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ZetaTalk: France Riots
written Nov 9, 2005

Do the zetas have any insight on the France riots? Is this another preview for what will be happening all over the world in the aftertime or perhaps even before the cataclysm?

We have stated since the start of ZetaTalk that as the cataclysms approached there would be crop shortages due to erratic weather and a worldwide economic depression. This is in place today, though denied in the media. The wealthy elite shore up the markets, the media parrots whatever statistics they are given, and the world is told that all is well. The common man, of course, knows otherwise. They lose their jobs, are faced with inflation eating into their buying power, find the issues imperative to their survival such as health insurance or housing or the ability to go to bed without a gnawing hunger night after night ignored by those in power. Instead, there is news of increasing desire on the part of those in power to take away freedoms, to consider any protest an excuse to impose martial law. So the pot is not only about to boil because of frustration, the lid is capped tight due to the heavy hand, and all this leads to explosions.

This is the great fear of the elite, that the masses will start to riot and refuse to be compliant, refuse to quietly go to their jobs like robots. For all their preparations to enclose themselves into enclaves, well supplied and well guarded, they do not wish to do this early. They wish to have their current lifestyles up until the last weeks, and do not want to show their hands until that time. Riots push their plans into the open, forcing them to show their hand. Why would riots emerge in France, as a leading country in this regard? France is not only tolerant of immigrants seeking jobs, it is also tolerant of public expression, rioting included. This is not to say that live is worse in France, as it most certainly is not worse there than elsewhere. This is to say that the heavy hand of repression is not as heavy there, thus the lid blows off the pot sooner than in those places around the world where more boiling and stewing will occur before the lid blows off, with a larger explosion.

What does this bode, for the world? Obviously, as insurance companies go belly up, as disasters increase, as emergency services are stretched beyond being able to respond to calls for help, tensions everywhere will increase. As corporations are unable to continue in the economic climate, go bankrupt, layoff employees, and default on their pensions, tensions will increase. Governments will print money to support their functions, going the way of banana republics on the slow slide into default, but governments can only do so much in the face of these stresses. Can a government produce food in the midst of food shortages? They can release the stores, but the stores are already empty, in the main. Can a government clone emergency services workers, who are trained and have skills such that replacing them is not an easy task? Injuries will go unattended, rescue undone, starvation not only continued but increased, and frustrated, those who feel that things could change will riot.

Has the common man been told the true state of affairs? They've been told a falsehood, that all is well, the economy growing, the food reserves stuffed full, the insurance companies healthy, the confidence of the populace in their leaders high. Thus, personally frustrated, they assume that for their life to be better, the only issue is securing a larger piece of the pie. This is not possible, because the pie has shrunk, even the wealthy feeling the squeeze financially so their own lifestyles have been affected, but the populace is not told the truth about any of this. What happens when everyone is being squeezed, feels the squeeze so that their life is affected negatively, from where it was before? What happens when most of those being squeezed do not realize that the pie has shrunk? Fighting all around, as everyone presses for their piece of the pie to be returned to its former size. Since rioting is counterproductive and short lived, the rioters seeing that nothing positive came of it, and in fact prison terms and burned homes and bruises come of it, this will seldom result in riots.

More likely, as long as the reality of the coming pole shift is not explained to the populace, it will result in nervous tension, anger and snarling, sulking and demands, and personal explosions within the workplace or home. More bankruptcies, more homelessness, more burglaries and embezzlement, more families moving in together with consequent clashing agendas, more suicides and lawsuits, but unlikely to be more riots.