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ZetaTalk: Sudden Philanthrophy
written Sep 2, 2006

Would the Zetas care to comment on the sudden decision of Bill Gates to retire and donate millions? Are Bill Gates and Warren Buffett really as philanthropic as they seem?

We have, at the start of ZetaTalk, explained that the wealthy elite anticipated being able to escape the Earth during the pole shift. This was due to promises made by Service-to-Self aliens, who were in contact with the wealthy elite via MJ12, the nexus. The wealthy elite were early drawn into MJ12 because of the need to control the media during a cover-up on the alien presence. Once the word was out, about the coming pole shift, in these lofty circles, word spread. The mega wealthy form a club, and consider themselves above the rest of humanity, not unlike royalty in this regard. In that the nexus was MJ12, the information and plans included those in political power, thus government services were considered essentially the property of the wealthy elite. It was, in those days, 'what are WE going to do about our safety', with the assumption that the US taxpayer would foot the bill for all plans. Thus, NASA went to the Moon, ran probes to Mars, collaborated with Russia on the Space Station, and all under the banner of exploration and education for mankind in general. Alternative 3 was focused on underground enclaves for survival, too, Mount Weather the most notorious. What is the status of those plans, today?

When the Earth changes began in earnest, creating a steady uptick in quakes and volcanic activity, a discernable Earth wobble, and weather extremes with intractable drought and deluge and punishing storms, those smugly assuming they had an escape put the matter to a test. Teams were sent to live in many of the bunkers, and not allowed out for weeks at a time. They died in droves, of emissions akin to radon that the rock, under pressure during the daily torque the Earth is experiencing as Planet X tugs at its poles and the highly magnetized Atlantic Rift. The anticipation of using these enclaves - gone. Simultaneously, those members of the elite who were in contact with Service-to-Self aliens called in their cards. They were promised an escape to enclaves on Mars and the dark side of the Moon, and wanted this exodus to safety started now, please. In that the Service-to-Self lie, and wanted a rich harvest of souls in the Service-to-Self among their contacts on Earth, the elite had been played for fools. They were first elevated to think of themselves as separate and above those they were leaving behind, discarding empathy. Now they were to be dashed into hopelessness, the optimum fear that their situation could engender, crystallizing their self focus in their acute fear. No lift to Mars or the Moon, or assisted living, would happen.

Where does this leave the elite today? Can they dash to the Moon and Mars using NASA, when funding is being cut in an era when the dash into space conflicts with the War in Iraq for funding? The plans never included a need to actually boost man into space into enclaves on the Moon or Mars, as it was assumed a lift and assisted living would be provided. The plans only included a show, for the common man, who was then to assume when the elite returned that they had managed this on their own, were technologically superior. The elite were thus to be elevated to the level of gods upon their return to an Earth where survivors were scratching around in the dirt like cave men, devastated by the pole shift. That was the plan. Meanwhile, on Earth, the US military was to be used to guard the oil fields of the world, so these returning gods could enslave mankind, being in possession of the prime marketable commodity, black gold. Today, the anticipation that the oil fields can be held for the elite is fading, as Iraq is lost and the Middle East more resilient than ever in their resistance to the Bush/Israeli plan for occupation. If the taxpayer cannot support a push for manned flights to the Moon and Mars, manned enclaves there, what to do? Privatize. This effort has suddenly burst into the news, commercial activity to be encouraged on the Moon, commercial endeavors in space, with the question left begging - why has this not happened before? Why now?

None of this will succeed, of course, as the continuing disasters on the Space Station and with the shuttle program make clear. Enclaves on the surface of the Earth will likewise not be secure, a fact the elite are discomfited by and they are casting about for a solution. Hired guards have questionable loyalty when there are no forces to keep them in line. The mindset of those hired to guard the elite will turn from a purchased loyalty to takeover plans. Why should the guards not be king? In that the elite are aware of ZetaTalk, and stay abreast of new ZetaTalk regularly, they are aware of our advice to the common man that love will be the commodity of the future. Those in the Service-to-Other will receive technological assistance from benign aliens, will be offered the lift during the hour of the shift, will encounter and communicate with benign aliens, will meet their loved ones on space ships when communications on Earth become impossible, and will live in communities where looting Mad Max gangs are non-existent. In all our descriptions of these Service-to-Other communities, there is no requirement that one shed all their wealth, so a stratification of living circumstances seems possible, to those in the wealthy elite wanting to be converts. The rule is to care for others, 50/50, as much as the self, to practice the Golden Rule. Thus, handouts of excess wealth, paper money which will soon be worthless in any case, seems a good start. They are trying to buy in.

