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ZetaTalk: China Visit
written Apr 21, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Would the Zetas care to comment on Bush's meeting with Hu Jintao. Is China giving Bush an ultimatum over Iran?

Nancy: Before we even get started on this question, let me give as background that China gets much of its oil from Iran, as well as from Russia, and China and Russia are snugging up behind Iran, giving support and forming alliances. They clearly don't want the mess in Iraq to spill over into Iran. Then there's another side, which is that our debt is being supported by China sinking a lot of dollars into it. The trade imbalance is such that the US buys a lot of China stuff, it's cheap, but they don't buy a lot of our stuff. Consequently, the Chinese get all these dollars when we buy their stuff, so they've got all these dollars they've got to invest, and they do it by buying our bonds. Since our dollar is dropping, even with interest, they might be getting back less than they put in. So if you rattle China, and they don't buy our bonds but instead dump our dollars, this not only does not float our debt, we need a huge amount of cash infusion to float our debt, but it would cause our dollar to drop even more than it is, and this creates an inflationary situation in the US. Iran also wants to open an oil bourse, which will allow the world to trade for oil in Euros rather than dollars.

What's holding the US dollar up is the fact that the Saudi's, decades ago, agreed to only trade in US dollars, and they're one of the biggest producers, have one of the largest reserves. Even though Norway and Venezuela and some other countries have switched to the Euro, Iran would have been the straw that breaks the camels back, trading that would rival the London oil trade which deals in dollars. If that happens, countries like China do not need to hold their dollars for oil. They can just switch over to the Euro. In anticipation of this kind of a disaster, the US stopped reporting their M3 report, which shows where the money is coming from. This means they can print money like a banana republic, and no one would know it. But when you flood a lot of printed money into the market, every dollar that's out there loses value and rampant inflation sets in. Another issue is that China is pinning their Yuan to the US dollar, which makes their goods remain cheap in the US, where the US wants them to free their Yuan from the dollar. This would allow the dollar to drop and reduce the value of the bonds China holds, thereby reducing the US debt load. This is the background to the question.

The people of China and the US would be surprised to know that none of the issues that Nancy has mentioned were discussed. They did not discuss the war in Iran. They did not discuss the trade imbalance or any kind of agreement to get more US goods purchased in China. They did not discuss oil wars or the threat of the US taking over in Iran, which is a major producer for China. They did not discuss the threat that China could dump US dollars or fail to buy bonds in the US in order to support the US debt, the thirst which requires huge infusions of cash on a daily basis to maintain the debt. None of these matters were discussed. They had been discussed via emissaries and thus their positions were already known and not new. Why would Hu travel all that way to discuss something that had been hashed over repeatedly. They talked about something more pertinent.

We have repeatedly stated that the heads of major countries are aware of the pending passage of Planet X and what this means. China has its own culture, its own history and prophecy to rely upon, not just the recording of the Jewish Exodus or of the Flood by the Egyptians. They have their own great cities which were destroyed in the past. When people say, "whatever happened to the great cities of China", they know what happened. It's recorded that 1,600 BC there was snow in Summer in China, and this is from their annals, so they are aware of the weather irregularities that precede a pole shift. We have reported in the past that the meeting that occurred after the invasion in Iraq where all the heads of countries were gathered in France and it was reported "oh, we're mending fences" after all the arguments about "oh, should we go into Iraq or not" and "who is a coalition partner or not". That was all nonsense. They were discussing that there was a presence in the solar system and telling these heads of countries not to let this be discussed openly, that there would be no damage during the passage but the threat of panic in the populace was the big worry. Therefore, "sit on discussion, don't say anything, and we'll make it worth your while". Bribes, and intimidation, and the like. Bush then paid a visit to Africa, a continent he would like to avoid completely, as he agreed he would go over and express interest in Africa. Likewise, the Hu visit was related to the pending passage.

These matters are not discussed on the phone. They are not discussed by email or any kind of electronic means that could be hacked or potentially spewed over the Internet. Face to face only. When Bush and Cheney go over to Asia and the Middle East as they did recently, or Bush and Condi go to Europe, what are they talking about? They're having face to face meetings. When in Europe, there is the US Puppet Master, the House of Rothchild which is headquartered in Europe. What was discussed during Hu's visit? Where will China sit? What will China do? What will the US do? At what point is there a border that is considered sacred? Or are there borders that are considered mushy? What lands that the US might want to invade or take hold of during the pole shift would China allow in US hands? What does China consider sacred? What lands around China were considered too close for comfort? Stay out of Iran, because we would not allow the US with the greatest military in the world to rush over into China's borders. What about Japan? The US is an ally of Japan, but Japan is small and expected to be devastated during the pole shift. It's on the Ring of Fire, with so many volcanoes. Up for grabs. Korea likewise. The US is already pulling troops out of South Korea, and telling South Korea 'you're on your own'.

So this was a discussion about territories, and also along the lines of China's alliances with Brazil and alliances in South America. The Bush administration would like to consider all of South America their back yard. They're already trying to get a foot hold in Argentina and conducting military games down there and being told 'we would like you to leave'. Israel is also down in Argentina, as it is presumed to be a country that will do well after the pole shift, not be flooded like Brazil. What does China mean by selling armaments in South America, and how does the pushing and shoving and the desire of the Bush administration to control both of the America's fit? Basically, China told them not to consider South America their playground, that Russia and China are making alliances there and would like to continue those alliances even after the pole shift. So these were the matters that were discussed, in part, and no news about any kind of treaty between China and the US because those types of things weren't even discussed.