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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 15, 2013

National Security Advisor Tom Donilon resigned effective early July 2013.  The mainstream media reports Mr. Donilon has played a key role in advising the Obama administration about national security issues.  His resignation was apparently planned, and Mr. Donilon stayed on following President Obama's reelection to assist the transition to a new national security team. Can the Zetas tell us if there is more going on with this latest resignation than meets the eye?  Is Mr. Donilon's resignation connected to Planet X/Nibiru and the pending announcement? [and from another]  President Obama announced on Wednesday afternoon that Susan E. Rice, the American ambassador to the United Nations, would replace Tom Donilon, who is resigning, as national security adviser in a major shakeup of his foreign-policy inner circle. Mr. Donilon exerted sweeping influence, mostly behind the scenes, on issues from counterterrorism to the reorientation of America to Asia from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Among Mr. Donilon’s last big projects was negotiating the highly unusual informal meeting between Mr. Obama and President Xi Jinping of China at an estate in Southern California. Just back from talks in Beijing, he clearly took pride of ownership. [and from another]  Tom Donilon, the current White House national-security adviser, plans to leave early next month after more than four years. Obama and Donilon have been discussing his departure since late last year. Donilon was asked to stay as the president put in place a new lineup. [and from another]  No details on Donilon’s future plans were available at press time, but the national security adviser, whose previous jobs include a stint at mortgage giants Fannie Mae draws lucrative pensions from both Fannie and the federal government.

Obama will be well served by Susan Rice, who was his first choice for Secretary of State. Donilon cites no future role, in any capacity, as the reason for his leaving Obama’s side. Thus the mystery is compounded. Was he unhappy? Did he have another life impatiently waiting? It is known he wanted to leave last Fall, after Obama succeeded in his re-election bid but also after the several attempts at the planned announcement were thwarted. Given the number of assassination attempts against Obama since then, the climate can be assumed to be tense. Is anyone involved safe?

Where the assassination attempts only made Obama more determined, not everyone reacts to intimidation this way. Many suffer health effects, and are emotionally drained. Donilon saw it through to the final successful meeting with Xi, and per reports was influential in establishing good relations with Russia, another key announcement player. The lack of plans in Donilon’s future show this to be an exit from a situation, not a desire to move to a future, though Donilon will find a nitch whereby he can serve again. He is truly resigning for personal reasons.

Another day, another person going on a shooting spree. Is there any coincidence that Obama was in town? [and from another]  Police on Saturday were investigating what prompted a man dressed in black to embark on a string of shootings in the beach community of Santa Monica, killing four people before police gunned him down in a community college library. Obama had been attending a fundraising event at the Santa Monica home of former News Corp President Peter Chernin at about the time of the shooting and had just finished his remarks. He made no mention of the incident. Obama's departure from Los Angeles was rerouted to avoid the scene. The bloodshed did not appear to be related to Obama's visit to Santa Monica.  [and from another]  Police said the suspect had 1,300 rounds of ammunition with him during the attack. Authorities added he had a connection to Santa Monica College as recently as 2010 and they believed the shooting spree was premeditated. He was John Zawahri, a man in his early 20s who had a previously dealt with mental health issues. Zawahri had been upset by his parents’ divorce, which police are considering a possible motive for the shootings. The suspect had been treated years ago in a mental health facility because he had talked about harming other people. Neighbors say they heard gunshots and saw the suspect emerge from the burning home. He hijacked a Mazda hatchback and ordered the car’s driver to take him to Santa Monica College. He fired rounds with a semiautomatic weapon into the neighborhood, and on the way to the college fired at a city bus near Cloverfield and Pico boulevards, shattering the bus’ windows and injuring two passengers. Near 20th and Pearl street, he fired at a red Ford explorer, killing a man. The suspect proceeded to the Santa Monica College library, where he exchanged fire with police officers, fled, and shot a woman near the building’s entrance. The woman later died in a hospital.

It has been obvious to those watching the travails of Obama over the past few months that those wanting to stop the announcement admitting the near presence of Planet X are ruthless and desperate. There were the repeated assassination attempts, in Israel and during the Republican luncheon, the fire in the West Wing of the White House, and the repeated ricin laced letters to the White House. And these were only the episodes known to the public. It was known that Obama was going to be doing a fund raiser in Santa Monica just prior to meeting China’s Xi in Palm Springs. Was the gunman in league with the cover-up crowd?

