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ZetaTalk: Starvation
written Nov 25, 2003

Envisioning the dire situation in the days leading up to the shift, and following, many good hearted folk wonder what they are supposed to do when there is a single loaf of bread for supper and a thousand mouths to feed. Of course, this is no different than today, for many. Starvation is rampant around the world, in many countries indigenous, so it is only those in affluent environments who wonder such things. Those already starving know how these matters are settled. But the reaction to starvation differs immensely, based on spiritual orientation. Those in the Service-to-Self horde, jerk food from the weak and either sell it for whatever price the desperate market will bear or add it to their stores even if their stores are rotting for want of use. Those who have not decided their spiritual orientation dither between sharing a mouthful now and then with a friend or piteous soul, stuffing what they can hide in their pockets when around bullies, and otherwise wailing about the situation loudly expecting to be rescued. Those strongly in the Service-to-Others work more by plan, having sorted this out well ahead of time in previous lifetimes.

In general, depending upon the culture and situation, segments of human society are selected to simply starve to death. This is done today in many cultures, where the very old and feeble refuse food and a tender good-bye is given during the few days of their rather painless decline into coma and death. They are expected to do this, and as these cultures are often highly Service-to-Other in orientation, such as the American Indian, afford their elderly esteem, and thus this is not seen so much as a punishment for age as an honor. In other cultures, quite without malice, the very young are given this treatment. Babies born and barely conscious are put out in the elements to die, or left without milk or fluids which quickly puts them into coma. No new mouths to feed. Lest this be viewed with horror, the alternative is that this child would be brain damaged if starving in early life, if managing to live at all, an alternative the culture is acutely aware of with examples in the community. Where the starvation has progressed beyond this point, a similar selection process is done into the group, those already ill and not expected to be hale or recover volunteer, or an adult in a family group determines that their portion should go to the growing children or the remaining spouse. Starving or dying of thirst is not painful, and when done with love in consideration of the group, is not done in anguish.

Given the situation where the culture is not highly Service-to-Other, but mixed, how then would a Service-to-Other leader proceed? The choice is for those in empathy for others to starve themselves, leaving the group under the leadership of more ruthless types, or a plan. In this case, not simply volunteers are to be selected to starve to death, as this would ultimately leave only the ruthless. A community meeting, where the matter is discussed, is appropriate. It should be expected that the selfish will loudly insist they be given first opportunity to stuff themselves. The matter should be presented in the light of what human societies have always done in the face of intractable starvation. If hunting and fishing is bringing in food, then the best hunter or fisherman should be spared. If a nursing mother is acting as wet nurse to several toddlers, then her survival affects more than just herself. If someone has a skill or talent needed for group survival, or affecting this, then despite their desire to give their portion to others, they should be pressed to spare themselves. Even selfish groups will see that some approach must be taken, and after argument, consensus will prevail.

All this is assuming that all means of feeding the group has been considered, all food sources included. We have mentioned that weeds and bugs should be included in the diet. In the face of starvation, eating the dead should also be considered. The soul moves on, the body rots, and better it be given in love to those struggling than rot. This is, after all, what a loving member of the group would want, when volunteering to starve for the others. Don’t let me go to waste, would be his or her last words! Or is it better the hunter miss his shot, the wet nurse giving the only protein toddlers with growing brains are getting go dry, and the young become brain damaged as a consequence of their starvation. You decide.