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ZetaTalk: Torque Effect
written May 1, 2004

What happens under the stress of whiplash applied every few days to the Earth where the surface plates are tugged apart and rubbed along or over each other until weak places have separated or snapped and the plates now ready to move? For the past year, the surface plates have exhibited Global Quakes, but until the Dark Twin arrived at the Earth’s rear door, these were relatively benign. Whiplash, a back and forth jerk, is more than twice the effect of a single jerk in one direction, the mode during the year before whiplash set in. Previously, a jerk in one direction, and in one direction only, occurred because the Earth was tugged back from its normal rotation direction. This may break rock, fracture rock flakes that create resistance at the fault lines, but the whiplash that has now set in snaps these rock flakes off by tugging in opposite directions.

First the Dark Twin bumps the Earth from behind, causing it to move faster in the direction it is going, normal rotation. Thus rushed, it encounters the magnetic field of Planet X where the Atlantic Rift is grabbed and jerked back from normal rotation direction. When the Sweep nudges the Earth again into the arms of Planet X, and Planet X hops the Sweep to press back against the Earth, the effect on the Earth is no worse than before whiplash set in, but for the smooth surfaces now along many fault lines, allowing the plates to move more freely. When the Earth is thrown back on the Dark Twin at the end of the Sweep cycle, there is a repetition of the start of the cycle where the globe is first encouraged to rotate faster by the glancing blow the encounter in essence is, and then is jerked back by being pushed closer to the magnetic field of Planet X which grabs the Atlantic Rift again. A double whiplash, at the start and at the end of the cycle.

By gripping the Atlantic Rift, the cause of the Global Quakes that have racked the Earth for over a year, Planet X is creating a slow continental drift. The Atlantic Rift is held back when it faces or is in opposition to Planet X, creating not only a pile up in the plates following the rift, but also tearing apart the rift by the momentum to the East. This process continues during whiplash, but what is the effect on the plates on either side of the rift when a void is created? There is a slide into the void, on the side experiencing a pileup, and thus the N American Plate is dropping into the void, relieving the stress of compression along its northern border in the Arctic by a torque to the side as it does so. During the pileup in the Pacific, the Indio-Australian Plate is being jammed under the Himalayans, causing this plate to drop and creating another void in the Indian Ocean. This is the cause of the African Rift, and this great continent once again is pulled into the void, thus the recent noticeable stress in the region of the African Rift.

The overall effect of this drift, which will increase in speed and force as the whiplash proceeds, will be a torque. Hold the globe with the left hand on the N Pole, the right hand on the S Pole, and turn in opposite directions first this way, then back. The N Pole going in the direction of rotation with the S Pole held back, the torque forces the N American Plate down and into the Caribbean, East moving in the direction of SE. The S Pole pulled back by a grab on the Atlantic Rift in the Southern Hemisphere with the N Pole held rigid has the Indo-Australian Plate plunging under the Himalayas and Africa likewise plunging into the void, again East turning to SE. This does more than sink the SE United States and pull apart the African Rift, it pulls the entire oil rich Middle East into a skew. How is it that all that oil dropped into the cracks in the rock in that region, eons ago, during prior pole shifts? The rock was shattered, during just such torque maneuvers. Thus, where we stated that something would occur to pull victory from the jaws of the Bush/Blair coalition before the pole shift, something that would take the breath out of the body it would be so dramatic and unexpected, this region is ripe to present many surprises to those who would be kings in the Aftertime.