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ZetaTalk: Lesser Evil
written Oct 30, 2003

The plan, for the approaching Planet X emergency, was laid out over a decade ago.

Stage 1
The public should not be aware of anything wrong at all, no abnormal weather, no abnormal quakes, economy blazing along. This was the hope, but never achieved, but its aftereffect can still be seen in the chirpy media reports, the statements that the economy is on the uptick when all indicators are otherwise, the artificially maintained DOW, the false polls on Bush and Blair, the attempts to distract the mindless drones with soap opera reports such as Laci Peterson drama and in earlier years with Clinton’s sexcapades. Had Planet X not entered the inner solar system, this would have prevailed.
Stage 2
Was to go into place when measuring the public unease determined that they no longer bought into Stage 1, began to feel they were being lied to, and looking elsewhere for answers. At this point, various excuses lined up to take the blame, to be the reason, were to get extra attention. Global Warming was floated out early to account for weather changes, but failed as an excuse as corporate interests did not want to comply with the Koyoto Agreement, and oil was to be the energy commodity of the future, so conflicts were inherent. The Sun and asteroids were deemed better villains. The Sun having a 14 year cycle was announced early, well before 2000 when the end of the cycle was to occur, and Near Earth Orbit asteroids also were given the spotlight. Difficulty with Stage 2 is timing, as the recent X Class alerts demonstrated. For a NEO or X Class flares to cover for Planet X caused events, their timing needs to be correlated, and in this they need Planet X to cooperate or a accurate understanding of the factors that are causing Planet X related events. The establishment has neither of these.
Stage 3
Given failure to explain earth events in light of the favored excuses, solar events and NEO asteroid passes, reducing panic in other ways is required. Panic includes panic in the heads of state in countries around the world that have been bullied into remaining silent with the panacea that Planet X would simply pass, and panic with resultant riots and looting the real danger. Stage 3 was to be instituted due to either a failure of the public to buy into excuses for earth changes or due to earth changes to the extent that panic occurs anyway because of flooding, volcanic eruption, quake damaged cities, starvation incited riots, and the inability of governments to placate and reassure the public. Stage 3 is to include reliance on religion where this reliance already is in place, but this is not deemed in place in the western world to any appreciable degree. Where brutal dictatorships are in place, repression of panic is assumed to be done by increased brutality. Immigration attempts handled by slaughter. Rioting controlled by mowing the rioters down under gunfire. None of this is new.

To keep the wheels of society running in those areas where the establishment lives, so they can have comfort up until the last moment, requires something else, however. It requires more honesty, and a plan, so the public will not panic. The establishment has neither of these. Honesty requires they admit they have been lying, an impossible step. In addition, credibility will not lie with liars. The establishment also does not have a plan, outside of saving themselves and continuing their comforts at all costs. They cannot offer a plan, nor even conceive of one, as their minds do not work in that way. Thus, they will increasingly give into what will be considered the lesser evil to them, allowing the truth to come out, and survival plans to be discussed in the media. This will be closely monitored for its effect. Reducing panic and keeping people walking in their ruts, like mindless drones, will be the criteria. Desertion in the ranks of the working mass required to keep the establishment in comfort and their assets secure will be considered a failure in this regard.

To the extent that more honesty and frank talk of survival plans is considered no less an evil than the current course of complete denial, it will be encouraged. The establishment has determined, through various tests, that when informed and having a plan for survival, workers tend to return to focus on their jobs, versus endlessly distracted with worry about an unseen and unknown event heading their way. Sacrificial lambs will be offered, from the ranks or the establishment controlled political parties or industries. Heads will roll, be blamed, and these hardly the worst offenders but likely candidates. Thus, where a media head controlled the media cover-up, it will be interim managers who are sacrificed. Where the banking system is very much top down controlled, it will be the heads of arms of this large system that are found to be thieves. Where NASA has been completely controlled for decades, part of the cover-up, it will be found that certain nervous managers have been withholding data.