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ZetaTalk: When Lies Fail
written Feb 17, 2006

When the cover-ups on the alien presence and the approach of Planet X first started, back in the days of Roswell, this was to be primarily supression of information, along with some fear inducing disinformation to keep people from pursuing the matter. UFO's were routinely called swamp gas and weather balloons, and the CIA spread rumors of aliens in underground chambers eating human body parts floating in vats. This involved NASA air brushing UFO's out of photos, suppression of real UFO sightings in the news, project Blue Book, government sponsored skeptics prominent in the media, and faked eye witness reports. This is still the mode today, almost 60 years later, though the mechanisms have failed. They were overrun with genuine reports of contactee experiences, many using the Internet to spread the word, and mass sightings where thousands would view a UFO blitz, simultaneously, so the news seeped past the media suppression, forcing the media to address the issue to avoid the appearance of a controlled suppression. What is to be learned from the breakdown of the cover-up on the alien presence? Sheer volume of information, truth, overruns and counters a cover-up and disinformation.

How might this apply to the cover-up on Planet X? Unlike the alien presence, which was palpable at the time of Roswell, presenting itself with crashed ships and alien bodies and front page news coverage, Planet X was not expected to become an issue for decades. They had time. Thus, the cover-up has not yet broken down by the sheer volumn of information, or truth countering disinformation, but this process is evident. The plan was to claim and blame an erratic Sun for magnetic irregularities, asteroid swarms to explain the increase in fireballs, global warming to explain the melting glaciers and poles, and periodic climate change to cover weather irregularities. Since panic in the public could be assumed to be a national security threat, coercing the media and scientists and those in the know to cooperate with the cover-up was simply a matter of imposing a nation security oath on anyone needed to cooperate. But they did not know what to expect, nor could they imagine what to expect, and thus there are holes in the plan. Lies come with many faces.

Some are lies of omission, where the truth is simply avoided, not discussed, omitted from reports or TV documentaries, with the expectation that the public, deemed to be sheep, will not notice. They did not expect the Atlantic Rift to be grabbed, regularly, by Planet X, on a daily basis. Thus we have a complete avoidance of the periodic global shuddering, evident on the live seismographs, worldwide, at regular and predictable times during the daily rotation of the globe. Since there is no explanation possible, outside of the presence of a rogue planet in the inner solar system, parked near the Sun, the issue is avoided, utterly. Since the live seismographs are not standard public fare, this will ride until the public or the media takes notice, and then the live seismographs will be taken down. USGS personnel, of course, are forced to cooperate with the cover-up.

They did not expect the Moon to tilt its orbit so extreme that is began to shine in windows never before getting Moonlight, and showing a face rotation so extreme that the familiar face of the Man on the Moon was twisting during the night and the man on the street down on Earth noticing. Looking in the grab bag of possible explanations - global warming, asteroid swarms, solar emissions, or periodic climate change - they would find no explanation that fit. Thus, once again, say nothing, and suppress comment among those who might comment - NASA, astronomers, observatories, scientists or universities getting grants from the government, and those who head amateur astronomy clubs. The public, when asking why the Moon's orbit is so odd, is told they are in error. To belittle the questioner is a common technique, when the question cannot be answered. But the public, often watching the Moon in a familiar framework for their entire lives, knows that something is amiss and not being addressed.

If what is to be hidden is too obvious, then a lie of commission occurs, where it is called something other than what it is. They did not expect Planet X to ride by the Sun for months, years, slowly struggling to rise up to and pierce the Ecliptic, the mass of particle flows at the Sun's middle. They anticipated a rapid and comet like passage, so the visibility of Planet X would be a short term issue to address. What they had, to their horror, was a dramatic Second Sun appearing at sunset or sunrise in 2003, when sunlight bounced off the dust shrouded planet coming up behind the Sun. When viewed from Earth, the Second Sun astonished the public, caused surprised weathermen consternation when shown accidentally on TV. Now that the Second Sun has returned to view in late 2005, the cover-up horror continues. This has been countered by calling the Second Sun a sundog, even when it casts an independent reflection on the water, or a sun pillar, both of which are anomalies caused by ice crystals. That these dramatic sightings did not occur prior to 2003 is not addressed. NASA affiliated website and spokespersons were sent forth to explain.

As earthquakes increased, they were dumbed down in Richter so any statistics would give the appearance of no change. And since the sheer number of quakes is increasing, systematic purging of quakes before they gain public notice is done. When this practice started to become obvious, because web sites providing direct access to the data were not all coordinated, they were forced to funnel through the USGS as the sole source of disseminated information. This trend was noticed and these new rules obvious but the reason for denying the public direct and immediate access to quake data of course was never given. When you can't explain, say nothing, seems the rule.

