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ZetaTalk: Sicilian Fires
written Feb 15, 2004

‘Scientists and officials confessed themselves unable to explain a string of fires and explosions which began in the middle of last month in the fishermen's quarter of a Sicilian village. What makes the incidents all the more puzzling is that the area has been without an electricity supply since January 4.’ What do the Zetas say about the Sicilian fires?

Rock under pressure has been known to emit radio waves, an earthquake precursor event long in the arsenal of signs to watch for among those attempting to predict earthquakes. A study of particle flow behavior shows that crowding is one of the prime reasons for particles to go on the move. Heat, either from the application of heat from a nearby source or from pressure, compression, will result in heat particles going on the move, away from the source of crowding. The gravity Repulsion Force is a sudden and intense release of gravity particles away from the gravity center where they have accumulated and become crowded. The flow of magnetic particles is a clear example of a common trait of particles, the attraction for like kind but need to avoid crowding. The design of the Universe, based on particle flow, is one of perpetual motion, perhaps by design.

In the current dance of the planets between the Earth and her larger brother, Planet X, the flow of magnetic particles, a close cousin to electron and heat particles, is on stage. Planet X is passing the Sun’s S Pole on its way to align alongside the Sun’s middle, and while so passing has tilted its N Pole toward the Sun’s S Pole, along a magnetic flow line. The Earth followed suit, its N Pole on the move as its closest magnetic partner now is Planet X. These alignments do more than grip the core and crust and tilt it, they alter the flow of magnetic particles within and through the globe. Just as the release of gravity particles, creating a temporary switch into 4th Density and thus temporary invisibility, is know to occur in the Bermuda Triangle and other spots on Earth such as in Lake Superior and off the coast of Japan, likewise there are places on Earth where the flow of electromagnetic particles is facilitated by the rock strata.

Sicily, during this time of tilting and surging, is one of the places in the fast lane, and is likely to experience these surges until the shift is long past and the Earth has established stability in her magnetic field.