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ZetaTalk: Nazis in the White House
written May 20, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

Rumsfeld and Cheney seem so close, they even live next to each other. Are they members of any secret society?

Cheney and Rumsfeld indeed go way back. They've worked in government together. They go in and out of contact with each other for decades. They agree on what is called the Neocon philosophy though this is only the external alliance. The philosophy between them goes much deeper. We have talked extensively about Majestic 12, MJ12, the secret government that was formed when Roswell happened, as a result of interaction with aliens and the threat of increased interaction and the desire of the military to form treaties with aliens and prevent what they would consider disasters in the US or elsewhere. Meaning that the populace would not longer respect them and they would be seen as a defense department that could not defend. They were also interested in gaining alien technology. Many people who were in government over the last 50 years were drawn into MJ12. They only had about 2,000 members. To be a member, you had to be in a position where you could expedite the goals of the secret government, or perhaps your position required you to be a member. It has been long rumored that the president was not a member but the vice president was. This is true, was certainly true of Clinton and Gore. In the case of George W. Bush, his father arranged for him to become a member before he became President, so in this case, both the president and vice president are in the know.

Both Rumsfeld and Cheney were members of MJ12, and they therefore know about the coming pole shift, big time. The rush to get George W. Bush into the White House was by the same group that was impelling Ronald Reagan to be in the White House. They were intent on being there when the pole shift happened, so that they could use the military to go out and grab all the oil fields and be in a power position to be the dominant force after the pole shift, because of the US Military, for intimidation, and to guard certain areas like oil fields. This had been their plan, to invade Iraq and expand out into Saudi Arabia and Iran, the major oil reserves. The plan from well before the 2000 election, which was stolen and Bush put into the White House by Supreme Court mandate rather than vote. So they have been working together. Are they members of a secret organization other than MJ12? No. The Illuminati, as we have mentioned, are more European or old world. They are secret societies that wish to be in a power position and are not, and therefore cuddle up to the great wealth of the Puppet Master almost like groupies around a rock star saying 'how can I serve you'. They have their codes and rituals, as do the Masons, but this is not giving them any power. This is simply the way they interact with each other. Because they will tend to be rigid, following rules, a key factor in the Service-to-Self orientation, and therefor considered reliable. Even Skull and Bones is that kind of a screening mechanism for reliability, where you will do silly things, let them collect blackmail on you, follow the rules to get the perks of membership. They are looking for people who can be manipulated. Therefore, any groups that they would belong to would be more related to that kind of association. But their true bond is that they are both intelligent, completely ruthless, had similar goals, and agreed to work with each other.

What about the Nazi ties to Rove?

Indeed, any student of history finds the early formation of the CIA was from the remnants of the Secret Service, the cruel, cold, hard determination to control people by torture, blackmail, and the hard fist. The CIA was gathering information that could never be revealed to anybody, allowed to operate on a need-to-know basis. All manner of problematic situations carried on, LSD and mind control experiments and the like, and into this day with rendition to torture prisons in various countries. All the while President Bush standing there saying 'we do not torture'. It's all so secret and can't be talked about. Ideal for control minded Service-to-Self individuals. Yes, the Bush family runs right back into the Nazis. Yes, Rove runs right back there also. The Service-to-Self aliens that coached the Nazis coached those that hovered around Hitler, with their plans to create the German empire, forever expansive, and cruelty was going to be the rule. This scene can be seen in those gathered around George W. Bush. Very similar to Hitler in being a very weak personalities. It is not just individuals who are hovering around, wishing to recreate the Third Reich in the US at this time, it is Service-to-Self aliens psychologically counseling these individuals. These individuals, the Bush family and Karl Rove may not be aware of this because most contact with aliens is only recorded in the subconscious or on a soul-to-soul basis. But they give the Call along these lines, and therefore they get a mega response being in a position to be able to create big change, or so it is hoped. However, they are failing. They will not be able to create the regime of the future they hope for anymore than Germany did. But that does not stop these individuals from being ruthlessly ambitious and certain that they are going to succeed. They will challenge to the limit their right by association with a sworn President of the United States, George W. Bush, to declare Martial Law, to invade Iran and other such maneuvers, and find that they have been tangled up in Washington with a lack of cooperation. But at present, they feel confident they will manage to get their way. Thus the smiling faces rather than anxious faces. But we have predicted that they will not succeed. The worm has turned, the tide has changed, and they are going down.