pull apart during the Face and Dark points. It should be noted that the Sumatra quake occurred at 0:58 UTC, when the Dark point is considered to be 0:00 UTC. Once again, our words, prophetic.

And where would those double whammy points be? We have described the Weather Wobbles being caused by the Earth suddenly tilting under the blanket of her atmosphere, causing vertical windstorms from the North and predominantly from the South. Europe has experienced those, winds from the South, and on the other side of the globe from there a double whammy point, Tasmania. That the larger quake occurred in Sumatra is due to the real point of pressure being relieved days earlier, South of Tasmania, where the Indio/Australia plate wants to lift. The US has experienced these vertical sudden windstorms, and on the other side of the globe lies the African Rift. Movement in the Indio/Australian plate allows the large rifts in Africa room to move, and this includes sister rift faults reaching up into the Red Sea and Persian Gulf and through Afghanistan, which would logically follow. Japan has been assaulted by sudden winds from the South in Tokyo, and on the other side of the globe lies the spine of the Andes in South America.

Signs of the Times #1280
Russian Scientist: a change in Earth spin rate could be a possible cause of recent EQ [Dec 28] Quick translating from Italian news: ‘A change in the spin speed of the Earth could be the origin of the tsunami that has destroyed countries on the Indian Ocean side. This is what a Russian scientist, Aleksandr Ponomariov, assistant manager of the Institute of Land Physics to Moscow, says. “We think that the change of that speed is a possible cause of the most recent earth cataclysms”, Ponomariov has declared.’ [and from another source] Quake rattled Earth Orbit, Changed map of Asia: US geophysicist [Dec 28] ‘An earthquake that unleashed deadly tidal waves on Asia was so powerful it made the Earth wobble on its axis and permanently altered the regional map, US geophysicists said. In addition, the energy released as the two sides of the undersea fault slipped against each other made the Earth wobble on its axis, Hudnut said.’ [and from another source] Speaking on SKY TG24 TV, Enzo Boschi, the head of Italy’s National Geophysics Institute said the quake even disturbed the Earth’s rotation [and from another source] Drudge Report: ‘Gravity expert Richard Gross of Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena: “Quake may have altered earth’s rotation, may have shortened the day by 3 microseconds”. On premise a slab slid into core, Gross said he´s done calculations.’
Dec 27, Albuquerque, New MexicoDec 27, Kilima Mbogo, Kenya