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ZetaTalk: Iran Boondoggle
written Mar 17, 2006

Right on schedule, leading up to the Iran announced date for the opening of its petroeuro oil bourse on March 20, 2006, the Bush administration is saber rattling and making threats, implying military action is not off limits and listing Iran as the world's bogeyman. Reminiscent of the buildup to the Iraq War, Iran is listed as assisting terrorism by assisting the resistance in Iraq, perhaps harboring Bin Laden, and desiring nuclear weapons. Never mind that North Korea and all the other countries around the world produced nukes and thumbed their noses at the world while making threats against neighbors. Has the Bush administration gone mad? The US military is exhausted by Iraq, not able to get recruits even at a time of high unemployment in the US, unable to call a draft with an increasingly rebellious Congress defying Bush and a public in revolt on all fronts. The national debt is skyrocketing, with countries like China buying our bonds the only way the US is staying afloat other than to print money like a banana republic. The M3 reporting, which shows the source of the funds being pumped into the central banks, due to go secret on March 23, 2006, shows the relationship of the current press on Iran to financial, rather than terrorism or nuclear proliferation reasons.

What do they hope to accomplish? Deflecting a precipitous drop in the dollar, at the very least. The world has used the dollar in oil trades for decades, due to a Saudi promise to hold to the dollar. What this does for the US is force countries around the world to retain dollars, as they need them to buy oil from the primary producers. Iraq slipped to the Euro in the years preceding the 2003 invasion, but was quickly returned to the dollar in 2003 by the US administrators who took over the Oil Ministry in Iraq. But the steady slide to slip to the Euro from the dollar has continued, with Norway, Venezuela, and Syria moving to the Euro of late. Even Dubai moved to put a portion of their oil trade in Euros, a reaction to the rebuke by America over the ports' management debacle. What makes Iran so important, given the trend? Norway could hardly be invaded, as what would be the excuse? Venezuela has been put on the enemy list, but any invasion would be opening a second front, something the military has refused to even consider. But, as we mentioned, inciting the Iraq violence to spill over into Iran is possible, in the Bush mind, as it would be an extension of the Iraq front. This in essence forces the US military into Iran, bypassing debate, or so they hope.

Iran is the 4th largest in oil production, and holds the 3rd largest oil reserves, so securing this under US occupation has been a goal of the Bush crowd all along. But the timing of the saber rattling indicates a financial issue as the precipitator. Few in the US, watching the financial experts drone on about the DOW as though it were holding steady on its own, would suspect the financial manipulations that go on behind the scene. The Plunge Protection Team, authorized into law during the Reagan era, allows the government itself to line up buyers for sellers; insist that sell orders be held until such buyers are arranged; allow military industrial contractors who put their pension funds at risk to assist in this manner to be compensated via their DOD contracts; and, if all else fails, simply manipulate the price of stock. Who would investigate this, the SEC? The SEC is a co-conspirator! Then take the good news the media chirps at the public, the economy is strong, unemployment down, and inflation in check. None of this is even remotely true, the opposite true in fact, with the numbers given to the media cooked. Employment statistics are cooked up from birth/death statistics, of all things, and not even related to actual employment! Then there is the matter of the debt, which requires huge amounts of cash infusions from countries like China, buying US bonds, to stay afloat.

What happens, then, if the US dollar is no longer desired, because it is no longer needed for the oil markets? The dollar gets dumped. As it drops in value, as it has been dropping in value, it does not make financial sense for a country or individual to hold onto dollars. One day a dollar bill is worth $1.00, and the next worth only $.75 as the trading value of the dollar has dropped. Who in the financial markets wants to lose money? For those in the US, this means an increased price for products produced overseas, and this includes oil and gas. For countries like China, which have been buying US bonds only because they have such a glut of dollars from the US trade deficit, the motivation to buy US bonds vaporizes when they no longer have a glut and the dollar begins to drop at an accelerating rate. The US, to date, has been buying Chinese products more than China has been buying US products, thus the glut. But if the US citizen, pushed to the brink on credit card debt and now facing a housing bubble burst, can no longer shop, then China loses its glut of dollars and is no longer inclined to be nice to the US. Thus, the purchase of US bonds by China stops, and the US debt is no longer funded in a legal manner. Low interest loans, which supported the housing bubble and the Bush administration during its first term, are no longer being supported, as the Puppet Master has raised the rate from the Fed, which he funds, steadily, since the 2004 election theft.

The Bush administration has nowhere to go. They can continue to raise the debt limit, until Congress begins to rebel, and print dollars, but this approach will not last for long. If Congress rebels, refusing to raise the debt limit, then prized Bush policies like tax cuts for the rich and the immense drain of the Iraq War will come onto the chopping block. This, or cuts in social services so draconian that riots in the streets would result. Printing dollars also has a steady eroding effect, which would within months manifest. Each dollar printed without proper backing dilutes the worth of every other dollar afloat in the markets. So in addition to the rising cost of goods from overseas, due to the dropping US dollar, the US public would be dealing with horrific inflation. Even a compliant media, told to issue government statistics without question or comment, would not go along when the price of bread or gas doubles. Desperate times result, the Great Depression revisited. To prevent this seemingly inevitable future from emerging, the Bush administration hopes to intimidate Iran into giving up its oil bourse plans, thereby retaining the dollar supremacy in the oil markets, and in particular an oil market that China uses. This ensures China bond buying, which keeps the tenuous US afloat. Given all of this, what is likely to happen?