The gunman was known to have homicidal urges, having been hospitalized years prior. Where not a Manchurian Candidate programmed like a robot to follow instructions, he was bombarded by remote viewers who suggested to him that he go on a rampage and the nature of the rampage. Those familiar with remote viewing, used extensively by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, know that telepathy is a two way street, suggestions made as well as information gathered, and that emotions are sent and received as well. What was the goal?

By creating a disruption in Santa Monica when Obama was in transit, the police force would be distracted, Obama rerouted or caught in the melee, the Secret Service suddenly switching plans, and the potential for a sniper to hit Obama thus made more likely. Techniques used in such a plan include swapping the gunman’s medication to aggravate, rather than sooth, his homicidal feelings. Covert black ops are skilled at breaking and entering and leaving no trace. Remote viewers trained in inserting thoughts and emotions cannot ordinarily be detected by the receiver, though the recipient eventually realizes these thoughts are not their own.

Will the announcement be delayed by this latest attempt to assassinate Obama? It has only made what is now an international alliance determined to get the announcement out furious, and more determined than ever to proceed. Remote viewing is a rare talent, with only dozens of individuals able to effect a person’s emotional state to the degree the gunman was affected. They can be traced, and those responsible identified, and then those who ordered the melee can be identified. The remote viewers are employed by the government, almost exclusively. This will not be a public trial, nor will the public ever learn the real agenda. But an attempted assassination is treason and execution is the punishment.

The NSA phone record scandal is blowing up at the moment, and although to those of us who know how things really operate, the response to the news was a collective "Meh, toldja ", now even the majority has heard of the shenanigans, and seems to be quite pissed, understandably so. The Obama administration has really taken a beating lately, what with the never ending "scandal" taking place, and does not look like they are going to catch their breath before the Announcement. I suppose my question is this, related to this specific scandal. The list of "trigger words" that could result in investigation is quite vast, and one has to wonder just who they are spying on, specifically. Are they just hunting for the crazies, the people who are most likely to cause trouble or snap? Or are they quite literally spying on everyone, getting ready to start the door to door preposterous raids? And what about the Pole Shift ning specifically, if I may? Is posting information and asking questions not a smart thing to do, along with dropping hints to friends and family the best we can? I know this is our lesson, but there are some very smart and talented members here who I simply do not see anything being posted by, without naming names. Is it better to just clam up, reading and observing but keeping a shut mouth stance, or the establishment more concerned with the madness that lays before them?  [and from another] My question relates to the NSA leak story. On the surface we have a whistleblower who gave up a life of comfort to expose how the NSA is spying on Americans. However, a few items seem odd to me. For one, he seemed to blame Obama for not changing this policy, which has been in place since 2001, and he even took veiled shots at Obama's supposed lack of leadership, which has been a GOP attack line since 2008. He should know this program is not under Obama's jurisdiction, nor can he change it at a whim, just like he hasn't been able to close Gitmo. So is this just another attempt by the cover-up crowd to delay the Nibiru announcement? Are they trying to create as many "scandals" as possible, and then try for impeachment before any announcement can be delivered? Note that Obama's approval rose after the IRS and Benghazi flops. And what did this leak even reveal? People should already know that the govt has been monitoring in such a way since the Bush days. No names at NSA or CIA were given. Feels like a setup, intended to inflame Obama's supporters. [and from another]  Collection directly from the servers of these U.S. Service Providers: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, Apple. PRISM was launched from the ashes of President George W. Bush’s secret program of warrantless domestic surveillance in 2007. PRISM is an heir, in one sense, to a history of intelligence alliances with as many as 100 trusted U.S. companies since the 1970s. PRISM program appears to more nearly resemble the most controversial of the warrantless surveillance orders issued by President George W. Bush after the al-Qaeda attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. [and from another]  Echelon was developed in the 1970s primarily as an American-British intelligence sharing system to monitor foreigners – specifically, during the Cold War, to catch Soviet spies. But sources said the spyware, operated by satellite, is the means by which the NSA eavesdropped on Americans when President Bush secretly authorized the agency to do so in 2002. [and from another] Echelon is a system used by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to intercept and process international communications passing via communications satellites. It is one part of a global surveillance systems that is now over 50 years old. Other parts of the same system intercept messages from the Internet, from undersea cables, from radio transmissions, from secret equipment installed inside embassies, or use orbiting satellites to monitor signals anywhere on the earth's surface. The system includes stations run by Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, in addition to those operated by the United States. The Echelon system appears to have been in existence since the early 1970s, and to have gone through extensive evolution and development. Although the largest surveillance network is run by the US NSA, it is far from alone. Russia, China, France and other nations operate worldwide networks. Dozens of advanced nations use sigint as a key source of intelligence. Even smaller European nations such as Denmark, the Netherlands or Switzerland have recently constructed small, Echelon-like stations to obtain and process intelligence by eavesdropping on civil satellite communications.

