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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 25, 2012

A new National Defense Strategy planning document has been submitted to the Chilean Congress by Andres Allamand, Minister of Defense of Chile, which has been matter of considerable criticism and may eventually have the Minister subject to trial by the Chilean Congress. Two interesting things have called my attention. First, it now considers a defense strategy against catastrophic events of nature, involving not only the military, but the police, the Chilean Civil Defense Corps, and various civilian entities. Second, it was copied to several other countries in South America, which stated their interest in learning of this planned new Chilean strategy. It also involves border handling and cooperation between neighbor countries. At a first glance, their interest would be of military nature only, or related to the geopolitical projections. But I am considering following factors, as to assign a very different meaning to this document:
A) The Chilean government is in the know, about PX, its passage and the upcoming tragedy for the Chilean people,
B) Several other governments in South America are also in the know, and
C) The document involves new policies and entities (civilian too), as to allow for a better handling (in the eyes of the Chilean government) of the Earth changes to be brought about by PX passage.

Of course, the document shall be matter of intense discussions and debate inside the Chilean Congress, just because many members of the Chilean Congress are not in the know, since no public official (or in Secret Congress Session) announcement about PX has been made by the Chilean government, a starting base requirement I have thought it was an imperative, to get anything approved by the Chilean Congress. And, the Chilean government is reacting just like any other government, thinking it will prevail after the PS, and trying to do its best based on the concept that the government will still be in position to help and/or control the Chilean people. The Chilean government is not admitting it will not be operative any longer (will any government in the world do it?). They are trying to do what they sincerely believe, as a government, is in their hands to do. But they are not pushing for, or sponsoring, or suggesting, or encouraging, or helping finance, an internal colonization of the country, in remote locations, at considerable altitude, or for the people to move far away from the coast lines.

I kind of perceive that the Chilean government, having the low popularity rate shown by the recent polls, is sincerely doing what they think is necessary to help the Chilean people, and are trying to organize things, in advance, maybe using the same model applied by Mr. Obama. What I mean by this is, reorganizing and modernizing the ONEMI (Chilean equivalent to FEMA), developing tsunami simulations and advertising, training the military, the police and the civil defense corps, installing volcano activity monitoring devices, purchasing new equipment, stocking up with spare parts and/or supplies, etc, etc, etc.

My guts are telling me that the Chilean President and President Obama privately discussed this matter during the visit by Mr. Obama to Chile last year. Perhaps the Chilean President, and/or President Obama, have shared the knowledge of PX and its coming passage, with a few other presidents of various countries in South America. Perhaps the Chilean government expects the predicted announcement of the near presence of PX, by President Obama, to proceed with other measures? May this new Chilean approach, as to face catastrophic events of nature, be used as a reference model, by other countries in South America, depending to the specific conditions of each country? Would the Zetas care to comment on this, if of interest?

Yes Obama talked to the Chilean leadership about Planet X and the dilemma the cover-up poses for all Heads of State. Yes, Chile is following Obama’s lead in formulating legal directives to posture for the severe Earth changes they know are coming. Where Obama has the fortune of being able to write Executive Orders and give directives to FEMA, Chile finds itself requiring congressional approval. Since the official line given to Heads of State by Bush in 2003 was that Planet X would pass with little damage to planet Earth, the Chilean Congress is reluctant to allow the Executive Branch this power. What will the outcome be? When Obama makes an announcement confirming the presence of Planet X in the inner solar system, any resistance in the Chilean Congress will melt. Having announced its plans to neighboring countries, the Chilean government will find itself in a leadership position, an advisor. All to the good.

I would like to have the Zeta's take on the collapse of the Polynesian atoll, used by the French for nuclear tests.  Was the collapse the result of Nibiru's magnetic pull?  How about a "perfect storm", with the radioactivity.[and from another] The issue was detailed in a leaked report from the Ministry of Defense to the French government dated March 2010. Radioactive material could be released into the Pacific Ocean if the atoll were to collapse. France has done altogether 193 nuclear test explosions in Murorua.

Murorua is at the end of the Society Island chain, which is at a point where three different Pacific plates touch. It is just to the east of the fault line dividing what we have called the East Pacific portion of the Pacific Plate to the West Pacific portion, and just north of where the South Pacific portion adjoins. Thus shifting ground is inevitable, and has only begun to be evident. Will this send radioactive soil into the sea, to be washed about? Absolutely. After all the tests done primarily by the French, it was expected that the atoll would hold radioactive material until it degraded. Surprise! These tests were done prior to the discovery in 1983, via the IRAS balloon, that Planet X indeed existed and was in the neighborhood! The radioactive dust will dissipate, though beaches may retain a portion in places. Just as the Hawaiian Islands will rise during the compression of the Pacific, the Society Islands will likewise rise, slightly more radioactive, but still livable. 

