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ZetaTalk: Shuttle Discovery
written Aug 11, 2005

NASA is trying once again to launch a shuttle, the first one since the Columbia disaster a couple of years back. Are the setbacks they are currently experiencing warnings by the Council? Will the mission be allowed to proceed as planned or will interference occur to prevent the mission from being successful? [and from another] I had the notion that it might just be our space friends who are monkey wrenching with the Space Shuttle for their own good reasons. Would the Zetas care to comment on this? And if it is true, what is the strategy and what is the true mission of this flight?

What was the point of the repeated warnings that a malfunctioning fuel gauge represented? The fuel gauge mechanism was replaced, examined, but still it malfunctioned. The message to NASA was that it was going to have mechanical problems, problems they would not anticipate and could not fix, problems with a mysterious origin and an even more mysterious refusal to be repaired. This message was not lost on NASA, who despite the public hand-wringing on what went wrong with their shuttle Columbia, despite the declared conclusion that it was problems with light weight foam cracking the fame of the shuttle, knew full well that we and others had taken the Columbia down, because of the cargo it was carrying. The ISS was peeking at Planet X, providing information on its trajectory and speed, and to avoid transmitting this information to Earth via radio, which can be captured and cracked, they were using the Shuttle to ferry this to Earth so that only the elite would be aware of the presence and danger that Planet X represents to mankind. We had warned repeatedly that the elite needed to begin sharing this information with the common man, whom they purport to care for as they collect taxes and govern.

Why the press to get the Discovery back into orbit? Yes, the Russians were carrying the burden of maintaining the ISS, ferrying astronauts and providing supplies, and this was an embarrassment to NASA, being in second place and dependent upon their former rivals, the Russians. Yes, maintaining the ISS indefinitely in this manner was not feasible, and it would eventually have to be closed down if the Shuttle could not be brought back into operation. But is all this worth lives? Is all this worth proceeding despite mechanical problems that cannot be resolved, no matter how many times the same problem presents? A malfunctioning fuel gauge that malfunctions several times, and continues to do so even when replaced? The message was clear, and it was also clear to the mass of humanity following this saga that NASA cared not one whit for its astronauts, and was desperate to get into space, for some unstated reason.

This was one of the goals of those tinkering with the Discovery's fuel gauge system, to force NASA to show the world that they were desperate to get into space, begging the question, why the desperation?

What is the future of the ISS space station, or any attempts to get the elite to the dark side of the Moon where there are, as they know, alien bases where they could hunker down and survive the pole shift on Earth in safety? Where Bush has trumpeted the NASA programs as having a grand future, talking up manned missions to Mars, the reality of the failing space programs has leaked around this pompous stance like water past a rock in a stream, fooling no one. The elite will not escape to Mars to ride out the pole shift, nor will they escape to the Moon, a place the shuttle would be likely to reach, should the shuttle program be operational. Is it operational now? Bush and those in his administration closely allied with him assume the US Military and the NASA space program to be carnations in his lapel, things he controls, and as such, reasons the Puppet Master should treat him well. The US Military is in revolt against Bush, the control of the oil fields in the Middle East a disaster because of his management, and now the NASA space program a proven disaster.

This was another goal of those tinkering with the Discovery, creating not only an intractable fuel gauge problem but tearing off foam upon take off and ripping a heat seal on the front windows. Getting the message yet?

Why then, if the Columbia was torn from the sky as it returned with fresh information on the position and trajectory of Planet X, was the Discovery allowed to return? During the two and a half years that the Shuttle was out of operation, NASA returned to transmitting information from the ISS, risking this information being captured and decoded by other countries or by members of the public. The information was not returned via the Russian ferry system, something the arrogant Bush administration could not stoop to, as they consider themselves the holder of the secrets, the source of information, and thus, in their minds, they consider themselves to be invaluable and irreplaceable in the Puppet Master's eyes. Sorry, Bush, the Puppet Master is not fooled, and has long been displeased with your performance and concluded the assets he has that are within US territories would be better off without you. The latest shuttle disasters are only a reminder.

Signs of the Times #1486
Astronauts Prepare to Undock, Return Home [Aug 5] NASA cleared Discovery to return to Earth next week, concluding Thursday that there was no need to send the astronauts out on another spacewalk to repair a torn thermal blanket near a cockpit window. NASA had been considering sending the astronauts out to snip away part of the blanket for fear a 13-inch section weighing just under an ounce could tear away during the latter stages of descent and strike the shuttle, perhaps causing grave danger. The astronauts had to step outside to repair the shuttle's thermal protection and reduce the risk of another Columbia-type tragedy during the trip home, when the spacecraft passes through the blowtorch heat of re-entry.