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ZetaTalk: High Drama
written April 29, 2010

A video taken of the night sky just after sundown on April 26, 2010 at 9:30 pm EST, shows Venus to be huge. The YouTube video has captured the Pleiades too.

Comments from others indicate this size has been seen naked eye lately.
[and from another] What i'm seeing in the Western sky for 7 months seems to be getting very large to me. So, to me? it appears to be getting closer to us. [and from another] I've never seen something so bright other then the Sun and Moon in the sky. It appears in the same spot. West over NYC after the sun is down. [and from another] Last night before Calgary (where I reside) had overcast at night Venus was massive!

And what of our own role in simulating the normal appearance of Venus in the sky? We had admitted to the Council's role in this, along with moving the Moon or bending light rays to effect an Eclipse that would be closely watched by mankind. Will these practices start to slip, in pace with the establishment's weakened hand? It is now the view of the Council of Worlds that some evidence that matters are not normal be allowed into the public view. Much drama can be anticipated. Venus is currently being pushed back and forth, within the eddy flow cup in front of Planet X. But as Planet X approaches, tightening the distance between itself and the Earth, the three planets caught in the cup will be squeezed closer together. Depending upon the opinion of the Council, man may find Venus outside its orbit and looming close to the Earth. The Dark Twin is currently being pressed further behind the Earth, squeezed out of their shared orbit to be somewhat behind the Earth. The angle for reflected sunlight thus will change, so that it might again reflect the bluish light with flashes of yellow seen when it first emerged from behind the Sun.

Scallion talked about a "blue star", the Hopi prophecy, stating "The Blue Star Kachina of the Hopi Indians will appear from behind the sun, traveling towards Arcturus". The Dark Twin does move from behind the Sun. But the Hopi prophecy only seems to predict visibility to man, not location. Here's the Hopi prophecy sans Scallion's spin ""When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge".
[and from another] From Worlds in Collision, by Velikovsky:
Now there exists a remarkable fact: the native of pre-Columbian Mexico expected a new catastrophe at the end of every period of fifty-two years and congregated to await the event. They watched for the appearance of the planet Venus. … The astronomical texts of the Babylonians describe the horns of the planet Venus. Sometimes one of the two horns became more prominent. Because the astronomical works of antiquity have so much to say about the horns of Venus, modern scholars have asked themselves whether the Babylonians could have seen the phases of Venus, which cannot now be distinguished with the naked eye. The horns were the illuminated portions of the coma of Venus, which stretched toward the Earth.
[and from another] From the Kolbrin:
Origins 8:3 They worshipped in error, the malignant horned star and her escorts.
Creation 4:5 Then came the day when all things became still and apprehensive, for God caused a sign to appear in the Heavens, so that men should know the Earth would be afflicted, and the sign was a strange star.
Creation 4:6 The star grew and and waxed to great brightness and was awesome to behold. It put forth horns and sang, being unlike any other ever seen.
Creation 4:7 Then God manifested Himself in the Heavens, His voice was as the roll of thunders and He was clothed with smoke and fire. He carried lightnings in His hand and His breath, falling upon the Earth, brought forth brimstone and embers.
Scrolls 33:12 Great Mistress of the stars, let us abide in peace, for we fear the revelations of your horns. Remain ever constant as a good wife to the Lord of the Day. When women are as men and inconsistent as women, the hour appraoches when the Great Lady will wander. When man and woman meet as one in likeness, the Fiery Heralds will appear in the darkness of the sky vault.
[and from another] From ZetaTalk, Mar 10, 2007 ../index/zeta361.htm
It is between the Sun and Earth, which it holds in an eddy flow of particles coming round the backside of Planet X from the Sun. Venus is likewise caught in the cup, as is Earth's Dark Twin which came around behind Earth when it halted in its orbit. Planet X moved closer to the Sun than Mercury, but Mercury escaped during a lucky moment and when Planet X passed beyond its orbit, was free to go round the Sun on its merry way. Venus is moved to simulate its orbit when viewed from Earth, just as the Earth's seasons are simulated by tilting the Earth or dropping or raising it below of above the Ecliptic. Venus and Earth and the Dark Twin are increasingly clashing with each other, as we have explained. This is drama we will not detail as again, we want the establishment discombobulated.