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ZetaTalk: ABC Special
written Feb 27, 2005

The ABC UFO special on Feb 24 ignored the late Dr John Macks life’s work (including his Harvard tenure) with contactees that brought him to the conclusion that these volunteers and the hybrids with aliens will re-populate the earth after a great cataclysm. The transcript of him stating this as his belief is available at

Scarcely anything positive could be said about the much publicized ABC special on UFOs, as it presented nothing new and gave equal time to debunking any facts presented, and refused to debunk the debunk. In addition, it gave prime focus on the triangular shape UFO, which we have stated is nothing more than a human stealth plane intended to confuse the issue and claim a human origin for the UFO sightings at some point in the future. Was the Peter Jennings documentary nothing more than an establishment shill? It was certainly sculpted by the establishment, who acted as editors. Thus, the most profound statements on the subject of the alien presence were not included. The repeated statement that there was no proof avoided the evidence, such as:

Does the Air Force lie? They did during Blue Book, but the Roswell lie was taken at face value and not challenged. Are Harvard professors, debunking away, a credible source? Then why not include the word of John Mack, likewise an esteemed Harvard professor who had actual data to submit, not just opinions. Hypothetical explanations of the abduction phenomenon were presented, on equal time with contactee reports which are carefully based on hard data. Why was this ABC special even produced? Why not let sleeping dogs lie? The establishment is aware that mass sightings are on the increase, valid captures of UFOs on video on the increase, and the public’s opinions on the matter leaning in the direction of comfort with the alien presence. They are trying to grab the lead, be the force that is leading the public perception, but will not succeed in this. Those who have had contact, or are intrigued enough to be seeking this, know the truth. Those who have or will in the near future have a personal sighting see in such productions as the ABC special a firm determination to turn the public from the truth, and are having their respect for the authorities trashed in the process.

The overall effect of this special is, to disgust those who know the truth, to puzzle those new to the subject so they seek more information, and to ultimately increase the suspicion that the establishment is lying to them. This begs the question, why is the establishment so determined to keep the public in the dark? Tell a child not to peek in a closet, and their determination to do so increases. Watch interest in the alien presence explode, and the truth spread around like water into every crevasse.