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ZetaTalk: Tail Returns
written Apr 7, 2005

I had taken Winged Globe pictures in Japan over year ago. At that time the Winged Globe was top left to bottom right. This mornings picture I took the Winged Globe was top right to bottom left. Does this have a significance? [Comparison photos taken by this photographer, 2004 with a lens to reduce Sun's glare, but moon swirl evident in 2005 photo, at arrow, without lens also.]

During the Summer of 2003, when Planet X was rushing toward the Sun and the Earth was in full view of this drama as it was on the opposite side of the Sun and could see the entire complex as it approached, the light of the Sun reflecting off this complex so it was clearly illuminated, the corpus of Planet X along with its moons swirls and dust cloud were dramatically visible. This was also the time when the Second Sun was seen rising and setting with the Sun, due to this reflection of light.

During the Summer of 2003, the tail of Planet X was spraying toward Earth, as it is hosed out of the N. Pole of Planet X, being magnetized iron ore dust, and the N. Pole of Planet X was pointing toward the S. Pole of the Sun during this approach. It was during the Summer of 2003 that many reports of red dust in the atmosphere were reported, brilliant red sunsets and red dust settling on Earth in odd places. But during the time when Planet X rounded the Sun’s S. Pole, little was heard of this dust cloud or the hose of magnetic particles blowing out from that N. Pole. This was due to the N. Pole of Planet X being literally glued to the S. Pole of the Sun, as would be expected of a large magnet so close to the mother of all solar system magnets, the Sun. Thus, the red dust cloud and the moon swirls of Planet X were turned away from the Earth, toward the Sun, less visible during 2004. The visibility of Planet X was likewise diminished during 2004 as sunlight reflecting off the close hugging dust cloud shrouding the corpus was reflected back to the Sun, the Earth only seeing a dim fuzz ball at best when looking for evidence of Planet X.

During this past month, Nancy has received startling indications that the tail of Planet X is once again turning toward the Earth. This of course would happen as the N. Pole of Planet X swung about, in place, during the 270° Roll we have described as preceding the 3 Days of Darkness. The N. Pole of Planet X swings clockwise, while Planet X remains in place, and while hosing the Earth with magnetic particles pushes the N. Pole of Earth away, tipping the Northern Hemisphere of Earth temporarily away during those days. We have described the roll as a slow process leading up to those dramatic days. But during this slow process, the tail of Planet X, with its many moon swirls and immense dust cloud, emerges at the right side of the Sun (as viewed in the Northern Hemisphere). Are there indications this is happening? In addition to renewed reports of red sunsets and red skies, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere, the moon swirls and smarmy tail of Planet X have come visible on the right side of the Sun, dramatically.

As these magnetic particles from the N. Pole of Planet X hose out into space behind the Earth, they have affected the tilt of Jupiter and Saturn, which lean their top pole, an intake which acts as a conduit for the magnetic particles coming from the Sun also, toward this additional flood of particles from Planet X. Why else the lean in these giant gas planets, and why else toward the direction that these additional particles are coming from? Just as suddenly, there are reports that the Moon has lifted so that it’s orbit is to the north of the Earth more than expected. The Moon had been in an extreme orbit too far to the North after a new Moon and too far to the South after a full Moon, but at the present time is found too far North days before the new Moon. What is the Moon escaping in lifting North of the Earth? It seeks to avoid the roiling of particle flows caught in the eddy in front of Planet X, the eddy where the hapless Earth is caught. Magnetic particles hosed into the eddy increase the general crowding, and it has lifted in the only direction it can move, up above the roiling which is still coming from the South.

During this roll, it swings its N. Pole toward Earth, pushing the N. Pole of Earth away, causing the prophesied 3 Days of Darkness during this temporary end-to-end alignment. Leading into this Planet X revolves in place such that its N. Pole no longer points almost directly at the Sun but points away, swinging toward the Earth, but this change does not happen suddenly, it is progressive. Leading into this, when Planet X slowly swings its N. Pole round in a clockwise direction, whither the Earth?
ZetaTalk: Drunken Lurch, written Nov 19, 2004