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ZetaTalk: Scientology
Note: written on Sep 15, 1996

Scientology is not about science, as the name would lead one to believe. This organization is similar to many organized religions in that it wants to control its subjects, extract money and physical services from them, dictate their thoughts, and require absolute loyalty. It purports to be a religion, for tax purposes and other such benefits that accrue to religious organizations around the world. However, unlike other organized religions it does not point to a deity to be worshipped, and thus is considered by most to be simply a cult. Like cults, Scientology demands loyalty based on the followers emotional dependence and the leaders desire for complete control over the followers.

Scientology is a cult, but gets away with having an audience among those who don't know the organization or its reputation due to the inclusion of the word science in its name. Move past the name and all relationship to science disappears. It is an unscientific organization. Science implies a thought process, pondering the evidence and testing theories against the results of experiment. Since Scientology denies its members the right to think, instead dictating to them what they should believe, it not only has no relationship to science, it also blocks its members from attempting to follow scientific principles.

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