The issue of mining phone conversations, and its equivalent, Internet conversations, goes back decades. Echelon, and subsequent NSA programs, did not selectively pick out the conversations of suspects, with a warrant in hand, but listened to all. When key words, or words in suspicious sequences or frequency were detected, that conversation was flagged and further investigation followed. This is in essence what PRISM or the latest programs are doing with social networks on the Internet, which do indeed go beyond the borders of the US. Echelon started under Nixon, and has been continued by both Republican and Democratic presidents since then. The US is also not the only country doing this type of snooping, which is practiced by over a dozen other countries.

We have stated that governments scarcely have the resources to monitor discussions on the Earth changes, sightings of Nibiru in the skies, or the possibility of a pending Pole Shift, nor are these a concern. They might be monitoring groups espousing tax avoidance or evasion, child pornography or pedophilia, or illegal gun sales. Governments in fact want their public to become more self-sufficient, to be able to feed themselves, with Michelle Obama for instance championing victory gardens in suburban yards.  The Pole Shift ning or ZetaTalk fans are not considered to be a threat!

A few weeks ago Obama visited Central America and Mexico to, as the Zetas stated, discuss his pending announcement on Planet X. During the week of May 26 vice president Biden met with the leaders of the Caribbean, including Guyana, for 1 day to ostensibly discuss mutual cooperation issues. Have Caribbean leaders now been officially informed of Obama’s pending announcement on Planet X? Up until now it seems to be business as usual with leaders of the Caribbean. I also noted that the day after the meeting (May 28th) the president of Guyana requested an urgent meeting with the leaders of the opposition party to solve bottlenecks that are affecting the country’s progress. I get the feeling that this is a direct result of the Biden meeting. Could the Zetas give some further insight?

If the populations of Central America and the Caribbean were to suddenly learn that indeed a rogue planet will pass the Earth and cause plate movement and tidal waves, what would be the reaction? We have stated that the world will inevitably make the connection between the admissions made in the announcement and the ZetaTalk website, where grim predictions on the fate of Central America and the Caribbean appear. The S American roll is already perceptible, as is sinking in some Caribbean islands.

Because most political leaders look out for themselves before worrying about their public, up until now any unease over Nibiru’s pending passage has been dealt with by quiet plans for an escape. But now the situation is coming home as the public will be informed. No escape from incessant demands from the public. What does the government plan to do for public safety, or for alternative housing when the coastlines are flooded, and will evacuations be done? Most of the politicians involved had hoped to evade these issues, and just disappear into the night when things got tense.  New laws will be passed, and restrictions imposed, as a restless public can be anticipated.

Obama and China's Xi met at Palm Springs in California over the weekend. The Zetas stated that the simultaneous announcement about Planet X, aka Nibiru, would be on the table, such that Putin and Xi would participate, and other "unspecified" countries. Can the Zetas tell us how that meeting in Palm Springs went? [and from another]  The Shenzhou 8 spacewalk mission in 2008, the unmanned Chang'e lunar missions and last month's Tiangong 1 space lab launch.

One can surmise from the relaxed appearance of both Xi and Obama that the meetings went well. There is no tension, and the two are meeting in shirt sleeves, informal attire. Will China participate in the simultaneous announcement, along with Russia and other unspecified countries? Dozens will do so, but the participation of China was considered crucial for maximum credibility. China has sent an orbiter around the Moon, and put their astronauts into space walks preparatory to creating a space station equivalent to the ISS. China is thus considered as knowledgeable as Russia and the US on what is above the clouds.

China cannot be bribed, intimidated, or influenced by the small group in the US who wish the cover-up to continue. China has already been open and obvious in their plans to move their populace inland, away from the coastlines and into relatively under-populated desert regions. Their Ghost Cities are obvious, though unofficially explained, so the Chinese people are not expected to be shocked by the announcement. Has a date been set? Since all the face-to-face meetings and private letter exchanges have already occurred, it would be logical that the proposed date has indeed been set. The feasibility of the date was one of the issues to be settled and confirmed. Just what that date is, we will not reveal, for obvious reasons. 

