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ZetaTalk: Moons Astray
written January 27, 2010

Much speculation on the GLP message board regarding object seen on the Stereo Behind images. [and from another] Image of the Sun, taken by the SECCHI Extreme Ultraviolet Imager (EUVI) on the STEREO Behind observatory . The 195 Angstrom bandpass is sensitive to the Fe XII ionization state of iron, at a characteristic temperature of about 1.4 million degrees Kelvin.

Recently the Internet was abuzz with images from NASA's Stereo Behind satellite, showing what is purported to be Earth-sized objects circling and close to the Sun. The assumption was made that these objects were circling the Sun, as the traditional trajectories of round-and-round or a comet trajectory slinging slowly past the Sun were assumed. What else is there? In man's limited knowledge, there is so much about Planet X that does not fit, does not have a slot. Thus the sling orbit of Planet X past the Sun, and the Moon Swirls of Planet X have no place in mankind's knowledgebase. Even when it is obvious. Planet X is in the vicinity. As the Winged Globe showing up on a C3 images demonstrate. As the Red Cross showing up on the Stereo Ahead images demonstrate. And as numerous Moon Swirls, compete with trailing red dust tails, demonstrate. These are a few examples that have given NASA fits, as they are tasked with denying the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system.

NASA's Stereo cameras overlap, recording the areas in front of the Sun, and this is where Planet X rides at present, slightly to the right of the Sun in the view from Earth. Thus, the corpus of Planet X appears on the Stereo Ahead images on rare occasions. But the Moon Swirls can waft a long distance from the corpus of Planet X, when hosed out from the magnetic N Pole of Planet X and caught in the turmoil of conflicting magnetic fields, and thus can cross over to the area visible to the Stereo Behind camera. This is what has been sighted. These moons of Planet X are not Earth sized, though many are larger than the Earth's Moon.

We have stated that under normal circumstances for Planet X and its entourage, the large Moons in the swirls are no further from Planet X than 5 million miles. Thus, at the moment of passage when the Earth is pulled toward Planet X so as to be as close as 14 million miles, these moons will not be a danger to Earth. The 5 million mile distance is true when Planet X is out in space, subject only to its own magnetic field, or standing upright in alignment with the Sun's magnetic field. But when Planet X is in the midst of a 270° roll it is at cross currents to the Sun's magnetic field, and is engaging the Earth's magnetic field into a merged field. Thus, on occasion, these moons are blown some distance from the corpus of Planet X, due to magneton crowding. This potential does not last, ending during the last weeks when the Earth begins to stop its rotation and be drawn toward Planet X to the point where it is only some 14 millions miles away. But in the meantime, mankind can have some heart-stopping moments. If you think the current situation is drama, just wait!