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ZetaTalk: Blockade Test
written Mar 27, 2004

What is the real story behind the truck explosion on I-95 in Bridgeport? I can't shake the feeling that this is part of the NWO plan to cut off escape routes from the natural disasters expected from Planet X. This is an area of poor people, minorities, immigrants, etc. This was the exact area a terrorist threat was called for the day before.

The Homeland Security threat levels were, as many have suspected, not laid out with terrorism in mind, but the coming catastrophes preceding rotation stoppage and the pole shift. Those who have known, for decades, that Planet X was approaching and was likely to cause the disasters we have predicted have not run screaming down the streets, quit their jobs, stopped paying their bills, or committed suicide. Yet this rationale, that a public hearing the news would do such things, is used as the excuse for not informing the public. As we have repeatedly explained, the plan was to entrap tens of millions within the US in coastal or river basin cities and force them to drown. What purpose, truly, is served by a Level Red alert in a fight against terrorism? Mothers without baby food, the ill unable to get to a doctor, and emergency personnel pointing their guns at these desperate folk as though they were terrorists.

In short, Level Red does not help locate a terrorist, but only creates confusion under which a terrorist can maneuver. Level Red was designed as a method of imposing immobility.

Over the long months, those cooperating with Homeland Security have wearied and no longer want to cooperate. Level Orange was called for the first time on May 20, 2003, and the second time on Dec 21, 2003 when it was known by NASA that the Earth was on a collision course with Planet X and that a Sweeping Arm of the Sun was due within days. Thus, a determined Homeland Security team has tried innovation. If they can’t just call out an increased terror threat, at will, and with the excuse of chatter on the airwaves, perhaps they can simulate travel blocks under this guise. Nancy had predicted a Sweeping Arm on Mar 25-26, her best estimate, so a test was scheduled for this time frame. Anticipated to coincide with disasters from natural causes, during the sweep, the test would measure:

  1. the degree of travel disruption
  2. the alternate routes taken by those needing to travel
  3. the degree of panic or anger such a blockage would cause
  4. how quickly local crews reacted to and cleaned up the disaster
  5. whether the public suspected terrorism at the core, or looked elsewhere for a cause.

The results of this test were a failure, in the eyes of those hoping to effect a Level Red, in essence.

  1. the public flowed around the blockage like water around a pebble in its path

  2. alternate routes increased as the need arose, endless innovation by the public where it was hoped they would be habit prone and rigid, refusing to try other avenues

  3. as with the blackout in NYC when the entire Seaway was affected last August, the public was calm and spontaneously helpful to one another

  4. local crews were annoyingly efficient in putting out fires and setting up alternative routes for commuters

  5. the public did not suspect terrorism, despite the alert which preceded the fires, and those who have long suspected the US government of trying to fake it became more convinced this was the case.
Richmond Times-Dispatch
Mar 26, 2004
A raging fire broke out at 12:32 PM. today in a building under construction for Virginia Commonwealth University and ignited other blazes blocks away, sending soccer ball-sized cinders tumbling down city streets and the interstate and filling the sky with smoke. The fires affected an area bounded by Interstate 95 on the north. Witnesses reporting hearing two or three explosions before the fire.
Fiery Truck Crash Shuts Down I-95 Portion
March 26, 2004
An oil tanker truck crashed on Interstate 95 Thursday night and started a fire that burned out of control, possibly destroying bridges in both directions on the heavily used highway between New York and Boston, state police said. The highway may be closed for days or weeks because of the damage, Vance said. He said engineers would assess the damage. I-95 is a vital artery connecting the New York area, Connecticut and the rest of New England.
Bridgeport: Terror Threat Targets I-95
March 25, 2004
A terror threat targets Connecticut´s busiest stretch of highway, the Interstate-95 corridor in Bridgeport. State police began stepping up security in the area Thursday. The response is a coordinated effort between local and state police, the Coast Guard, and Homeland Security.