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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 20, 2015

Recently held a "second round" between Pope Francis and Putin. Obviously the theme is migration. In 2013, Francis tried to "advise" not to block refugees. Also there are the Council of Worlds would not want to Russia did not block migrants. The question is: what is the position of Putin and whether it will affect his decision? Also there is confusion between what Putin would like to achieve and which wants the elite in Russia. And recently there have been reports that allegedly NATO wants to annex Kaliningrad. Whether these plans are real or just an attempt to force Putin to act? [and from another]  Pope Francis has met privately with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Vatican, using the talks to call for a "sincere and great effort" aimed at bringing peace to Ukraine. Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi said their talks concentrated on the Ukraine conflict and the Middle East, where the Holy See is worried about the fate of the Christian minority.It was the men's second meeting since Francis became pope in 2013. Lombardi said Francis stressed the need to bring peace to Ukraine through dialogue and implementation of the Minsk accords. Francis also urged access for humanitarian aid. [and from another]  NATO wanted to annex Russia's Kaliningrad! According to a message posted on the Lithuanian armed forces website in what was described by Lithuanian officials as a hacker attack. An investigation has been launched. The information on the army’s page alleges that ‘Sword-Stroke’ – the NATO military drills going on in Poland and the Baltic – are actually a preparation for the annexation of Kaliningrad, Russia’s westernmost city, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, which separates it from mainland Russia. The drills (June 1-19), organized by US military in Europe, are taking place in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and feature around 6,000 troops from 13 NATO member-states, as well as Finland. These are Lithuania’s biggest military exercises since joining the alliance in 2004. The exercises stem from concerns over neighboring Russia, intensified by the Baltic States and their allegations of Russian activities in Ukraine. Moscow, for its part, has responded with promises to ramp up security in Crimea. [and from another]  Hackers hacking at the Lithuanian Army reported "the annexation of Kaliningrad". Hackers broke into the official website of the Joint Staff of Lithuanian Armed Forces, reports Delfi. The site has information that the alleged purpose of the exercise "his sword", which take place in the Baltic States and Poland are "preparing for the annexation of the Kaliningrad region." A spokesman for the Ministry of Defence of Lithuania Victoria Tseminite said that the site was posted false information. "Analysts at the National Center for Cybersecurity investigate the fact of hacking," - said Tseminite. The Defense Ministry clarified that the site is responsible for the security of a private company. The exercises "his sword - 2015" held from 1 to 19 June in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, which involved about 6 thousand. Soldiers from 13 countries - members of NATO and Finland. [and from another]

We have stated that both Putin and Pope Francis are Service-to-Other in their spiritual orientation, having empathy and caring for others at least as much as they are concerned for themselves. Why do they not agree? Service-to-Other individuals or groups will have a mission, and those missions cannot be so broad based that they create a muddle. In particular, a Service-to-Other individual who is a leader on a 3rd density world must appeal to the group they are leading, else they will lose their position. Putin is faced with aggression from the West, as is clear from the Soros incited coup in Kiev and NATO’s plans to capture Kaliningrad.

The Pope is allowed the latitude to make statements that all religions should be respected, that the rich should share with the poor, that arms should be put down and aggression and wars cease, that borders should melt and all people allowed to migrate anywhere they wish. But Putin cannot make such broad statements. He would no longer be the leader of Russia should he do so. Will he and the Pope have anything more than a polite discussion, thus? It is naïve to think this. They will communicate their positions, seek common ground, but as in the past neither will sway the others. This is not a unique situation. The Council of Worlds is busy precisely because of disagreements among Service-to-Others.

Things are getting very interesting. I just saw a YouTube showing how the pin pointed area of Nibiru was blocked for a long time, but now it's back again. I went to Google Sky and looked up the coordinates and saw that exact picture of a red ball w/golden wings, but how do I know if it really is Nibiru? [and from another]  The Planet X Nibiru System has been covered up for years by a Black box that Google put there to censor it. Not anymore though. [and from another] The Google Sky black box covering the Nibiru path at Declination -6 is not removed. The video on BeforeItsNews is a fraud, pointing to an existing object at Declination +22 and implying this is the same object leaked in 2008. It is not. Google Sky info is old data, from 2MASS which mapped the entire sky from 1983-2001. It is not current. The leak in 2008 showing Nibiru was thus showing where it was long ago, after 1983. [and from another]  Eridanus is a constellation in the southern hemisphere. [and from another] RA 4.29741 Dec 9.96621 on March 3, 2003; RA 5.47 Dec 19.54 on September 1, 2000; RA 6.23 Dec 24.12 on May 1, 2000; RA 6.24 Dec 23.45 on January 1, 2000; RA 6.32 Dec 21.57 on January 1, 1999; RA 6.24 Dec 19.16 on December 1, 1997 [and from another]  [and from another]

Is this Nibiru on the Google Sky images? Yes. This spot had been long covered by a black box in Google Sky as our Path as Viewed from Earth diagram, made public in 1997, showed this is where Nibiru would be found as it approached the Earth. The coordinates, given in RA and Dec for the amateur astronomers peeking at the approaching complex in those days, was also provided in 1997.  We showed Nibiru to the right of Orion near the Eridanus Constellation, which equates to the verbal description we have long given those seeking to see the Nibiru complex as being “at the 4 o’clock position to the Sun when viewed from the Northern Hemisphere”.  