An article showed up today on which talked about noctilucent clouds behaving "strangely".  I know that previous ZetaTalk has spoken of their increase being due to the content of the tail of Planet X striking our atmosphere.  Now they are appearing earlier than expected and the only explanation they can come up with is a seemingly made up word "teleconnections".  My question is, is this new behavior in the clouds due to the change in position of Planet X being more to the right of late?  Or is something else afoot?  Here is a copy of the article. [and from another]  Researchers working with data from NASA's AIM spacecraft have announced that noctilucent clouds (NLCs) are behaving strangely. Boosted by changing "teleconnections" in Earth's atmosphere, the summertime clouds appeared earlier this year than ever before, setting the stage for an unusually good season of NLCs. In recent years they have been sighted as far south as Utah, Colorado, and Nebraska. Observing tips: Look west 30 to 60 minutes after sunset when the sun has dipped 6o to 16o below the horizon. If you see luminous blue-white tendrils spreading across the sky, you've probably spotted a noctilucent cloud. [and from another]  Teleconnection in atmospheric science refers to climate anomalies being related to each other at large distances (typically thousands of kilometers).

The technical definition of teleconnections is some kind of relationship between atmospheric factors, such that something happening in one place creates a phenomena in another. An example is droughts in the Americas caused by volcanic activity in Indonesia - the El Nino effect. The word is being tossed around by NASA to bedazzle the public so they do not ask for specific causes of noctilucent clouds. The answer from NASA is “teleconnections” so the common man cannot quickly enter the discussion. They must go off and look up the term and think about it a bit. Like the Wizard of Oz, all hot air with no substance, NASA continues to collect tax dollars while giving mankind no service whatsoever.

Could the Zetas comment on this recent article highlighting the status of the Keplar Planet Hunting spacecraft?  It also mentions keeping a watchful eye out for a "deathstar" or similar undiscovered planetary objects.  When I saw this article, I thought to myself what an odd place for a news article of this nature to have listed on CNET's main page sitting right in the middle of all the other "Big Tech" related announcement news- especially today of all days. Today is a major day for Tech giants like Microsoft, Sony and Apple; All of which are hosting big press conferences and announcing major new products like the new xbox, playstation, iphone tech etc. Just wondering if this is related to the "real and more important" announcement on the horizon.  [and from another]  Last month, NASA's planet-hunting Kepler spacecraft suffered a potentially mission-ending malfunction, prompting the eyes of many astronomers and space geeks to grow a little misty. The crippling blow came just as data from Kepler had begun to identify more distant Earth-like planets within the habitable zone. As researchers analyze Kepler data in search of potential planets, some are also keeping an eye out for an actual Death Star. A structure called a Dyson Sphere that would actually encapsulate an entire star, dwarfs even the Death Star in its scale. Kepler has now discovered over 2,000 new worlds around other stars, most of them smaller than twice the size of Earth, and many probably having water. We are working very hard on the search for advanced, technological civilizations in the Milky Way Galaxy, and beyond. [and from another]  The planet-hunting days of NASA's prolific Kepler space telescope, which has discovered more than 2,700 potential alien worlds to date, may be over. The mission's main goal is to determine how common Earth-like alien planets are throughout the Milky Way galaxy. While just 132 of Kepler's 2,700-odd planet candidates have been confirmed by follow-up observations to date, mission scientists estimate that more than 90 percent will end up being the real deal.

The aging Kepler space telescope died a couple months ago, but professional and amateur astronomers are being encouraged to analyze the data collected. The Kepler scope supplied mankind with solid scientific evidence of the abundance of potentially life bearing planets elsewhere. All to the good during mankind’s awakening. NASA frankly expected these would be discovered, as they knew that alien life was visiting Earth. Then what was the real purpose of Kepler, and why the emphasis on Death Stars in recent articles? The Dyson Sphere was a theoretical sphere built around a sun, which would be its energy source. Since this could scarcely be used to attack Earth, as it could not be moved, why the dread?

The original encounters with aliens, prior to Roswell, was with Service-to-Self aliens like the Magnificent Krlll. It took some time for MJ12 to realize that most aliens are not Service-to-Self, and that there are rules restraining these aliens from simply mass landing or colonizing Earth.  Some in NASA and the intelligence agencies never sorted this out, and thus the extreme paranoia of CIA influence on Hollywood. Movies such as ID4, Falling Skies, War of the Worlds, and Signs have aliens in the act of invading Earth and even eating mankind. This group hopes to continue their influence, and thus the public should focus on the possibility of a mega structure under the control of alien races. Did they not note that the Star Wars Death Star was build and operated by humans? 

