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ZetaTalk: Cover-up Erosion
written May 4, 2005

The Catholic Church here in Brazil is announcing with a great frequency in their communications and dominical sermons about the parts in the Holy Bible involving the messages on the final of times and Jesus sermons about the time of harvest. Last Sunday [Apr 24] the priest gave a long sermon about this matter and as I understood this was done all over the country. Very strange the frequency in which the church is talking about these subjects. Could the Zetas comment about this?

We have spoken of the cover-up cracking during unexpected catastrophes, and the actions of the thousands complicit in the cover-up when this occurs - the sudden honest admissions, or the blurting out of truth during the excitement of the new event, or information casually left in the path of those who would surely report it. Where limited cover-ups, involving a small number of people such as J. Edgar Hoover's sexual orientation, or protecting a single pocket of corruption such as the Enron Corporation, can crack wide open dramatically with a single revelation, large conspiracies more often erode until the truth is out. The reason is simple. Large conspiracies, prepared to counter the truth on many fronts by many co-conspirators, can counter a single revelation effectively, where small conspiracies do not have this army of agents armed and at the ready. A single astronomer contacting a TV station with the truth about Planet X would not make a news cast, as the station has many blocks to this occurring. A single TV broadcaster, wanting to tell the truth and prepared to do so without warning, still must get past the broadcast delay button, explained as a transmission failure.

The very scope of the cover-up is what makes its unraveling difficult. One must contact and coordinate the thousands complicit, all of whom have been warned to cooperate or face severe consequences. Each wants to be on the safe side, and holds back or suppresses the truth, waiting for someone else to proceed first. What occurs, in reality, in these settings is an erosion, where the public gets the message due to a change in reporting frequency, an obvious change in the reporting agenda, or sheer volume. Examine what has become apparent to our Emissary, Nancy, only during this past month.

Where will this lead? More of the same, with each blitz of information followed by a brief period where the public is checked for a tendency to panic and run screaming in the streets, withdrawing their savings from banks, and deserting their jobs. In fits and starts, the truth will out, until the common man is as aware of what is happening, as aware of the cover-up that must have been in place, as those complicit in the cover-up all along. At this point, the full truth is a simple step, with the guilty already chosen and prepared to be hung. There will be no shock, only anger, when the cover-up has been admitted. This is the reaction anticipated by the Puppet Masters, and not feared. The points the Puppet Master were concerned about, panic and bank failure, already in the past and no longer a worry.  

Signs of the Times #1403
Report Urges Increased Volcano Monitoring [Apr 29] 'The U.S. Geological Survey said Friday that monitoring gaps exist for volcanoes in Alaska, California, Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, Wyoming and the Northern Mariana Islands that could pose a hazard both on the ground and to aviation. The report reviews the hazard of 169 volcanoes in the U.S. and its territories and calls for a 24-hour, seven-day Volcano Watch Office and increased monitoring at many of the peaks.' [and from another source] Spate of Giant Earthquakes Feared [May 2] 'The Indonesian earthquake behind the Boxing Day tsunami that killed 300,000 people could be the first of a series of giant quakes that will rock the world in the next 10 to 15 years, scientists have warned. They found that quakes such as the one in Indonesia can destabilise the whole of the earth's crust, so that one is followed by others, often thousands of kilometres away, within a few years.' [Note: increasing honesty about the state of Earth changes, cracks in the cover-up.]
Signs of the Times #1398
End Day, Sat 30 Apr at 01:55 on BBC Three ‘Imagine waking up to the last day on Earth. What´s the worst that could happen in just 24 hours? Based on the predictions of leading scientists, End Day recreates with stunning realism the most apocalyptic scenarios facing mankind. In a single hour we tell five different stories, from a giant tsunami hitting New York, to a deadly meteorite strike on Berlin, to a killer virus outbreak across the world - a mega-tsunami strikes New York, a dead comet annihilates Berlin, a supervolcano devastates the US, Britain becomes a viral prison camp, Scientists destroy the Earth. ... End Day: Comet. It´s End Day and scientists, as they have done on countless other days, are scanning space in search of any objects destined to cross the Earth’s orbit. They´ve already recorded over 100 million rocks out there. But even as they pin their hope on identifying threats in time to perhaps divert them, a terrifying prospect lurks... the mountain-sized remains of a shattered comet. The mass is approaching with the sun behind it, in an area of the sky that can´t be observed due to the blinding light. By the time it emerges from the background glare, it´s right on our doorstep.’ [Note: following the Yellowstone Supervolcano TV special. Is someone trying to tell us something? A comet lost in the glare of the Sun? That's where Planet X is at present!]