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ZetaTalk: Sign to Mankind
written June 6, 2003, image from

Indeed, a mothership, or many during those times when visibility would be disbursed. Positioned such that it can hardly be missed by the many now looking for Planet X, and noticed casually by those gazing at the sunrise or sunset. This has a two-fold effect.

  1. causing them to look more often, in these days going into rotation stoppage, and notice the second sun and its moons now also visible in photos to those who are discerning;

  2. causing them to challenge the establishment to explain the obvious black object, as to what it is, and discover the establishment nervous and slamming doors, the existence of a cover-up.

But an underlying message also is being relayed, that man is not the unique lifeform he often assumes, alone as an intelligent and technological creature, so they look past the coming disasters to what might be coming next, from the heavens. As this will be invariably received as a warning, the human establishment reaction as a refusal to help, and thus the mothership remembered in this context.