Seems like the very popular and likable Astronaut / Youtube Star Chris Hadfield will retire at the end of the year. Given the fact many on this Ning will point out that his selection to the ISS was purely part of a PR move to raise interest and money for space exploration; would the Zeta's care to comment on whether there is more to this retirement based on timing? Seems interesting given the fact that Hadfield had done more for the space program than many before him, yet he decides to leave at what many would see as Hadfield reaching an almost hollywood starlike status and being at the top of his game? Also this seems to coincide with the announcement as well!!  [and from another]  Hadfield has been with the Canadian Space Agency since 1992, and has flown three missions in space since then. The first was in 1995, when he flew aboard the Space Shuttle Atlantis to the Russian Space Station Mir, and became the first Canadian to board Mir and to operate the shuttle's Canadarm in orbit. His second flight was in 2001, when he joined the crew of the Space Shuttle Endeavour on a delivery mission to install the Canadarm2 on the then-new International Space Station. His most recent mission to the International Space Station made Hadfield a household name around the world. Hadfield broke barriers by posting incredible photographs of the Earth and several YouTube videos. He also made history in March when he became the first Canadian to ever take command of the International Space Station.

Hatfield is retiring from government service, which does not necessarily mean he is retiring from public view or public interface. This is yet to be established. Why would he choose to retire from government service at this time? It is obvious to those involved in the ISS in any capacity that it has become a suicide mission, with sudden death from debris likely to occur at any moment. This was not the case in 1992 when Hatfield’s career started, nor the case in 2001 when he became involved in ISS missions. What are astronauts to do, when repeatedly assigned to space missions on the ISS or its shuttles? They are not asked, they are ordered to comply with their assignment. Thus, they quit!

What's the cause of bleeding trees? The article also writes that this has been predicted in the The Apocalypse Of Ezra.  [and from another]  According to the Apocalypse of Ezra, one of the signs of the approaching ‘Apocalypse’ will be trees bleeding; does this video show just that or is this merely ‘sap’? [and from another]  And blood shall trickle forth from wood, and the stone utter its voice. The people shall be in commotion, the outgoings (of the stars) shall change.

Blood red sap, either sticky or liquid, is not uncommon in trees, and many species have shown this in many places around the world. The sap can suddenly turn red, and can be side-by-side with milky or golden sap. Is this a disease or indicative of iron oxide in the water drawn from the ground? Sap draws water up from the subsoil and delivers nutrients and oxygen back down to the branches, trunk, and roots of the tree. Why would it not be possible for red algae to grow in the nutrient rich sap of trees?  Why would the Apocalypse of Ezra mention bleeding trees as a sign of the coming Apocalypse? We have mentioned increasing illness as the time of the Pole Shift approaches, due to stress. Trees have inherent immune systems, resisting being eaten by all manner of pathogens, including parasitic algae. Bleeding trees have a faltering immune system.

