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Hungary lies within several mountain ranges, which will shelter it from waves in the sloshing oceans and seas, and from the howling winds which occur during the shift itself. But the Hungarian peoples will find themselves distressed during the pole shift, as their land is riddled with rivers and small lakes, a factor of being in the foothills of the Alps, draining in major rivers the runoff from these mountains, and being in the main lowland where water pools. While this makes for fertile and well watered farming land, during the hour of the shift, when deluges pour horrific rainwash everywhere, this land will flood and not be able to drain promptly. It will thus become, in the main, a large lake. Where it will eventually drain, over weeks, it will ultimately be flooded again when the existing poles melt, so survivors should make their way to high ground into the Alps or take to houseboats to float along the new coastlines and find good settlements. The land has rich soil and intelligent people, and thus they will pick up the pieces and try to start life anew. In addition, being situated along the new equator, much further south than the situation today, the climate will be pleasant. Hungary's largest problem will be its very advantages, as survivors in other nearby areas migrate away from the rising polar melt and devastated coastal cities.


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