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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for October 12, 2013

With the announcement date set in stone. The Zeta's have talked about the simulated seasons, the dampened Earth wobble, and how the wobble at some point be allowed to go free. My question relates to things like the humming boxes seen on the US west coast and around the world ( ) that were placed on the fault lines to lessen/dampen tectonic plate movements. Post announcement will they just be removed and things allowed to progress or will they be slowly turned down, allowing things to pick up that they've been holding back, and then ultimately removed?

We have stated that the 7 of 10 pace has been slowed to allow the planned announcement admitting the presence and pending passage of Planet X, aka Nibiru to occur. We detailed some of the effects of the slowing to be a lower magnitude of anticipated earthquakes in Japan and N America and along the spine of the Andes, and a virtual elimination of the European tsunami.  We stated that even after the announcement, the 7 of 10 pace would not simply be released to return to a sudden and violent pace, but some time would be granted to the world’s people to react.

Meanwhile, the 8 of 10 phase changes have been allowed to proceed, so the Planet X complex has become more visible and the Earth wobble more distinct and violent. With or without the announcement, the public is becoming aware. The announcement will not be limited to certain countries, but will go viral despite any attempt to limit the information. This will happen within hours, and virtually shut down all conversation about any other subject in the media. We have predicted a stunned shock among those who are first hearing this message, with those inclined to deny becoming more hardened in denial and those inclined to plan and take action promptly doing so.

We have stated that the announcement is over 99% guaranteed to occur, and the date is set in stone among the participants. But with or without the announcement, the 7 of 10 plate movements will begin to accelerate, such that those lands destined to become flooded will find the waters rising and those stretch zones regions destined to spread or drop will do so, with bridges falling, crevasses appearing, and rail lines twisting. This will accelerate, until the plates assume the position we predicted. Plate movement that involves colliding or sliding plates will involve earthquakes, but these will occur in a controlled fashion, slowly and with lesser magnitude than originally anticipated.

There is a front page news story now on that states that many regions are seeing a sudden explosion of jellyfish that are reeking havok on various industries.  The only explanation posited by the article which seemed plausible was warming oceans.  They of course, blame Climate Change but I know the Zetas speak often of how the waters of the world have been warming due to the core of Earth.  I also noticed that many of these places seeing increased activity are also fault lines undergoing extreme stress at the moment.  Would the Zetas care to comment on whats going on? [and from another]  A swarm of moon jellyfish from the Baltic Sea were sucked into the cooling pipes of a nuclear power plant on the Swedish coast last week, shutting down one of the three units for four days. In 2008, another such "bloom," glowing purple, wiped out an entire farm of salmon in Northern Ireland by stinging and suffocating the 100,000-strong school to death. Every summer, since the early 2000s, fishermen in Japan brace for swarms of Nomura jellyfish, tentacled monsters the size of a Smart Car. In Israel, where jellyfish routinely clog plumbing in power plants, some companies have set up designated summer jelly-watch squads. If you visit China, Korea or Japan — or even restaurants in America featuring those cuisines — you shouldn't be surprised to find them on the menu. People in the Far East have been eating jellies for millennia, served in various degrees of crispiness, after being harvested, dried and salted.  [and from another]  Jellyfish are increasing in the majority of the world’s coastal ecosystems, according to a new study.

Why are jellyfish on the increase along certain coastlines, worldwide? Jellyfish populations have been recorded in stretch zones such as the East Coast of the US and across Europe from Norway through the Mediterranean to the Black Sea, and from Buenos Aires up along the east coast of S America. Stretch zones release methane gas, which incites an increase in various bacteria, essentially increasing the food supply up the food chain. This is likewise true of those areas experiencing stress in the rock due to fracturing rock under compression, such as along the San Andreas, along New Zealand, from the Philippines north to Alaska, and around India.  

Bearing in mind recent news letters about migration patterns, would the Zeta's like to comment on the Swiss Army training manoeuvres regarding an invasion from France? [and from another]  Swiss army prepares for war? Military games envisage 'French invasion. (SWISS WAR SCENARIO) A bankrupt, breakaway French region launches a surprise invasion across the border, to raid Swiss banks and loot money it says was stolen. That's the scenario cooked up for the most-recent war games carried out in Switzerland, which has the biggest army in Europe relative to its population.

Why would Switzerland be concerned about an invasion from France? We have stated from the start that France, being lowlands and subject to a clashing slosh between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, will find its residents trying to migrate ahead of the Pole Shift. To the East is the Atlantic. To the North lie Belgium, the UK, and the lowlands of Germany, all of which are destined to flood.  To the South lies the Mediterranean and the border with Spain. Those residents of south France close to Spain will of course try to scamper into those mountains.

But when wobble sloshing gets severe enough that France is concerned about the ZetaTalk sloshing predictions, most will be looking to the Alps. The Alps of Italy will be subject to sloshing in the Mediterranean. It is Switzerland that will be looked to as the gateway to the highlands of the Alps. The Swiss have already restricted their immigration. They will be fiercely protective of their borders. France has had a very generous immigration policy, and has suffered riots from demanding immigrants because of this. The French will be turned back, and those that cling to the border will be forced onto boats.

