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ZetaTalk: Love Life
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Ah love, one of life's greatest joys. All intelligent species throughout the Universe procreate bisexually in some form or another. For some species the urge is mild and the body relatively uninvolved. We are speaking here of species who lay eggs, for instance. For other species, in particular the hominoids, procreation is intense - the sex drive in proportion to the investment required to carry and deliver live young. For hominoids this involves being pregnant for the greater part of a year, being massively pregnant during the later months, and caring for utterly helpless and nude young without a protective pouch. Consider other mammals on Earth. Where they are born in a den, such as the bear, or into a pouch, such as a Kangaroo, they are utterly helpless and nude. But where they are out in the world, they are born literally on their feet, and scampering about after their mothers shortly after birth. Humans have the worst of both worlds, so place a supreme emphasis on the love bond. Competition is intense, and the requirements of the female go beyond any physical attraction. Will the potential father stay with her, and is he a good provider? If not, she will ignore her urges and deny him sexual contact.

How does this change in 4th Density? In the Service-to-Self camps sex becomes promiscuous, as the mothers care not for their young. The young are collected by those assigned this task, and raised essentially in orphanages. In the Service-to-Others camps, there is much less worry about support for the mother than during 3rd Density. She in fact receives more support than she could ever use, an abundance. The issues revolve, instead, around the child. Who would provide the best genes, the most sustaining parental attention, and the most stimulating environment. As for sex, this is freed from the near automatic connection to procreation that occurs in 3rd Density. Contraception is assumed, as is free love. One should not assume this means promiscuity, as there is less of this than in 3rd Density human societies today. Free love in the 4th Density Service-to-Others camps means that sex is used, truly, as an instrument of love. Ownership and possession are not part of the equation, at least in theory.

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