Google was directed by the cover-up, in place since the days of Roswell by Reagan’s Executive Order, to block access to this spot, though a leak occurred in 2008. Obama lifted this National Security directive in 2012, and has been attempting to inform the public via an announcement, an issue which has been much covered in ZetaTalk. That Google has stepped ahead to release its black box block could be considered a form of a slow or creeping announcement. There it is! Note that this visibility does not require Google Sky, as a webcam in Italy has been displaying the complex daily, as noted on a Pole Shift ning blog.

I came across an article about crop circle in south of Russia. It says that six circles ideal in shape with diameter of 7-13m appeared in the field. Would the Z's care to comment on the circles? Is the design genuine and what message is encrypted in? Adigeya is in the south of Russia.
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The key to this circle design lies in the landscape of Adigeya. This region is mountainous, high land that will remain above the waves when most of western Russia and Europe are under water in the Aftertime. Russia is holding firmly to this land, which could become a gateway for drowning Europeans to cross over into Russian lands to the East. The design is genuine, thought laid in wind-blown wheat and with many days passing before an overhead photo could be taken, it looks ragged. The design is relaying the escape of the Dark Twin from the cup, and the interaction with Venus during this time – both dramas which will occur going into the Last Weeks. The residents of Adigeya can anticipate immigration battles during this time.  

Hey Nancy, any comment? [and from another]  Texas To Remove One Billion In Gold From NY Fed’s Vault. And now, in 2015, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed a bill (HB 483) into law on Friday, June 12, that will allow Texas to build a gold and silver bullion depository. In addition, Texas will repatriate their $1 billion worth of bullion from the Federal Reserve in New York to the new facility once completed.

It was inevitable that those who assume they possess Gold, stored at the bank or in the hands of a repository, would discover that the vault is empty. As we have confirmed, Fort Knox is empty, having been raided during the Clinton/Bush years by the elite in anticipation of the End Times. Now we have a Clinton and a Bush running for President, as those involved in the crime want to ensure that no prosecution ensues. Even China has been passed tungsten covered bars, so one can imagine what will be passed to Texas or to any private individual demanding they take possession of their Gold. Since liability spreads to many parties, any mention of all this in the press is unlikely to occur.

I talked to someone involved in this over the weekend, he mentioned the actual number was much larger then its being reported (close to 40 million people). ZT has mentioned identity theft is an often used tool of coercion by the cover up crowd. Was this a counter move against the announcement? [and from another]  Aside from regular federal personnel records, which provide a royal route to blackmail, intimidation and identity theft for present and retired federal workers, the hackers also stole a trove of military and intelligence records that could be even more valuable. The forms stolen were Standard Form 86, in which employees in sensitive positions list their weaknesses: past arrests, bankruptcies, drug and alcohol problems, etc. The 120 plus pages of questions also include civil lawsuits, divorce information, Social Security numbers, and information on friends, roommates, spouses and relatives. The result? About 14 million current and former federal employees are in a state of collective panic over the loss of their information. [and from another]  As government officials answered questions about the recent Office of Personnel Management data breach, former and current congressional staffers processed the notices they are receiving from the agency that they, too, were affected by the breach.

Hacking is easily camouflaged so that the real hackers evade scrutiny but the blame is placed elsewhere. The hacking filters through several hands, each hand-off breaking the trail. Then tell-tale signatures are scattered about in the hacking reach, written in Korean or Chinese or Russian like a digital fingerprint. This latest hack was not done by the Chinese, but by the elite who desire to control Obama’s Executive Branch in the only way they deem possible, given their inability to influence Obama. Will they stop Obama’s planned announcement to admit to the nearby presence of Nibiru? No.

Those involved in the announcement are above the reach of blackmail attempts, though stepping into the future mischief on many fronts can be expected. What do the elite expect to accomplish? Having their assets protected by the US military, having the banking systems sustained at the expense of the taxpayer, having their hordes of supplies remain untouched when shortages require others to be forced to share, and having the right to enforce slave labor on their lands even when these practices breach civil rights. 

Could the Zetas say something about these 2 crop circles? And also what is the reason that so many crop circles appeared since the start of this month. Is there a reason for this uptick? The circles also seem to more to the point, more direct. Could the Zetas say something about this?
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I'm too curious what they have to say about the two CC as well. As always. I could be correct or utterly wrong. The message I get from the first one (France 6/11/15). Deals with the magnetics of the cup and the interaction between the planets. Forceful. Also getting wobble related feelings from it too. The orientation of the rendered image also feels correct. The actual image of the crop the orientation is incorrect. The second one from Newton Barrow, Wiltshire. The orientation feels incorrect in the images. I've adjusted it to what feels correct: It's the severe wobble. Where the top part of the image takes a turn first. Severely wobbling back and fourth. Then the bottom doing the same. No magnetic clash, just one severely, than the other severely, back and fourth. Taking turns. No clash like before. Just one than the other back and fourth. Again, I may be somewhat correct or utterly wrong. Look for yourself. For the message to be relayed. Try turning the image left, right, or even upside down. When they post pictures of the fields the orientation isn't always correct. Free your mind. Accept the pole shift and what it means. Allow your eyes to follow the flow. They talk about each having a flow and they do have one! Then the message will reveal itself. It may be subtle or overwhelming. Why the uptick should be clear to anybody here.
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These two European crop designs – one in France and another in the UK – are showing impact. Europe has been assaulted by electro-magnetic pulse for over a year, and continues to be a focus of this assault as the stretching of the Eurasian Plate is pulling the land apart from Scandinavia through the Black Sea and on toward Asia. The Germanwings crash into the Alps in the foothills in France was caused by electromagnetic pulse. The problems with the chunnel between the UK and France are caused by the stretch. Blackouts and malfunctioning planes, trains and electronic communication will continue unabated for these regions.