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ZetaTalk: Info or Disinfo?
written Mar 11, 2005

Who is Sorcha Faal? Posting on as did David Booth. At first quoted IndiaDaily as a news source, but IndiaDaily is a web site in New Jersey run by a single guy, not legit, claims about aliens and the India government not supported elsewhere, for instance. Now Sorcha is quoting legit sources while continuing to talk about the Earth changes and things in the heavens, no longer quoting IndiaDaily. Is this disinfo? Another Booth?

We have mentioned that the public is increasingly restless in the face of weather extremes which create monster storms and alternating droughts and deluges, geological anomalies where the poles and glaciers are melting from the bottom up, earthquakes so on the increase that denial from the USGS is suspect, and all of this with no apparent relationship to the standard Global Warming excuse. We have explained that the elite anticipated being able to either hunker down into underground bunkers or escape the Earth temporarily, but have come to realize that neither route to safety will be available for them. We have explained that a decision was made to mentor survival communities, as a way to form a stronger worker base in the future, with frank talk about the coming cataclysms as a possibility in the media to begin this educational process. We have repeatedly mentioned that the elite who control the world by their great wealth, have determined to make the Bush administration the scapegoat when the truth finally ruptures out into the open. They have been posturing themselves as the world’s superpower, were in control of NASA since the discovery of Planet X in 1983, and their hand thus clearly at the helm of the cover-up.

So where does this leave the resentful Bush administration, who as mere Puppets of the wealthy elite had plans to become peers, controlling the worlds oil fields and the territories of the Americas from Alaska to Argentina? Clearly, they don’t plan to cooperate, but they are likewise not succeeding in their plans to garner support behind them in their self appointed role as world leaders in Democracy. World opinion is against them, and other countries hold and buy the notes that the US needs as a daily fix to stay afloat. While the battle between the Puppet Masters and their Puppets rages, information, as well as disinformation agents, will emerge. In that takeovers can occur, especially when the agent does not have a real identity and is only an Internet presence, the same agent may start out as one, then switch. How is the public to sort this out?

Even where the ownership of a media outlet is known, the propensity known, the message or tone may suddenly switch. Such is the power of commands coming from the very top, or the threat of torture or assassination or financial calamity or scandal placed upon a radio or TV host. As in a possession the media outlet may seemingly change, then return to its former self, exorcised. In this rapidly changing environment, where the cover-up is doomed to rupture and expose the hands behind it, such flip-flops will be many. The Puppets are frantically pulling the strings of the media and threatening all involved with maintaining the coverup with extreme measures should they even consider cooperating with a plan for open discussion. The Puppet Masters are demanding that this open discussion begin. With the Earth changes firmly behind the Puppet Masters’ plan, the outcome is certain. Stay tuned.

Radio and TV announcers, newspaper editors, and scientists at Universities or on the government payroll would be asked questions, and needed to know what topics were to be suppressed, what pat answers were to be given, so the number of individuals involved in the cover-up grew. As with the meeting in France of government heads, reportedly to talk about Iraq and mend fences, where the word given to these heads of state was that there was a presence in the solar system, expected to float away, and at all costs the mission was to reduce panic, these new enlistees into the cover-up were told this was all for the public good.
ZetaTalk: Credibility Issues, written Jul 5, 2003
Clearly, the establishment in the know about the coming cataclysms stands to benefit from a continuing cover-up. Public knowledge would cause their empires to collapse, banking failures, a stock market crash, corporations devoid of workers, security workers vacant from their posts, crowded highways, looted stores, and an infrastructure no longer there to support the elite high in their perches above the common man.
ZetaTalk: Cover-up Cracks, written Jul 5, 2003