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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 19, 2013

Can the Zetas comment on France's military intervention in Mali? After Libya, another country in Africa is being targeted by France (and now with support from the UK) under the guise of fighting terrorists but are the elite eyeing up another home for themselves for after the Pole Shift? It's interesting to note that within a day of Mali's interim president asking France for help, they were able to land troops in the country and fighting started the next day - sounds like they were just waiting for an excuse to go.

We have repeatedly mentioned the desirability of Africa after the Pole Shift. Though it will have outbreaks of Ebola, and the AIDS epidemic is indigenous, the continent will be above the waves after the sea level rise expected within two years after the Pole Shift. Europe will be a series of islands, with the flooding in Russia through to Finland forcing millions to seek refuge in any lands in Europe above the waves. Many European countries such as Denmark and the Netherlands will literally disappear. Meanwhile Africa beckons. France led the effort to rid Libya of Gaddafi, and can be expected to take every opportunity to establish footholds in Africa. They will be better than some potential houseguests, and can be anticipated to be true partners with their hosts in the Aftertime.

I know that other members asked about the Sandy Hook shooting and it all seemed open and shut but videos like this one are circulating the internet and seem to use legitimate footage and interviews. Was there more to this event than was originally told? 

In a nation where 911 truthers are ridiculed, when the facts are on their side, is it any wonder that conspiracy theories arise when the right to bear arms is involved? The evidence that 911 was an inside job is overwhelming. Dick Cheney was conducting an exercise in DC on that day, so those wanting to muster fighter jets against the airliners were confused. Was this a real attack or the exercise? A member of the Bush family was put in charge of security at the twin towers just ahead of the attacks. The buildings were brought down in a controlled demolition, by explosives planted in the days before the attack. But does this then mean that every conspiracy theory is correct?

During the Bush administration numerous attempts were made to incite martial law. The FBI found that the “accidental” release of the 1957 bird flu virus to 4,000 labs around the world during the Bush era was not an accident, but no one was ever prosecuted. Numerous attempts to plant a dirty bomb in a US city were foiled by ourselves, unbeknownst to the public. No such plans are pending under Obama, but those who resent his control of the White House would say otherwise. Cries of secession and impeachment abound. Where were they when freedom in the US was under real threats?

Those who would convince the public that Obama is out to remove all hunting rifles and pistols from the public are having a field day with the Sandy Hook massacre, pointing to statements made by the media and the medical examiner on the day of the shooting, and video showing the police searching the woods and arresting anyone found there. Information was live that day, rolling out before the facts were in. Adam was claimed to be his brother Ryan, based on ID carried by Adam so this teenager could buy things that required adult status. Ryan had a room in the family home, until recently, so Adam had ample access to the trash or his brother’s room.

If the media was confused about the identity of the shooter, the medical examiner could hardly be more precise on the day of the shooting. Before all the bodies had been moved, before any autopsies had been conducted, a statement by the medical examiner as to his assumptions on the weapons used is hardly definitive. Likewise, that the police were aggressive in searching the woods and arresting anyone found walking there should not be surprising. As it became clear that a highly intelligent teen with Aspergers syndrome had slipped into the school just ahead of the 9:30 am lockdown, loaded with guns from his mother’s gun chest, and systematically shot his targets with the precision that those with Aspergers syndrome are known to possess, the conspiracy theories only accelerated.   

After the dust had settled and the facts were in, the motives and methods were logical and consistent. The home was stocked with an arsenal. Adam had been taken to the range for target practice by his mother. Adam was highly intelligent, and given his Asperger’s syndrome was able to control his emotions during his rampage. Adam expected to escape, using his brothers ID. Adam anticipated becoming an adult soon, and inheriting the funds his mother had formerly controlled. His mother was in the process of filing papers allowing her to continue to control his funds, and by this signed her death warrant. Snatches of information reported by the media before the facts were in hardly warrant proof of conspiracy theories.

I have been thinking about this Planet X path for a while now and I remember that Nancy has mentioned about the scorching heat in your YouTube video when Earth is being pulled closer to Planet X by 30 million miles during the week of rotation stoppage. I understand that during the last weeks, there will be high dramas such as Venus and Earth Dark Twins loom large and escape; Severe Wobble will cause wild weather around the world; 3 days of darkness; 6 days of Sunrise West; Earth rotation slow down; Second Sun will become common as Earth pulls closer towards Planet X, etc. Correct me if I am wrong, Zetas haven't mention much about the heat as a major concern during the last weeks.  When Earth is being pulled closer towards Planet X by 30 million miles during the week of rotation stoppage (a huge distance to travel within a matter of a few weeks) and earth will travel beyond the orbit of Venus, can a common man actually feel the scorching heat while high dramas are happening? Is there any side effects to human when Earth is a lot closer to the sun? Is the heat likely to kill most of the plants on earth or causing deadly bush fires similar to what happened recently in Australia?
[and from another] Worlds in Collision, page 39, (A) story is told about Joshua ben Num who, when pursuing the Canaanite kings at Beth-horon, implored the sun and the moon to stand still. Joshua (10:12-13): And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies.  Is it not written in the book of Jasher?  So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

