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ZetaTalk: White Buffalo

Note: written on Jun 15, 1996

American Indian legends are deeply appealing to most humans, who sense the wisdom of the ages behind the symbolism. The prophecy of the White Buffalo seems specific, however, and where such calves have been born going into the millennium have set many to wondering. Is this simply coincidence, or does it have meaning? It does indeed have meaning, a prophecy based on what history taught the plains Indians, and thus the White Buffaloes are yet another harbinger of the coming pole shift. Albinos occur naturally in all life forms, some with more rarity than others. What causes an albino to emerge is assumed to be a genetic quirk, where the normal production of color compounds is suppressed. This is the effect but not the cause, else why would life in dark caverns or the depths of the ocean be pale, without color.

If color were a genetic quirk, then why the almost total absence of color in creatures living in darkness? Coloration is influenced by radiation, just as tanning takes place upon exposure to sunlight. What is little understood is that this phenomenon has two switches, one increasing coloration under certain radiation frequencies, but another reducing coloration under a different set of radiation frequencies. The core of the Earth, emitting in greater bursts the radiation her caverns and deep water creatures are bathed in, is confusing her surface creatures. Thus, the White Buffalo, heeding the signals from the restless Earth, are heralding the approaching pole shift.

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