Are the recent power surges at the NSA Data Collection (spy) Center in Utah and the more recent electrical meltdown/explosion the help from our extra terrestrial friends? The latest news report states that this most recent meltdown will delay opening of the spy center by one year.  My hunch is that the power surges and recent explosion to a key computer distribution point(s) and not a general purpose electrical system like lighting could very well be important warnings and a final decision to take it down by the Counsel of Worlds.  Or was this a magnetic pulse due to PX?  Have the efforts of Edward Snowden, Thomas Drake , other whistleblowers and the general disgust of the world community regarding the NSAs illegal activities an influence to an extraterrestrial decision?  [and from another]  Massive electrical surges at a data-storage facility for the National Security Agency led to the destruction of hugely expensive machinery and delayed its opening for a year. In the past 10 months alone, the facility has experienced 13 electrical surges, which officials describe as “a flash of lightning inside a 2-foot box.” The melting metal that results from the fiery explosions causes the circuits to fail and prevents NSA workers from using the computers. A spokeswoman for the NSA insists, despite no clear culprit for the explosions, that the issues “have been mitigated.” [and from another]  Twenty-five miles due south of Salt Lake City, a massive construction project is nearing completion.  

Examine the topography of the region where the NSA data storage facility has been built. It is dead south of Salt Lake City, along the river draining the Great Salt Lake. We have stated that river bottoms are weak points in the crust, thus sagging, and thus sagging become where the water drains. We have also stated that the Salt Flats will not fracture during the coming Pole Shift, nor have they in past Pole Shifts, but will rather transfer any stress there to the rock on either side. This is what caused the Crandall Canyon mine collapse in 2007, and the new NSA facility is in the same area.

Reno had quake swarms in 2008 for a similar reason, lying to the east of hardened salt flats in the inland valley of California. As the bowing of the N American continent tightens prior to relief during the New Madrid adjustment, these areas are experiencing electric screech in the rock, facilitating electric current which has found an optimal ground in the NSA facility. Poor location choice, and unless they insulate their computers more effectively from ground surges, the problem will not be resolved.

It seems that the astronomy powers that be are chomping at the bit to tell the truth… they just can't seem to commit. Short of describing its tail and moon complex they are describing PX to a tee.  I'm sure nothing will come of this news and it will be forgotten as most of their articles which gauge public interest on the subject, but still, it's become almost comical. Like watching a child whom you know is lying tell all manner of half-truths and outright fibs to confuse the issue. [and from another]  The planet, which has only six times the mass of Jupiter, was identified by its faint and unique heat signature. The astronomers were actually searching for failed stars known as brown dwarfs when they came across PSO J318.5-22, which stood out because of its red color. [and from another]  Multicolor image from the Pan-STARRS1 telescope of the free-floating planet PSO J318.5-22, in the constellation of Capricornus. The planet is extremely cold and faint, about 100 billion times fainter in optical light than the planet Venus. Most of its energy is emitted at infrared wavelengths. [and from another] The news also made it to Europe.  Germany  Switzerland

This is certainly not the announcement but might be considered a pre-announcement warm-up. For several weeks, the cover-up crowd has been attempting to stage the announcement as a fraud, a diversionary move by a weak and failing president to distract the American public. Rumors that Obama had suffered a breakdown were floated. The chemical weapons used in Syria by the rebels, supplied to them covertly by Israel, was to be a weapon against the announcement. It was to be claimed that Obama, who was expected to back away from his “red line”, would appear weak. Thus the announcement, it would be claimed, was just a distraction.  

Since the numerous assassination attempts against Obama had failed, the cover-up crowd had no other weapon left. To counter this new ploy by the cover-up crowd, the team marching toward the worldwide announcement, which has a firm and fixed date, planned a pre-announcement strategy. If one of the arguments by the cover-up crowd was to be that it was all under Obama’s direction, orchestrated by Obama, then other tentacles of the announcement team would lead! Obama would be seen, rather, as an almost reluctant player, with the international community pressing him to admit the truth. 

Is the recent "glitch" of the Juno probe related at all or only coincidental? (at 8000 pounds, it's also one of the largest we've launched). [and from another]  NASA's Juno probe detected an anomalous condition and went into safe mode this afternoon after slingshotting around Earth to gain momentum for the long trip to the solar system's largest planet, according to media reports. While Juno's handlers are still trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it, they're hopeful that the problem won't threaten the $1.1 billion mission.

Under direction of the Council of Worlds, the trajectory of Juno was indeed changed. As we have so often stated, mankind and the Annunaki are in a quarantine from one another, but our words are not taken seriously by many in the US government or NASA. Juno is hardly going on the route planned just to look at Jupiter, although that would be the eventual outcome. Where does Planet X ride, at present? It is seen to the right of the Sun during the day, at about the 4 o’clock position when viewed from the Northern Hemisphere. The boost lobs Juno in the direction of Planet X. Juno was intended to make a forbidden close pass of the Annunaki’s home planet, but now will be forced to pass at a distance.