Why would the week of rotation stoppage not fry the Earth, when the Earth is drawn closer to the Sun, within the orbit of Venus. Legend says otherwise, as though the Earth on the Sun side is hot, and on the dark side cold, the temperature extremes are not beyond what man experiences today. We have given the reasons for this as a distribution of temperature extremes by air flow, convection of hot air and high pressure regions flowing to low pressure regions.

The vast dust cloud of Planet X, which by this time is standing between the Earth and the Sun, shields the Earth from the direct rays of the Sun. Then there is the brief time the Earth must endure rotation stoppage, slightly less than a week. There is a distinct temperature difference between a spot in direct sunlight and a spot in the shade. The sunlight is deflected away by the dust cloud, sparing the Earth. Unless those who must endure the week of rotation stoppage are aware of the process, and the outcome, they are likely to assume rotation stoppage is a permanent affair, which it is not. All the more reason for the public to be educated.

I would like to ask such question. In late December I noticed some weirdness with my mobile phone - he showed, that a battery is empty (one division), but then after a while he already showed, that the battery partially charged (two divisions), although the phone was in my pocket and I haven't done anything with it. This happened twice, and although this has never been previously, I thought that the problem in telephone. But on the next day my friend, with whom I worked, told that with his phone was the same thing, although I didn't tell anyone about it. Yesterday I posted about this on the Internet and today replied the man, with which the same thing happened - his phone by itself partially charged. Could our friends answer - maybe I'm wrong, or really occur an impact on mobile phones, which previously was not observed?

It is not that the batteries were drained and then recovered. It was that the battery electrical flow was diverted temporarily. Electromagnetic flux is increasing in the vicinity of Earth, as Planet X wraps its magnetic field around the Earth, or temporarily draws it into some kind of twisted magnetic alignment. Electrons and magnetons frequently flow with each other, the basis for generating electricity by the rapid motion of conducting wires around a magnetic core. If there is a temporary magnetic flux in a region, electrical devices may find their electrons diverted, temporarily.

Explosions Out East? I was wondering if there is something more happening in Montauk, East Hampton as this seems a bit strange.  East Hampton is a peninsula bordered on the south by the Atlantic Ocean, to the east by Block Island Sound and to the north by Gardiners Bay, Napeague Bay and Fort Pond Bay. I'm not sure if it falls under the Booms category on the ning but the article says "Blasts ‘occur without warning and leave no evidence."  and have been going on for more than a year although not during the summer. (Why)  I recognize that the bow stretch is pulling tighter everyday with adjustments in between.  Surely if this were a manmade occurence there would be evidence I would think.  Is something more happening that the Zetas can share with us? [and from another] January 17, 2013.  The sound of explosions started over a year ago, with what seemed to be professional-grade fireworks. Now the culprits seem to have moved on to pipe bombs, but the source of the alarming noises besieging remains a mystery. According to East Hampton Town police, the apparent explosives have been set off in a number of areas of the hamlet, including Second House Road, the golf course at the Montauk Downs State Park, West Lake Drive, and several beaches. The explosives occur without warning and leave no evidence.  The noises sound like a house exploding. The blasts usually occur at night around 10 pm, but there have been a few during the day. In summer, the noises stopped.  Some have speculated that the noises are coming from the Long Island Power Authority’s substation on Industrial Road. If a piece of equipment failed it would make a loud popping sound and would also cause electrical outages, none of which have been reported. Police have found no evidence, such as burn marks or burned mailboxes.

Close examination of the rock strata holding East Hampton shows that the strata is different than the strata under the rest of New York State. The bowing of the N American continent, and the occasional release of tension along the St Lawrence Seaway when that jerks open to some degree, create a back and forth action along the rock strata edges. Rock strata of a homogeneous nature tend to bond, and resist ripping. But along the borders where different strata meet, this tight bond is missing. This is allowing the Hamptons to hear snapping rock now and then, the booms which are so familiar in many parts of the globe. Why does this ease in the Summer? Heat swells rock and creates a tighter hold along the boundary, rock fingers having more friction and thus preventing motion.