The Puppet Master, as we have stated, set out to decapitate the Bush crowd, to eliminate them as rogue Puppets who were determined to secure the world's oil fields for themselves, for kingship of the world. His weapons have been primarily financial, raising the interest rates, thus creating problems at home for Bush, but leaks to expose Bush and erode public support have also been used. These decapitation thrusts have succeeded, but what is the Puppet Master's goal? Beyond weakening the Bush administration into virtual ineffectiveness, he wants the US out of Iraq, where it has created a mess. As it stands, Iraq cannot settle into any kind of stable body, as the US continues to interfere. The election has put the country into Shia hands, but Bush does not want Shia management. Nor would the Shia want US bases in Iraq to sit on the oil fields and insure US interests prevail. The Puppet Master can parlay with Iran, and could parlay with the eventual managers of Iraq's numerous oil fields, whether in Shia or Kurdish hands or broken into multiple new Iraqi countries, but at present, no clear winners emerge as Bush stubbornly insists on having his way. Thus, the Puppet Master is likely to create a financial crisis in the US to force the Congress to withdraw from Iraq, as the tight cabal in the White House would prevent even assassinations at the top from accomplishing this withdrawal. Dumping US dollars does not require an oil bourse in Iran, as it could occur at the request of the Puppet Master instead. If it looks like the US is going to create a mess in Iran, by some devious means using the existing Iraq War to spill over the borders, this is a card likely to be used.

The likely outcome is that the US will threaten and bluster, plant evidence against Iran that the US citizen and the world does not believe, rumble tanks and planes up to the border of Iran, and there the conflict stops. There will certainly be tense moments behind closed doors when the military is asked to take steps they refuse to take, confrontations that will not come out in the media until later, as leaks. Support for the US debt will steadily drop, with the US quietly going banana republic at least to some degree, while the 2006 elections take place and Congress changes its face to a more aggressive stance against Bush. Talk of impeachment, once not dared to be uttered, will increase, and an honest admission that Iraq may have to become several different countries in order to attain peace will be increasingly seen as the solution in Iraq. The US public will suffer the consequences, keeping the pressure on to stop the financial hemorrhage in Iraq that the US can no longer afford. Congress will take over, running the nation if only by blocking Bush at every front. The military will come home, not only because funding for Iraq will be withdrawn, but because of natural disasters that will afflict every country in the months ahead. Although this is in the hands of man and man has free will, and thus any predictions must be predicated on this, we predict that:

Who will lead, in this vacuum? Is it assumed that the President actually leads? Government in a democracy is by consensus, with someone pronouncing the consensus in a speech. The US will become a country where the media identifies a spokesperson for a trend or issue and the President is ignored. Press conferences, speeches, where the President can commandeer the TV cameras and attempt to sell the public on an idea or announce initiatives are given by the media, as a gift, but are not mandated by law. Nor is coverage in the newspapers mandated by law. The Puppet Master, in fact, has more influence than the White House, in this regard. Who has been a charismatic spokesperson of late, on issues that relate? Gore, or Finegold, or Murtha, are examples, but the Earth changes that will afflict the nation will find many new spokespersons emerging. During times of trouble, natural leadership emerges, and pretenders are ignored.

Signs of the Times #1567
Dubya Clings to Failed Policy of Pre-emptive Strikes [Mar 17] President George W. Bush clung to his doomed doctrine of using preemptive force against threats of weapons of mass destruction despite his failure in Iraq, claiming Iran may be America's biggest security challenge. [and from another] Petrodollar Warfare: Dollars, Euros and the Upcoming Iranian Oil Bourse [Aug 3, 2005] The Bush administration is prepared to undertake a desperate military strategy to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions, while simultaneously attempting to prevent the Iranian oil Bourse from initiating a euro-based system for oil trades. Such an event would create pressure for OPEC and Russia to move towards a monopoly petroeuro system in an effort to cripple the U.S. dollar and thwart the U.S. global military presence. [and from another] Total oil production 1. Saudi Arabia 10.37, 2. Russia 9.27, 3. United States 8.69, 4. Iran 4.09, 5. Mexico 3.83, 6. China 3.62, 7. Norway 3.18, 8. Canada 3.14, 9. Venezuela 2.86, 10. United Arab Emirates 2.76, 11. Kuwait 2.51, 12. Nigeria 2.51, 13. United Kingdom 2.08, 14. Iraq 2.03 [and from another] Greatest Oil Reserves by Country, 2005 1. Saudi Arabia 261.9, 2. Canada 178.81, 3. Iran 125.8, 4. Iraq 115.0, 5. Kuwait 101.5, 6. United Arab Emirates 97.8, 7. Venezuela 77.2, 8.Russia 60.0, 9. Libya 39.0, 10. Nigeria 35.3