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ZetaTalk: Driving Blind
written Sep 21, 2003

On this day the US Government is planning to push Planet X away from its Point of Passage with Earth, changing its orbit such that it is diverted in its path to an increased retrograde orbit, which would take Planet X more quickly in a clockwise direction, averse to Earth’s counterclockwise orbit direction, thus avoiding what is termed a collision of sorts, a pole shift, a collision of magnetic fields in which the Earth would unquestionably be the loser. The much publicized death of Galileo, sending it into Jupiter with its spent payload of Plutonium 238, will be the cover for success in this regard, any flash of light, or shock wave, being explained to the public as a reaction to the death of Galileo. The Plan is to send numerous bombs, lofted as was Casini with nuclear material, onto the surface of Planet X and explode them simultaneously, the much touted but utterly untried method to deflect asteroids.

This plan will fail, because as we have explained on August 28, the US Government is driving blind. We refused to give coordinates for Planet X past the May 15 date, refused to state the distance from Earth, and have with our brethren taken out any probes that might provide the US Government with clues as to the location or speed or exact trajectory of Planet X. They are driving blind, with scarcely more information than the photos provided to Nancy by the public can provide. Is it behind the Sun or ahead? It appeared to be in the vicinity of Orion/Taurus well past the May 15 date, into June in fact, because Orion/Taurus moved past the Sun as the Earth progressed in its orbit, thus it was unclear if Planet X had moved to the Sun or was still approaching. By July it was clear that it was definitely in the solar system, as the constellation background had changed, but as it was obviously heading for the Sun as a gravity drawn, where was it vs-à-vs the Sun?
Earth and the Sun, was small comfort, as bombs aloft and directed from Houston need more than the general area in a span of 93 million miles as a target. The recently lofted infra-red probe, sent up on August 25 to ostensibly look for brown dwarfs, has failed, gone blind. All attempts to pinpoint the location are left to Earth hugging stations, a tunnel vision where triangulation is needed. Thus assumptions are acting as the guide, along with any data the spaceborne bombs can provide as to what is before them. Should they overshoot, they push the rogue planet toward Earth. Should they fail to explode the bombs, they have loosed in space a horror that must be sent into the Sun for safety. A nervous day, at NASA.