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ZetaTalk: Star Wars, Today
written May 21, 2005

I could not help but note the remarkable correlation between the development of the Empire in the new Star Wars III and what is happening in the US re terrorism and the War in Iraq and the Patriot Act. There is endless discussion about how 911 was anticipated and assisted by a lot more than Bin Ladin, how our civil liberties are being eroded to support the War on Terrorism, and questions about why our military needs to be beefed up just to invade oil rich countries. The evil Emperor was both the terrorist and the President, inciting the very wars he claimed to be fighting. How could this story, written so many decades ago, be timed so perfectly to emerge at this time!

We have mentioned that an increasing polarization of those aligning themselves spiritually with caring for others, those in the Service-to-Other, and those aligning themselves with self-interest, those in the Service-to-Self, would emerge as the pole shift approached. This was predictable, and has been heavily emphasized in some prophecies such as those in the Bible, as an indication that the End Times had arrived. Why would this be? In the battle for converts, those in the Service-to-Self lose out, the vast majority of emerging souls, some 95% on average, choosing the path of empathy. When a world such as the Earth, that has served as a schoolhouse for emerging souls, is about to transform into a world for those who have chosen empathy, a last-ditch effort by those seeking converts for the self-serving occurs. Why hold back, to posture for future decades, when time is running out. Go for the prize. Turn the screw of fear and hopelessness. Make the rewards for marauding and lying extreme, the better to encourage converts. Caution is thrown to the wind, during such times, and the raw hand of greed emerges from the glove of political correctness. The truth is revealed, and those creating problems behind the scenes in the past exposed for what they are.

This Star Wars episode, the point where democracy crumbles before the supposed necessity of defending against endless attacks, is the darkest hour, a hero turning to the Dark Side, the hand of evil at the helm of the congress applauded as more and more military action is announced. Yet this hand of evil is revealed as the very cause of the disturbances, from the start. How similar to the Bush Administration, which is accused of being cognizant of 911 before it occurred, and which has taken full advantage of the powers granted to it to invade oil-producing countries long in their sights. Do such things happen on other 3rd Density worlds, where the battle between good and evil is the central issue? Even on worlds where the intelligent life form is a fish, such polarization occurs, as all life forms have alternative actions that can be taken, to help those around them, or to further themselves, solely. On a water world, the issue may be blocking access to lush feeding areas, unless cooperation with such militant blocking action is allowed, the strong victimizing the weak. Where the Earth has OIL as its predictable energy source, this allowed predictability in the wars in the Middle East, where vast and readily accessible oil resources reside. Thus, the emphasis in prophecy that the Middle East would be at the center of End Times wars.

The timing of this release, where the Star Wars trilogies were presented with the middle trilogy first, then the first trilogy, and finally the last potentially being released, is hardly by accident. Where the entire Star Wars series was written decades ago, the movie releases were timed by Lucas, who is not ignorant of the times or their meaning. He chose the sequence and the timing, and chose well. Consider the masses, quite used to greed and political power mongering, going into the Transformation period mostly unaware of the significance of the times. American, holding the strongest military power in the world, is viciously and quite obvious attacked on 911, with a predictable reaction. The public would presume, at first, a just cause, but given the late arrival of the End Times maneuvers, may not have time to understand the outcome. Thus, many decades ago, the first releases on film of the Star Wars trilogies were those where the good guys won, though far outnumbered, requiring only courage and conviction to win. With this settled firmly into the public mind, the first trilogy was then released, showing how democracy crumbled, a point which might have been lost if released decades ago. That these films were released only recently is not by accident, as they were timed to coincide with preparation for the End Times maneuvers over the oil fields, so much apparent at the moment. Thus the viewer is assured of the ultimate result, the good guys winning, while dealing, in reality, with those darkest moments on Earth.

As we have mentioned, many authors and producers are aware of the alien presence, the approaching pole shift, and the expected polarization in spiritual orientations that occurs going into a Transformation. That Lucas should be among them should not be a surprise.