Signs of the Times #1636
NASA Aims to Open Moon for Business, National Geographic News [Jul 25] For-profit space business is critical to any moon-mission plans, according to NASA under the Bush Administration. But how do you make money on the moon? The foundation believes the only way to efficiently explore the moon and beyond is to create permanent human settlements beyond Earth, extending commerce to outer space. The missions were outlined in 2004 by President George W. Bush in his Vision for U.S. Space Exploration. Given the high cost of space exploration, the U.S. space agency cannot afford to meet the vision by itself. [and from another] Budget Suites mogul Robert Bigelow plans an inflatable outer space hotel. [Aug 30] A real estate magnate is betting $500 million that he can open the first inflatable motel in outer space. Multimillionaire Robert Bigelow has already launched a one-third scale model of his inflatable space module called Genesis I. The spacecraft was launched in July atop a Russian rocket. He worked under a tight veil of secrecy for years before his recent launch. He's never sent an e-mail, feeling it isn't secure enough. He's hired armed guards - whose uniforms have patches of an alien face on the shoulders - to patrol his 50-acre Bigelow Aerospace complex.
Where the race to space in the 60's was originally spurred in part by the knowledge that the Earth was to experience another passage of Planet X in its near future, this factor is almost solely responsible for the Mars exploration fever of the late 90's. Back then NASA felt they had time to learn how to establish space stations far from the cataclysms the Earth was to undergo, and was smugly confident that the US taxpayers would be forced to pay for the personal escape route the elite at NASA and in the establishment fully intended to use when the time came. After the Apollo 13 disaster, retrenching occurred and the Earth itself was looked upon as the best refuge. However, it has recently been determined that the escape routes planned for the elite on Earth are not as safe as expected. Manmade excavations at installations such as Mount Weather are at great risk of collapsing and entombing the smug elite who rush there, slamming the door to safety in the face of the taxpayers who paid for these retreats. Thus, a temporary safe haven on the surface of Mars now again looks like the best bet.
ZetaTalk: Mars Exploration, written Dec 15, 1996.
From its inception, NASA was attempting to secure, as much as anything, an escape from the forthcoming cataclysms. They still have that as a dominant agenda. The members of NASA and JPL who have been watching Planet X approach in accordance with our predictions some 50 years ago, have come to nervously accept the reality of our exact predictions. They wish to find a safe haven during the shift itself. The thought of being on an Earth that will slip about with sloshing water and crashing plates is unsettling. They would like a vantage point on Mars, and from that when the rock and roll is over, they would settle down at the best looking agricultural setting in the world and walk off well prepared to take over as kings. They hope to get up there and setup a base which will be of very firm, air-sealed and air-locked, tents with little suits that they can get into quickly. They're already practicing how to grow their own food via hydroponics. This is something that has been going on for decades, of course, as a means to provide fresh food for those in a space station. They are looking for water, but they know there is water there.
ZetaTalk: Escape Plan, written Jan 15, 1999.
It has been no secret that the elite hoped to escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon during the cataclysms. In this they were not relying entirely on human efforts, as Service-to-Self aliens whom the elite had given the Call to during their obsession with themselves promised to carry them there. Of course, the Service-to-Self lie, and the lie has lately been put to the test. No delivery, despite demands that now is the time for migration to well-stocked and secure Mars and Moon enclaves, and despite endless failures, such as disabled probes and the dramatic disintegration of the Columbia and a leaking Space Station. The elite planned to return, impressing survivors with their supposed command of technology, to rule as kings over the struggling survivors on Earth thrown back into the cave-man days. No mention was to be made of the alien assistance they required. This is why, despite the gapes in their technical readiness to send a manned mission to Mars before the cataclysms, the elite have been pressing forward with their exploration and bravado. Survivors might remember that they were in the process, were optimistic, so the story, upon return, would seem reasonable.
ZetaTalk: Mars Press, written Jan 30, 2004