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ZetaTalk: Unshakable Grip
written Jan 1, 2004

There is a hugely bright something in the Western sky every night just after sunset, just a bit above the horizon before it drops down low. It has wings! Some are claiming it's Venus, but I have never seen a planet that large and bright with wings. Is this the winged dragon, Planet X? It is eerily light outside at night especially to the east. It reminds me of how it looks very early in the morning before the Sun rises, which will not be for very long hours.

Now that 2003 is past, is the danger of a pole shift past? Hardly, as only the naive would believe that planets in motion, and the forces that move them, owe any allegiance to the schedules or calendars that mankind might hold. A year ago the inbound Planet X complex was pulling toward the Sun with great speed, and was viewed in the night sky from Earth out in the heavens at a great distance, bare smudges on telescope images. During all of 2003 we, the Zetas, were cagey about dates and distances, speeds and positions, giving only to the establishment what they themselves could determine, the coordinates as viewed from Earth, and these only into early May, 2003. Where the establishment had resources to determine or approximate where the Planet X complex was located and moving, our refusal to provide further information to the common man also was deliberate.

As we have endlessly explained, serious games were afoot, involving the well-being of the majority of mankind, not just the convenience of any given family wanting dates on when to move to safety. Our admonitions to the common man to learn to read the Earth changes, the signs, and follow this as a guide to timing have been enforced, by our utter refusal to be reliable in any manner on dates, this past year 2003. Those who have not learned to do so will continue to be lost, because nothing has changed now that the calendar slipped another day. The elite, and their minions, still hold their evil plans to enslave, entomb, selectively rescue and selectively murder by the hundreds of millions, the common man. The horror awaiting those innocents, most not even aware of what is about to unfold, cannot be imagined by those clamoring for specifics on dates, for their convenience. The only way to protect them is for the element of surprise to continue, and despite abuse of our emissary, Nancy, on this matter, this will be our rule into the end days of rapid rotation slowing.

In that the Earth has almost moved full circle during the past year to where it will now be facing Orion/Taurus in the night sky again, what does a comparison to this time in early 2003 say about the placement of the Planet X complex?

  1. A year ago, it was in the night sky, only, that the complex could be viewed, and this was an extremely dim and small red blur.
  2. At the present time, no such complex is in the night sky, but increasing anomalies around the Sun, including illuminated planets nearer to the Sun than Earth such as Venus, and an odd glow from the south can be seen.

Thus, Planet X is no longer outside the Earth’s orbit, but closer to the Sun than the Earth. This accounts for the visibility of the personas and tail, even though the complex is no longer coming directly at the Earth from the direction of the Sun, but has been for some months approaching from the side. It is no longer approaching from a 11° angle, but at a 32° angle, having plunged low during its approach in 2003 and now coming up at this angle to pierce the Ecliptic between the Earth and Sun. This accounts for the increasing night glow, visible even in the northern hemisphere, toward the south. It is affecting the orbit of Earth by pushing the Earth up in its Ecliptic, as has been noted since shortly after the Sep 21 Equinox, and retarding the orbit of Earth recently, pushing it back. This accounts for the many observations that the Sun is too far south, for both hemispheres, and the sunrise and sunset times are inappropriate for a post-Dec 21 Solstice time frame. What can be expected, then, at this apparent passage point, where the retrograde orbit of Planet X is forcing it into the orbit of Earth, shortly!

As we stated previously, orbits are not sacred, and this includes their speed as well as their location. The orbit of Planet X is rapid from its mid-point dither between its two foci into the outer solar system, then slows dramatically, and virtually floats past the Sun caught between the gravity pull and Repulsion Force, only its forward momentum moving it out of this dance to where it can sling out of the solar system, the Repulsion Force combined with its momentum gaining the upper hand. If Planet X can dither, could not the Earth? It is the lesser, mere litter on the road, not influencing Planet X, of no consequence to the giants in the game, the Sun and Planet X. It is already in an unshakable grip, unable to pass, pushed upward so its S Pole can float above the N Pole of Planet X, and cannot escape! Thus we say again to the common man, learn to read the signs, learn to think for yourself in your decisions, learn to measure the Earth’s slowing rotation as a sure sign that the serious days before the shift are close at hand, and do not rely on any other source for your decisions. Else you will be lost, as the hand of evil dearly desires to enslave and manipulate you.