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ZetaTalk: 2003?
written Dec 12, 2003

Is a pole shift still a Certainty? Regarding the Ecliptic Rise analysis, what impact might these various approaches (left, right, under, or over, into Earth's orbital plane) have on Geographical safe/unsafe locations, or the approximate stated 5.9 day window of stoppage/shift? I would imagine the Zetas took all of this into consideration.

Though resented by many, who are looking for specific dates by which to wend their way through the obligations that human social structures place on them, our lack of specific dates have distressed the elite, which would impose Martial Law and bring pain and anguish to the majority of the world for their benefit, should they know a specific date. This includes those who moan that our lack of specificity, and the White Lie, have distressed them, however real their distress might be. Work and school schedules, bill payments, family vacation plans, business arrangements, all stand in front of any survival plans, for those more aligned to the social structures than to their own instincts for survival. This is not our concern, but your concern, in this regard. In all these matters, only you can decide the right timing, the right choices, for yourself. We are not your parents, and would suggest anyone in anguish over this take their complaints to NASA and the White House, and demand to be informed.

Martial Law, the entrapping and poisoning of hundreds of millions, the herding into work camps, the bonds of slavery at pain of mutilation of your children before your eyes, these are only a few of the horrors that awaited you. Their plans required exacting timing, as we have explained endlessly, and though we could tell you not only the date and hour of the shift, but also the likely minute, we have been an endless dilettante regarding the specifics the establishment needed for their evil plans: the distance of Planet X during the Spring of 2003 and into the present, its exact location among the personas that appear in photos or to the naked eye, its likely pause points, points when it changes direction, points when the magnetic fields will clash and to what degree. All have been withheld, to save the majority of mankind from the horror they cannot imagine, in their desire for convenience in their schedules.

In 1995, when we stated what the heralding signs of the approach of Planet X would be, we studiously did not include Moon orbit aberrations, Earth orbit aberrations, or the Earth’s rise in the Ecliptic which has occurred periodically to place the S Pole of the Earth above the N Pole of the approaching Planet X. It can be quickly ascertained that all heralding signs we predicted had a human explanation thrown into place going into this time. Global Warming for weather changes, additional quake monitors for the increase in quakes, increasing asteroid traffic, and especially solar flares for magnetic irregularities and interference with power grids and satellite communications and even by implication what is sighted next to the Sun by millions, the Second Sun. Why did we leave out the orbit irregularities? Note there is no explanation, or even discussion of these. Caught with their pants down, on something the common man cannot miss, the Moon in the wrong place, and the Sun rising and setting too far south!

We would suggest to those wondering just what date will mean what change, when to stop paying bills, make their move, risk the anger of those who are firmly in denial, that they look to this, the utter lack of explanation from the establishment, the media in lock step with the cover-up, for their explanation of why no clue as to when major earth changes will slam the Earth will come from us. They are still not telling you! They still hope to ease their path, better their control of you in the Aftertime, by keeping any information they have to themselves. What more proof do you need for their agenda than to look at the Moon, the Sun, the skies, and understand that no explanation is forthcoming from NASA, the observatories and scientists they control, the politicians bought and paid for, and the media so diligent about bringing you the news that this is the last thing you hear about, the biggest news of your lifetime!

It should be noted that the body of ZetaTalk, collected over the years and representing great consistency and accuracy, is valid, with the exception of the date of passage.
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The Earth, Sun, and [Planet X] will thus Form a Triangle in the Earth's orbital plane with a 23 degree angle at the Earth, an 18 degree angle at the Sun, and a 139 degree angle at [Planet X]. It is at this point, essentially, that [Planet X] is closest to the Earth, as with the angle of entry into the Earth's orbital plane being 32 degrees at this point, [Planet X] essentially dives up through the Earth's orbital plane and quickly passes on.
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