Is this an admission of alien contact by NASA? [and from another]  On October 5, 1982, Dr. Brain T. Clifford of the Pentagon announced at a press conference that contact between U.S. citizens and extra-terrestrials or their vehicles is strictly illegal. According to a law already on the books, Title 14, Section 1211 of the Code of Federal Regulations, adopted on July 16, 1969. It is certainly not a coincidence that Dr. Clifford held his press conference during the period when the popularity of the film E.T. was at its peak. The NASA administrator is empowered to determine with or without a hearing that a person or object has been "extraterrestrially exposed" and impose an indeterminate quarantine under armed guard, which could not be broken even by court order. There is no limit placed on the number of individuals who could thus be arbitrarily quarantined.  The definition of "extraterrestrial exposure" is left entirely up to NASA administrator, who is thus endowed with total dictatorial power to be exercised at his slightest caprice, which is completely contrary to the Constitution. [and from another]  Title 14 is the part of the code dealing with aviation and space and sections 1211 through 1299 specifically regulate the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Section 1211 was added in 1969 when the U.S. would be bringing a space vehicle and astronauts back to earth from a mission to the moon.  The section was designed to protect the earth from any contamination that may have been picked up during the trip.  [and from another]  This law has been repealed, but the mere fact that it existed on the books for almost 30 years means that the US government was serious about protecting us from the aliens that didn’t exist. [and from another]  People in the UFO community especially were alarmed with the law because its broad definitions could allow the US government to prosecute people in NASA as well as individuals of the general public who come into contact with extra-terrestrials and their vehicles. UFO and ET believers found it interesting that in one hand the government was denying they had any interest in extra-terrestrials, yet they had a law which forbid contact with ETs and their craft. [and from another]  The Extra-terrestrial Contact Law 1211.100 Title 14 – Aeronautics and Space
Part 1211 – Extra-terrestrial Exposure 1211.100 – Scope This part establishes: (a) NASA policy, responsibility and authority to guard the Earth against any harmful contamination or adverse changes in its environment resulting from personnel, spacecraft and other property returning to the Earth after landing on or coming within the atmospheric envelope of a celestial body; and (b) security requirements, restrictions and safeguards that are necessary in the interest of national security. 
[and from another]  Publication date: May 12, 1969. When a military satellite returns to Earth, a recovery team is dispatched to retrieve it; during a live radio communication with their base, the team members suddenly die. Aerial surveillance reveals that everyone in Piedmont, Arizona, the town closest to where the satellite landed, is apparently dead. The base commander suspects the satellite returned with an extraterrestrial organism and recommends activating Wildfire, a protocol for a government-sponsored team that counters extraterrestrial biological infestation. [and from another]  NASA revoked the rule in 1977 and the rule was formally removed from the Code of Federal Regulations in 1991.

The Andromeda Strain book was published in 1969, the year Title 14 was amended by NASA to cover infection by germs from space. Yet in those days, MJ12 was regularly meeting with aliens! During contact, protection from infection is handled by the aliens, who must worry about such contamination moving in either direction. NASA knew they did not have this capability, thus worried. Was their worry warranted? We have confirmed that the red rain falling near India includes cell structures from space, so the possibility of such encounters absolutely exists. But the Earth is bombarded constantly with dust from space, and immune systems on Earth developed accordingly. There is no worry, within your solar system, of such a plague descending upon Earth.

The Title 14 brouhaha is yet another example of NASA shooting themselves in the foot. At the writing, NASA was anticipating a potential scenario as occurred in the Andromeda Strain, where the populace at large might be infected and a sudden need to quarantine and even destroy towns and large numbers of citizens would be required to contain the infection. Title 14 gave absolutely authority to the head of NASA, and was vague enough so almost any steps might be pre-authorized by Congress. Would they need to drop a nuke on a town to contain the infection? Done, no hesitation required. “Quarantine” means preventing the spread, and does not specify the means.

Eventually, the absurdity of the Title 14 Sections 1211-1299 became an embarrassment. NASA denied intelligent life elsewhere existed, yet had a law on the books covering contamination from “spacecraft” arriving on Earth. Since Title 14 clearly mentioned person to person contamination, it was not limited to astronauts or NASA personnel. Thus UFO buffs and contactees feared this law would be used to prosecute them. Such a threat was implied in 1982 when the movie ET was released, as though the public was being given a warning not to seek contact. Having lost the bid for credibility and influence, NASA quietly removed this Title 14 section in 1991. Meanwhile, the number of contactees has skyrocketed.

be pointing to the eventual announcement like the cluster of stories on in April.  Unlike the last collection, however, these seem to be pointing directly at various talking points found only on ZetaTalk; the long orbits of some planets, the Artic ice melting from the bottom, referencing Tatooine, the red star in Star Wars, mentioning the abnormally cold spring this year as the Zetas predicted, and even throwing in a climate change study on oysters. My question is, is this collection also merely put up by employees of NBC who suspect a cover-up? Or is some other agenda at play? Now a story has been added that speaks about the supposedly toxic surface of Mars and how it would be very dangerous to let people land there.

As we mentioned in April, someone on the editorial desk at Yahoo News heard the rumors about the coming announcement, and was highly suspicious that NASA had been at the helm of a massive cover-up about Nibiru. This individual at Yahoo is not alone, as the buzz is out in the media. Many have now explored ZetaTalk for the first time and their fascination with the broad range of issues covered within the body of ZetaTalk shows. The visible Second Sun (Tatooine) covered for a decade within ZetaTalk, the true cause of the melting Artic ice, and other signs of the Earth wobble such as the erratic weather have caught their eye. If they cannot yet provide ZetaTalk for their readership, they can stir curiosity by mentioning these issues.