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ZetaTalk: Jupiter's Blue Ring
written Mar 9, 2004

Although Jupiter has, in the past, produced some unusual upper cloud features, nothing like this has ever been seen before!

We have mentioned that particle flows that humans are aware of are less than 1% of those we, the Zetas, are aware of, and our knowledge is limited. Jupiter, being gaseous, shows us what is going on in its core more readily, as the rotation and swirling within its core expresses on its surface, a type of sunspot or solar flare. Non-gaseous planets have a crust that stops such expression, so volcanic activity or earthquake uptick is the only symptom. Jupiter is just expressing a reaction to the presence in the inner solar system of Planet X, which by being near the Sun is disrupting a particle flow Jupiter is sensitive to, thus its swirling changes, and you are noticing this!