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ZetaTalk: Old Habits
written Jan 13, 2005

Hit by an undersea mountain that was not on the charts. Do they not have sonar?

In the days before Planet X was discovered in 1983 by the IRAS team by their infrared balloon sent aloft above the atmosphere, it was a rumor known only by the close club of MJ12 members, murmured and discussed over brandy by those wondering if they should believe our words or not. Yes, there were all those words, prophecies even in the Bible, that described the End Times in a like manner, but no specific date was given and the sequence of events vague, and wasn’t this all about a battle between good and evil in any case? Since all imperialists, Christian or Muslim, deem themselves the arm of God, they all proceeded with their plans, sure that they were the arm of God that would prevent the End Times from assailing them, personally. Everyone proceeded as though cataclysmic changes to the Earth, such as we were describing, would not occur. Despite the fact that magnetism has been weakening, the compass has remained a staunch tool for navigation. Despite the fact that the face of the Earth shows that continents have been ripped apart, and recently, underground burrows were built for the elite, with no concern over having the rock overhead entomb those locked within. Despite the fact that whale bones had been found on mountain tops, miles inland and several hundred feet above sea level, facilities were constructed at sea level.

The illogical need to believe that cataclysmic change is in the future, beyond one’s lifetime, is clung to like a lifeline in a storm of doubt. Those in denial will in fact make a wrong choice, taking the opposite direction from what the wise man would take. This is in part anger at the circumstances, daring fate like an adolescent angry at restrictions. This is also in part denial, like a diabetic gorging on desserts, determined to prove to himself that he can do this and the doctor is wrong. A danger from a monstrous tidal wave flowing inland for hundreds of miles? Nonsense, built at sea level, as with the NASA facilities in Houston. A danger from migrating poles confusing the compass? Nonsense, use the compass for flight and shipping guidance as the predominant guidance system. A danger from snapping and heaving rock during the adjustments a stressed Earth crust makes leading into the pole shift? Nonsense, rely on existing maps as though nothing has changed. What does this mean for those running industry and government and religious institutions? The more rigid, the more in need to control the circumstances or to at least feel in control, the more founded on rules and regulations, the more wrong choices will be made. Those open to the import of our words, and what other prophecies are relaying, and what is written in the geology of the Earth, are not considered reliable for leadership, as they are not firm in their opinions.

The net effect is a rigid network in the government and the military, even in industry, to ignore, rather than explore, the current Earth changes. Thus, the broken link applies. Submarines ignoring an Earth wobble that has the Earth moving under the sea of air daily, causing windstorms around the globe that have been evident for months, and in particular ignoring the sea of water that can likewise stand in place while the Earth moves under it. The earth moved, the water remained, and the submarine was in strange terrain just as an air balloon would be in the windstorms that assail Europe or the West Coast. How safe would a base literally at sea level be near the Indio/Australian plate, which we have predicted would plunge under the Himalayans to the extent that western Australia would be under water? A shortening Pacific pouring its tonnage of water through the Indian Ocean on its way to the Atlantic? Does this hint at tsunami for this area? Of course the Diego Garcia atoll was washed over, scoured, but this admission by the US is unlikely to be forthcoming. Will they position new bases in safer locations? Unlikely. The rigid find old habits hard to break.

Signs of the Times #1300
E-Mail Shows Toll of Crash on Submarine [Jan 12] ‘The nuclear submarine that ran aground Saturday in the South Pacific hit so "incredibly hard" that about 60 of its 137 crew members were injured and the sailor who died was thrown 20 feet by the impact, according to internal Navy e-mail messages sent by a top admiral. The accident ... occurred 360 miles southeast of Guam. Navy officials have said that the submarine, which was headed for Australia, appeared to have smashed into an undersea mountain that was not on its charts.’
Signs of the Times #1299
Internet rumor of tsunami destruction of Diego Garcia [Jan 5] ‘Suspicion is emerging that the island of Diego Garcia with which Bush launched "Shock and Awe" on Baghdad has been annihilated. This island in the Indian Ocean near the Maldives is the United States strategic Asian base which controls the Middle East and is a secret installation with a no go zone for yachts, shipping and over flying aircraft. Housing B52´s and other strategic attack aircraft, the island has a maximum height above sea level of 4 meters, no sea walls and houses over 3000 military personnel. The wave passed over the island and struck the African coast thousands of kilometres to the west including Somalia and the Seychelles, causing massive destruction. News released today has declared 5000 deaths of Americans in the Asian Tsunami. Where?’ [and from another source] Tsunami spares U.S. base in Diego Garcia [Jan 4] ‘Diego Garcia, a 10-square-mile British island leased to the U.S. Navy, sits in the middle of the Indian Ocean, just south of the hard-hit Maldives. Bombers launched from Diego Garcia flew missions over Iraq in Desert Storm in 1990-91 and in Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003.’ [and from another source] Top US general asks Turkey to use key air base [Jan 11] ‘The United States would like to use a key Turkish air base to provide logistical support for its troops deployed in Iraq, the head of the US Central Command said.’