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ZetaTalk: 2006 Hoaxes
written July 12, 2006.

We have mentioned that the 2006 season, as with the 2005 season, was designed with extreme simplicity by the legitimate circle makers to foil hoaxers, who had become sophisticated since 2004. Where previously almost exclusively located in the UK, in fact, only located in Wiltshire County, hoaxes have become more sophisticated and have spread to other countries eager to get the dollars reputed to be paid for quality hoaxing these days. Beyond being crude at a glance, the hoaxes in Swizerland and Italy were noted to lack sophistication in the way the grain was laid down. In Poland, the hoaxers were disturbed before they could complete even a single circle, revealing in this that a machine to swirl the grain was in use for hoaxing. What clues are there that the recent Savernake circle in the UK is a hoax? Note the similarity to the genuine circle in the UK depicting Magnetic Clash. In that the circle makers kept their design simplistic, while utilizing the space so defacing it would be difficult, the hoaxers attempted to dilute the message of a magnetic clash by using the symbols in another manner. Instead of giving the message that the magnetic fields were emerging from central point between the two planets, Earth and Planet X, the hoax shows the fields without a common center. Beyond the fact that a confusion of the original message was attempted, there is the clue to a hoax in the amount of mashed grain. The original circle makers had the skill to make the circle from the air, where the hoaxers were on the ground and thus needed to have numerous anchor points in order to guide their artistry. The reason the grain is mostly mashed in the hoax is to cover foot prints.

A 3D circle, the first of its kind, also emerged in 2006 and is a hoax. The clues here are the use of straight lines, almost exclusively, where the real circle makers have always used circles and curved lines almost exclusively. Second, this is clearly an aberation of the Magnetic Resonance theme, with the theme defaced. Magnetic resonance reverberates out in all directions, as magnetic fields do. The original circle makers show the relationship in time, during a given year, that there are three trimesters in a year which man considers to be composed of four seasons, for instance. What is this hoax portraying? Not a magnetic reverberation in all directions, but something pulling in one direction. In that the most sophisticated hoaxers are attempting to dilute the magnetic message given by the legitimate circle makers, they are giving you a clue as to what the establishment fears. They are telling you that your compasses will begin getting even more erratic, and they hope you do not take note the relationship of these problems to the crop circle message. How does the establishment know the compasses will become erratic? This was of course one of our recent predictions, but the establishment can take measurements beyond a local areas. The common man has a compass or some equipment that requires a gyroscope, malfunctioning. Magnetic anomalies have been noted and tracked by Nancy and her friends, since 2003, when Planet X arrived in the inner solar system. Perhaps there is chatter on the Internet, but nothing, as usual, in the news. But the establishment, with their long reach, has already determined the trend. Trouble has arrived, and they hope you don't notice!

Signs of the Times #1620 The Swiss formation looks quite crooked and misshaped in its geometry...and impression that gets supported by the new aerial-pictures. Peter Jetzer and Beni Sidler of the Swiss Crop Circle Research Group were at the site and found a very mechanically flattened lay, crooked pathways, off symmetry and last but not least postholes in the circle's centres. [and from another] Researchers examining the Poland circle quickly realized that it was a false crop circle and besides very primitive one.