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ZetaTalk: Conservatives
written Apr 29, 2004

How do the Zetas define the relationship between political dichotomy, ie conservative vs liberal, and the spiritual orientations of STS and STO. What are the likely changes that will occur in the makeup of the two major political parties in the USA and governments through the world as the Transformation proceeds.

However the political parties around the world are described, they seem to fall into categories that define the spiritual orientations, Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other.

How will the parties align during the coming pole shift precursors, and during the shift and in the Aftertime? Expect those with wealth to be shrill during devaluation, demanding taxpayer supported protection for their assets to be the priority over any assistance to the homeless - guard against looting warehouses, back insurance settlements, and ignore the homeless. If unable to secure their assets during the shift, they will be shrill and aggressive in trying to take over any found in a survival community. They will claim superior abilities to lead, the right to replace lost possessions, or any other right they can assert, loudly. Expect those with concern for the common man to be at last in their element, able to place this priority as the rule, the Golden Rule, in their survival communities and operating with great consensus in this mode. Those valuing assets of caring over others will be identified quickly and ejected. Thus ejected, they will band together and spend their energies making demands upon each other. Karma, at last.