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ZetaTalk: Prophet Yehwah
live radio during the Lou Gentile show, May 27, 2005

This is a true example of the Element of Doubt in play. We have mentioned since the start of ZetaTalk in 1995 that there would be increasing sightings in the sky, mass sightings, and moving to captures on film and video, which has occurred. Police videos, and more and more evidence where as on the early part of 1990, you scarcely found a valid photo of a UFO, they just simply did not develop on film or on video. We have stated that this would occur as readiness in the populace was there. Not anxiety but eagerness, but always with an Element of Doubt. This is a classic case of this being experienced. Yes, UFOs do appear. No, he will not have 100% success. He will have crashing disappointments just when he expects to have a big success. And we have belabored the Element of Doubt many times. Where to reduce anxiety, the populace is not given absolute proof. There's always something that those who cannot deal with the idea of the alien presence can cling to and say "it's all a fraud, it's all nonsense, they were all mass hypnosis, a blip on the video" and the like. But he seems well able to handle this, the gentleman does, and it is part of the Awakening process that is out there, getting buffeted about and making these claims and telling people to look to the skies.

Signs of the Times #1440
Prophet summons UFO for camera [May 29] 'An ABC-TV affiliate in Las Vegas broadcast images of a UFO summoned by a self-styled "prophet" who predicts many more will be seen throughout the area next week. Ramon Watkins, also known as "Prophet Yahweh" agreed to meet with a reporter and camera crew of KTNV at a location of their choice and time. What they witnessed, and captured on camera, stunned the reporter and crew. Watkins claims to have seen some 1,500 UFOs over the last 25 years and has learned to summon them by reading the Old Testament.' [and from another source] Lou Gentile featured the Prophet Friday night [May 27], interview available on his web site, and states 'Prophet Yahweh has a very unique gift. He can summon UFO's at his command. Ok you may not believe this but check out this video from KTNV ABC-13 News in Las Vegas Nevada! He actually does this live and they appeared! mms://