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ZetaTalk: Meaning of Sedna
written Mar 16, 2004

It looks like NASA is really trying to tell the public something with this so called Sedna discovery. They put up some bizarre diagram showing Sedna as a huge Red Object low in the SW evening sky near Venus. What is NASA's true message with the much toted Sedna discovery and why now, when it was discovered last November?

Going into 2003 NASA and their lackeys attempted to confuse the public by calling all manner of items Planet X. Should one do a search on the Internet, the true meaning of the inbound planet and the meaningful discussion about it would be lost in the noise. At this moment, when NASA has made so much of a ball of ice smaller than the Moon, located so far beyond Pluto to be considered a non-entity, months after it was discovered and even announced to the scientific community, one must wonder why. And the public is wondering why. Consider what NASA would do to confuse the common man so that terminology long used to describe Planet X would be associated by this hoopla with that distant ball of ice. Look at the commonalties in this attempted association. It is presented as red, presented as having an elliptical orbit, is presented as having an orbit of 10,500 years which is an approximate multiple of the 3,600 orbit ascribed to Planet X, putting it close to the time of the last Ice Age on Earth, and is called the 10th planet though tinier than the Moon!

Why, when it is so tiny that the most powerful scopes were used to discover it in the first place, is it being presented as something the common man could see in the SW skies, larger than Mars or Venus? Because NASA also has a dilemma in the Earth’s dark twin rounding the bend and coming up behind it in the orbit path they share. This will become visible soon, if not already, and will come close to the Earth before other dramas intervene. What is the common man to presume? Ah, that’s Sedna, saw it on the NASA site. What other messages are buried in this confusion attempt by NASA? You should be looking in toward the Sun for the real monster 10th Planet, not out into the dark skies, and they once again are pointing the public in the wrong direction. You should assume if NASA tells you about this with fanfare, they would surely tell you about something more momentous, and this is anything but the truth. Unfortunately, one thing remains the same. They lie, and care not for the tax payer whose funds they are using to ensure themselves safe place to go when the cataclysms starts.

Images Source:

National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
California Institute of Technology

Caption for Image at left:

This view shows where the newly discovered planet-like body, dubbed "Sedna," would lie in the evening skies at around 8:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Currently it is located in the constellation of Cetus and forms a triangle with Mars and Venus in the direction of the setting Sun. Sedna is so faint, however, that it can not be seen with the naked eye, or with telescopes typically used by amateur astronomers.