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Madison, Wisconsin, is the heart of the state, hosting the state government and university system. Surrounded by rich farmland and spared from the industrial endeavors that chose to site along Lake Michigan, pollution from spills and explosions is not likely to afflict the residents during the shift. The largest problem will be sociological, as being the site of the state government, survivors in the state, who will be many, will travel there demanding assistance. All governments will fail, as roads and bridges and rail lines will be broken, phones and grid lines down, and paper money worthless and uncollectable. Thus, local communities will be thrown on their own resources, and any semblance of government left in the state capitol driven to barricade itself from the demands of the public. This of course will not last long, as those behind closed doors will either eventually starve or run. Survivors should not plan on living in the city, but find rural spots long before the shift and relocate there.