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ZetaTalk: Deep Impact Result
written July 6, 2005

In this day and age of special effects, were these photos and videos concocted in advance to show to the public? How are we to ever know?

As we stated days before the July 4th show was scheduled to start, these fireworks were in the hands of man, as any failure or floundering would be theirs. And flounder they did. As we explained, the target was not a comet but the Earth's Dark Twin, target practice against a dead world in preparation for another attempt to nuke Planet X out of its current trajectory. The planned explosions from several nuclear devices, in keeping with the story being told, was to occur simultaneously, a single flash, but what occurred was a series of flashes over an hour. Do dead, cold, dirty snowballs, separating so the parts drift off into the void and vacuum of space, ignite? What is it that ignites? Frozen water? Bits of dust? Ignition is from what man put there, bomb material, and the fact that several explosions occurred are proof that NASA lied, once again, and had several bombs, not one, aboard. Earth based observatories and individuals watching with their scopes saw several explosions, but official images from space based observatories or the observing probe itself stopped after the prepared story and reality parted ways.

The animation prepared well ahead of time, to be shown as though it was from space based views, did not match the result, nor did the scripted commentary that the stunned scientists struggled to relay during the well advertised event. They had no explanation for the series of explosions, and stuttered into silence, not daring to venture a guess as it might counter the eventual official explanation. Debunking the theories now being floated is easy. One popular Internet theory is that electrical currents within the comet, lightning in essence, created the flashes. If comets were so electrified, wouldn't they be flashing as well as outgassing, regularly, as they encounter the debris in the solar system? The NASA explanation is that portions of the rocky interior of the comet were under pressure and exploded. Again, we point out that in the void of space, where expansion is not constrained, the comet would simply have broken into pieces, without an explosion. For an explosion, there needs to be either fissionable or flammable material, and the only such material available for that is what man would have delivered.

So what did happen? The series of nuclear devices bundled together requires a precise impact at the tip of each for a simultaneous explosion, and the bundling needs to remain intact. Should either of these fail, the simultaneous explosion fails, and both failed. NASA's failure rate is not laid out before the public, especially since the Columbia unexpectedly disintegrated upon reentry, so that funding will not be questioned. Something as simple as a faulty rubber ring, an O-Ring, can create a shuttle disaster for NASA, such is their track record. The bundled devices, tumbling in one of the spins man is forever discounting and refusing to understand as they smugly assume they know all the factors involved and their math describing such situations flawless, did not strike point on as expected. Thus, the initial impact broke the bundle, and sent each nuclear device bouncing on its own. Ricocheting about, these devices exploded on the surface of the Dark Twin over time, independently as each finally aligned so that the tip of the device was the strike point.

There is more than embarrassment at NASA today, who must explain the unexplainable, as the true mission did not succeed. Assuming that large hunks of rock can be nudged into new orbits or trajectories, according to all the math man holds so dear and proudly brags put man on the Moon so it must be accurate, they found otherwise. No change in position occurred, whatsoever, and the orbits continue as before. Could it be that something other than Newton's Math rules the Universe? Something akin to the Sweeping Arms of the Sun and particle flows coming back into the Sun at her middle such that the planets are held in these flows, swept inward toward the Sun but held at bay by the Repulsion Force? We have patiently demonstrated that the Moon is too large, and moving too slowly, to be held up above Earth by Centrifugal Force alone, an obvious fact met by ridicule by smug mathematicians when debated in the past. Tisk. Those too arrogant to learn are doomed to failure, this fact demonstrated once again.

Signs of the Times #1475
Mission Accomplished: Probe Hits Comet [Jul 4] 'NASAīs fleet of space telescopes, including the Hubble Space Telescope, Chandra X-ray Observatory and Spitzer Space Telescope, and dozens of ground observatories also viewed the impact.' [and from another source] Today in German PRO7 Evening News a representative of ESA (European Space Agency) mentioned that another objective of this mission was to find out if it would be possible to hit an incoming celestial body. The science team head said three times that he could not understand how their little impactor could have caused such a large reaction. It was still outbursting a half hour after impact. [and from another source] A Nasa scientist on the NBC world news tonight made the comment that we need to know if we can change the course of a comet in case one is on a collision course with Earth. [and from another source] During the BBC program the interviewer Graham Cox for the Open University BBC telephoned Karen and asked her, what was her response to the rather long after glow of the deep impact and she said something like 'well we donīt really know'. Karen was the one responsible for coordinating 100 observatories world wide over six years to home in on Deep Impact. [and from another source] I was listening to George Noory on C2C [Jul 5] with Hoagland and McCaney discussing the strike on Temple1. They speculated the NASA was lying and that they saw two lights one of which may have been a nuclear explosion. [and from another source] NASA scientists were astonished and expressed their amazement on camera and in no uncertain terms: The blast was 'considerably more energetic than I expected.' 'The big question is how did we make such a big splash.' 'I'm at a loss to explain it.' [and from another source] NASA keeps showing the same things. Pre-impact photo, post impact photo taken a few seconds after impact. Its been 45 hours! Where are the current images? [and from another source] 'CFHT Image (Canada France Hawaii Telescope) equipped with the Megacam camera, pre- and post-impact (image below)' [Note: analysis of the background stars indicates the series of blasts moved over a considerable area in less than an hour. This would be appropriate for a large black planet sized rock like the Dark Twin, but not for a comet sized, object. See also Sign #1469.]