Planet X/Niburu on a new episode of Scooby Doo. Any agenda behind this? I didn't know about new episodes of Scooby Doo, but I assume they're mainly for kids. Very detailed. Only thing missing was a mention of Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk. [and from another] The key words used in this latest segment, dated August 17, 2010, is Nibiru and Collision. When typed into a Google search engine they bring up the article that features Nancy Lieder and ZetaTalk. Planet X is also mentioned, as it Sitchin and 3,600 year period. This seems designed to bring every Scooby Doo fan smack into the ZetaTalk website, to get educated on the pending passage  of Planet X. Children are in the main more computer and Internet savvy than their parents. The Scooby Doo Mystery Series is rift with Nibiru hints, but the August 17, 2012 episode is really loaded with terms designed to lead the kids to the ZetaTalk site!!_Mystery_Incorporated_episodes

Of all the mysteries that could be featured on Scooby Doo, why feature subjects that are the heart and soul of the greatest cover-ups modern man has ever known - the pending passage of Nibiru, i.e. Planet X, and the alien presence.  Children are expected to be hearing these terms – Nibiru, Planet X, collision, Sitchin, Annunaki, and a 3,600 year period – as those at the helm of the cover-up feel they cannot push misleading the public much further and must inform the public about the pending passage. We, the Zetas, have mentioned a pending announcement by Obama a number of times, and would estimate the probability that this will happen at 93%. Obama is clearly leading in the polls, and no one could accuse him of fabricating the issue to increase his electability, which will if anything increase.

The August 17, 2012 episode of Scooby Doo is loaded with terms that would lead the Internet savvy youngsters directly to the ZetaTalk website. Wiki has for years insisted on associating Nancy Lieder with the term “collision”, despite her insistence that it is a passage, not a collision. Designed to humiliate Nancy, at the behest of those responsible for the cover-up, it now is being used to direct youngsters to the ZetaTalk website! Type “Nibiru” and “collision” into Google and up comes the wiki site mentioning the subject blamed on “Nancy Lieder” with her talk of Zetas! Other terms such as “Sitchin” and “Planet X”, mentioned in the August 17, 2012 episode, likewise lead to this wiki article.

What is the agenda here? Those with big hearts, who have long resented the coverup, are concerned about how children will react when they see worry on the faces of their parents, who will be so focused on their own concerns they will fail to take time out to educate the kids. Scooby Doo is getting in ahead of Obama’s announcement.  The kids will be educating their parents, and will make the association between Obama’s announcement and the ZetaTalk website.  The coverup crowd was planning to omit any mention of Nancy’s role, and to push their hand-picked puppets into the media instead. Scooby Doo is bringing the ZetaTalk link from chatter on the school bus and playground onto every breakfast table. Karma, once again, in operation real time.

I was born into a Native Tribal Royal Family on Rarotonga related to the early native Maoris in New Zealand and other pacific islands closeby. I am asking this question to see where our direction is in helping my people.
There is strong but unconfirmed reports indicate that the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, will go this week to Rarotonga, capital of the Cook Islands, there seems to be mixed indications of the US interest in the Pacific is to challenge China and to push the climate change excuse to these Pacific islands as the wobble worsens. Can the zetas comment or advise as the pacific islands are the least amongst us or smallest of nations on Earth?

The Cook islands are in an unfortunate position as they ride on a portion of the Pacific plates that will slide under the Indo-Australian Plate as the Pacific compresses. The Tonga Trench is the point of sheer. We have stated that the islands of New Zealand will not tear apart during the plate movements, as both the North and South islands cling to the Indo-Australian plate, despite any fault lines that might lead one to think differently. The islands of the South Pacific that share the Indo-Australian advantage, such as West Samoa, can expect a major boost in elevation during the Pole Shift, but the Cook Islands are not among them.

Since the Cook Islands belong to New Zealand, the residents there can expect rescue from New Zealand, and this is under discussion with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. New Zealand has asked for US assistance, logistically, should an emergency evacuation be required. US ships may be positioned closer to the Cook Islands, which at first glance might seem to be a push-back against China aggression and an alliance with New Zealand, but due to the continuing cover-up over the expected impact of the plate movements we have predicted, the real reason for any such presence is being denied.