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ZetaTalk: London Bombing
written July 9, 2005

Interesting news again today in London. Wonder who stands to gain by this coordinated plan.[and from another] What comment would the Zeta care to make on yesterday's grievous attack on London, ostensibly by Islamic terrorists?

Reminiscent of 911 in the US, the bombing in London had numerous similarities.

Israel as Benefactor
Since Israel benefits from the US presence in the Middle East, the assumption at first glance is that it was behind both bombings. This is not true, and there are other reasons for the foreknowledge that those connected to Israel had. Israel, from its start as a nation, was a defensive nation, and those of Jewish descent are hardly lacking in native intelligence. It has lately come into the news that Israeli spies were uncovered in New Zealand, a snit over this, and buried within the Pentagon, yet another snip, so widespread is their intelligence network. Are New Zealand or the US about to invade Israel? Are they enemies to be feared? It was the Israelis who warned Bush that 911 was being planned. These were warnings that Bush chose to ignore but nevertheless, the Israelis warned their own, and why would they not? Israel frankly did not need a destabilizing invasion of Iraq to have the support of the US Military. They had it already. Likewise, it was the Israelis who warned Blair that the London bombings were being planned. Thus it was likewise Israeli intelligence warning of a London attack, which the Brits chose to ignore, though the Israelis were stunned when their warning was ignored, else would never have let their Finance Minister go into harms way?
Financial Empires as Benefactors
Financial empires are often populated by intelligent and savvy Jewish men, and this connection to foreknowledge by Israel thus raises eyebrows. But why would the Puppet Master, overseeing his vast financial network, want more chaos in the world when all is so financially shaky that bank failures and the collapse of nations is imminent. Financial stability means just that - stability. The Puppet Master, looking out for his financial interests worldwide, has arranged for pro Israel support in the US, financial as well as the military presence that existed in the Middle East prior to the War in Iraq. A Puppet Master's role is not simply to stomp his foot and insist upon cooperation, it is primarily diplomatic, and diplomacy in the financial empires heavily dominated by men of Jewish extraction involves arranging for the security of Israel via the US taxpayer. After all, the Puppet Master is key to supporting the US via the Federal Reserve, so the logic goes. A gesture. A favor in exchange. Insider trading of the sort preceding 911 and the London bombing is so obvious that it carries all the hallmarks of lower level echelons. The Puppet Master's fingerprints would never be so obvious, nor involve a transaction so ephemeral. He is long term, and very, very savvy.
Bush/Blair as Benefactors
Going into the theft of the 2000 election, the Bush agenda and those who supported his entry into the White House via Supreme Court fiat was clear. Bush and his crowd wanted to dominate the world, in particular the oil fields, planting the US military there to defend this position and force the rest of the world into a type of oil slavery, at their knees. We have stated that 911 was not primarily at the hand of Bin Laden, who was assisted both within and without the US by those wanting to impose martial law in the US and by those wanting Bush to take a less arrogant stance in the world. These are mixed agendas, but not the first time odd bedfellows joined forces. The Bush crowd simultaneously wanted an excuse to invade Iraq, and wished to stand up to those in Europe who were furious with his arrogant claim to being master of the world. Thus, ignoring warnings on 911 served his purposes. As is obvious from the OKC bombing, where a military boot were found without a body among the wreckage, and TWA800, which was downed by a missile, an incite to Martial Law has long been desired among the ultra right in the US. Thus, the many inferences that al Qaeda was being trained in the US, this fact known by the FBI, who turned a deaf ear. The Martial Law crowd has many fans and supporters, deep within the federal bureaucracy.

Why, at this point in time, would Bush and Blair allow or encourage a bombing of their own civilians? For the Bush crowd, who care not one iota for the common man, it was never an issue. Bush's only desire going into 911 was to get on with occupation of oil fields and becoming dictator for life within the US. Where does he sit now? The media, under the influence of the Puppet Master who is infuriated with Bush for destabilizing the world, is promoting one expose after another, not hard to do when the field is so fertile with crimes and treason. The War in Iraq is dropping in the polls like a stone, and support for Bush vaporizing. Blair is on the ropes, will be unseated if matters go on as they are today with the trend of eroding support for his war efforts, and the London bombings are just the shot in the arm needed. We have stated that we, the Zetas, and other benign aliens have stopped innumerable attempts to create faked terrorism incidences in the US, as this would have frozen support for Bush with the current situation never arriving. This interference, allowed as an exception by the Council of Worlds, had at its base encouraging discussion of the coming pole shift in the media, which Bush has been fighting with national security orders to the media. However horrific it may seem to humans wanting benign aliens to save them from every distress, there is no such nexus in Britain. The hands of man, the bloody hands of Bush and Blair, were allowed to be exposed for what they are, by their acts.

What will result from this new horror, man's inhumanity to man, in London, is yet to be sorted out, as it is very much in the hands of man. Spain sorted it out quickly enough, saving the lives of their soldiers and Iraqis in the process. We have high hopes for the British people.

Signs of the Times #1478 'There is no reason for terrorist groups to attack England. As recently as this week, the Ministry of Defense announced that plans were being drafted that would pull British armed forces from the quagmires in Iraq and Afghanistan. With the British effectively admitting they're throwing in the towel, the only motivation to stay could come from an attack that compels the forces to stay and fight global terrorism.' [and from another source] 'The similarities with the Madrid bombing [where] the so called perpetrators were quickly linked to an Al Qaeda cell in Europe but later as we reported were linked to the Spanish Security service.'
Signs of the Times #1477
Toll From London Bombing Raised Above 50 [Jul 8] 'Police on Friday raised the death toll to more than 50 from London's terrorist bombings but said they hadn't yet been able to reach all of the dead. Commuters reluctantly returned to the Underground, but buses and subways carried fewer riders than normal in the aftermath of four rush-hour blasts. No evidence suggested that the attacks involved suicide bombers but that officials hadn't ruled out the possibility. The bombs were placed on the floors of the three subway cars that were hit. Based on evidence recovered from the rubble, investigators believe some of the bombs were on timers.'
[and from another source] Report: Israel Was Warned Ahead of First Blast [Jul 8] 'Army Radio quoting unconfirmed reliable sources reported a short time ago that Scotland Yard had intelligence warnings of the attacks a short time before they occurred. The Israeli Embassy in London was notified in advance, resulting in Finance Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remaining in his hotel room.' [and from another source] An Insight from London 'There's a lingering question about who was behind the attacks. Noting unusual selling of the British Pound vs. to Dollar a full five hours ahead of the attack, specifically at 2245 hours EST on July 6th.'