When you simply can't hide the evidence, or explain it with scientific mumbo jumbo, what to do? Everyone notices the weather, but when records were being broken, worldwide, so rapidly that it became an embarrassment, the answer was to simply stop commenting on the broken records. Local records, yes, national records, maybe, worldwide records, certainly not. All this works until something as obvious as the number of hurricanes slamming the coastline becomes exorbitant. The number, intensity, and size cannot be hidden or explained away. Global warming? Would an increase of a fraction of a degree in temperature rise, worldwide, cause this? All computer models had put such effects of global warming into the future, more gradual, so this is outside of human science. Of course, the Earth wobble, pushing the land under the blanket of air to cause turbulence in the air masses, cannot be addressed, so what to do to explain the increase in tornadoes and hurricanes? Since the weather has been blamed, all along, on global warming, this tack will no doubt be continued, but will be seen as the lie it is when pieced together with other pieces of the puzzle.

The increased in volcanic activity, combined with permafrost and glaciers and polar ice melting, is also parsed into the global warming excuse. Those who have watched Winter's grip ease up on the landscape, which includes a goodly percentage of the worlds populace, sense the fallacy in this explanation, as they know what kind of a temperature increase is required to melt the frozen ground. Global warming produces increased volcanic activity? Global warming melts the permafrost, which is perma frost because it lies so deep beneath the surface of the ground that the Artic Summer cannot reach it. Volcanic activity is not something the average citizen is concerned about, unless the volcano looms over their heads, so media suppression and decreased web access to activity can control interest in this area. But when volcanoes threaten cities in Italy and Japan, the West Coast and Mexico City, suppressing the news will be difficult. All because of global warming?

What tacks might the establishment take, to blunt the truth from the public's eye? If the excuses they have proffered are wearing thin, they can hope to supplant the truth with new Pied Pipers. Someone with alternative theories, along the lines of the many made-for-TV movies produced lately, to catch the imagination of the public and lead them anywhere but to the presence of Planet X. And certainly anywhere but to ZetaTalk, which puts all the pieces of the puzzle together. Asteroid swarms suddenly descending on the Earth, the magma suddenly deciding to become more active, storms increasing in intensity and slamming vulnerable coastlines, all without a logical explanation, but the wild eyed spokesperson, hopefully charismatic, will entrance the public with descriptions and predictions. This works for entertainment, but the populace put out of their homes by landslides and earthquakes and non-stop pummeling from storms want more than entertainment. They want explanations, and this the establishment cannot provide to them. Enter ZetaTalk.

Signs of the Times #1548 Call for Openness at NASA Adds to Reports of Pressure [Feb 17] 'Top political appointees in the NASA press office exerted strong pressure during the 2004 presidential campaign to cut the flow of news releases on glaciers, climate, pollution and other earth sciences, public affairs officers at the agency say. NASA officials said the intent was to use the most general term to describe climate fluctuations. But other public affairs workers and some scientists at the agency called it an effort to avoid mentioning that global temperatures are rising.' [and from another] Greenland glaciers disappearing more quickly: study [Feb 16] 'Greenland's glaciers are dumping more than twice as much ice into the Atlantic Ocean now as 10 years ago because glaciers are sliding off the land more quickly, researchers said on Thursday. This could mean oceans will rise even faster than forecast, and rising surface air temperatures appear to be to blame, the researchers report in Friday's issue of the journal Science. Between 1996 and 2006, the amount of water lost from Greenland's ice sheet has more than doubled from 90 cubic kilometers to 220 cubic kilometers a year. Over the last 20 years, the air temperature in southeast Greenland has risen by 5.4 degrees F.'
Signs of the Times #1547 'This rather large anomaly began in the Earth's Wobble (in so-called Chandler's Wobble) approximately November 1, 2005. It is currently at least one third of the average size for this phase of the 7 year cycle in Chandler's Wobble. The IERS (International Earth Rotation Service) computer is still gamely insisting that the wobble spiral will recover and look close to what it had predicted several months ago.' [and from another source] This is DISINFO on the part of Mandeville, who is being used as a stooge or shill, as he is not actually looking at what the Earth is doing, but is taking the US establishment pronouncement, statistics via the IERS, as his sole baseline. A team measured a strong Figure 8 wobble that developed in early 2004 and I collected about 18 months of this for the Orbits section. The Figure 8 wobble had the globe wobbling up to 20 DEGREES, depending upon location around the globe taking the measure and time of day. Astronomical measures are 360 degrees around the horizon. Each degree has 60 minutes, each minute 60 seconds. So if the Chandler Wobble is measured in SECONDS, then this is TINY compared to the wobble many people around the world have been measuring, in Scotland, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Brazil, Chili, Canada, and parts of the US. The big news is the Earth wobble which is caused by the influence of Planet X. The Chandler Wobble is lost in this, and anyone actually looking and measuring can see this. Thus, a statement by Mandeville that the Chandler Wobble has stopped is naïve and confuses the issue, thus, disinformation either deliberate or inadvertent. [and from another] 'Scientists have had the Chandler wobble under observation for over a century. Its period is only around 433 days, or just 1.2 years, meaning that it takes that amount of time to complete one wobble. The wobble amounts to about 20 feet at the North Pole.' [and from another] 'This is the name given to the movement of the earth's pole by 0.7 arcseconds over a period of about 14 months.'